How to Whitelist a Website, Webpage or YouTube Channel

Every webpage that we look at these days is displaying ads, due to which most users install ad-blockers like Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock and others. That being the case, when they access their favorite web pages, watch a video or read an article adblocker extension blocks them. To bypass this user disables ad blocker extension instead of whitelisting specific webpage or website. As they aren’t aware of this feature. Therefore, here in this blog, we discuss ways to whitelist a webpage or website when using most popular ad blocker extension like Adblock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock and others.


If you are using AdBlock in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge or any other browser, to block ads. Follow these simple steps to always allow ads to be shown on the page you’re visiting.

Whitelisting current page in AdBlock

  1. Click the red AdBlock icon present in the top right part of your browser.
  2. Here, select Don’t run on this page and click on it.

Note: AdBlock will continue blocking ads on other pages, including other pages of the same site.

Once you click on it, AdBlock icon will change into . This means the site is added to the whitelist of AdBlock.

Steps to whitelist a domain or website in AdBlock

  1. Click AdBlock icon present in your browser.
  2. Here, select and click on Don’t run on pages on this site (Google Chrome.)

Note: In other browsers, the option will read as: Don’t run on pages on this domain. Click on it and then Exclude.

Steps to whitelist the current YouTube channel in AdBlock

In just two clicks you can whitelist all of YouTube. You can also choose to permit ads on channels you wish to support.

Note: Sometimes depending on the channel settings you may not be able to skip ads on a whitelisted channel. Also, the YouTube channel whitelisting doesn’t work with Safari Content Blocking.

To allow ads on YouTube when using AdBlock click AdBlock icon. Here, select Don’t run on pages on this domain.

Steps to allow ads on certain YouTube channels

  1. Click (red hand) AdBlock button.
  2. Here, select and click on Don’t run on pages on this site.

Steps to whitelist all subscribed YouTube channels

To whitelist subscribed YouTube channels, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to YouTube account and click on Subscriptions option in the left pane.

Alternatively, you can also visit

  1. Now, select and click on Don’t run on pages on this site.
  2. Next, move the slider next to Page to Exclude all the subscribed channels from AdBlock.

Using these simple steps, you can easily unblock subscribed YouTube channels, specific YouTube channels or all of YouTube from AdBlock.

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AdBlock Plus

To whitelist a website in AdBlock Plus follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website or webpage you wish to whitelist.
  2. Next, click on AdBlock Plus icon > click on the gear icon to open Settings.
  1. Next enter the website address and click on ADD WEBSITE button to whitelist the site from AdBlock Plus. This means all pages of the domain will be whitelisted.

Note: To un-whitelist the site, go to AdBlock Plus settings > Whitelisted websites. Click on Delete icon to remove the site from Whitelisted websites list.


To whitelist a webpage or website in uBlock ad blocker, click on uBlock icon > click on power icon. This will disable uBlock for the site you are currently visiting.

uBlock Origin

To whitelist a webpage or website if you are using uBlock Origin then click on uBlock’s icon > click on power icon. This will disable ublock Origin and you can now visit the website blocked by uBlock Origin.

Adguard AdBlocker

To add to whitelist, click on Adguard AdBlocker icon > shift the slider next to Protection on this website. Alternatively, you can also click on Pause Adguard protection to temporarily allow ads on the site.


To disable blocking on specific site, click on AdRemover icon, the Blue Sheild > Disable On This Website. Now reload the page you’ll be able to access the blocked webpage.

Adblock Genesis

To disable Adblocker Genesis, click on its icon >‘Whitelist Website’.

Ad Aware

Click AdAware icon >power button to disable it.

Super Adblocker

Click Super Adblocker icon > Don’t run on pages on this domain > Click on Exclude button.


Click on UltraBlock icon >‘Disable UltraBlock for ‘domain name here’.

Brave browser

On Brave browser click on the orange Lion icon >move the slider from right to left to disable the shield.


Open the site you wish to whitelist. Click on Ghostery icon > Trust Site.

Privacy Badger

Click Privacy Badger icon > select ‘Disable Privacy Badger for this site’.


Click Duck Duck Go icon > toggle the ‘Site Privacy Protection’ switch.

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Kaspersky Internet Security Suite

Internet Security Suites like Kaspersky block ads. If you too are using it then you will need to disable the shield. For this open Kaspersky >Settings > Protection and click on Anti-Banner.

Next, click on Websites with allowed banners link and add website URL you wish to add to the whitelist.

Click Add and exit.

This will allow banners on blocked site.

Using simple steps explained above you can easily whitelist specific websites or webpage in your adblockers. This will help you visit specific websites and webpage when another unwanted website and webpage will be blocked by your installed adblocker.

Hope you found the steps simple and easy to follow, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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