Best YouTube Educational Video Channels

We are all addicted to YouTube, the free video-sharing platform because of the vast content on it. This Google-owned video streaming service has been everyone’s favorite for over a decade now. With access to the internet over smartphones, the use has increased exponentially.

We can watch all sorts of content on YouTube, it can be funny, inspiring or even educational. There is so much content on it with so much to learn from. It has opened a vast world of opportunities for people who want to learn or share their knowledge.

What Are The Best YouTube Channels For Learning?

There is at least one YouTube video, we watched to find a solution. So, how do we get all this content and who uploads them?

Well, there are several educational YouTube channels which are providing information for free. The category varies, and it could be anything from Guitar Tutorial to vocational training to get a job. But, how do we identify which are the best YouTube Educational Video Channels? What should we consider, the number of subscribers of a channel or the hits you get on the videos? Or with the number of videos produced by the channel?

Well, the answer is not in the numbers exactly, but it is somewhat about the views for the particular videos a YouTube channel uploads. Every day hundreds of channels are created on YouTube and anyone can be good with the relevant information they provide. The more they can be clear to the viewer the more hits they are likely to get.

Here is our list for the best educational YouTube channels-


It is one of the best educational YouTube channels which produces videos related to Science. The presenters Gregory and Mitch started this in 2012 with the agenda to make the basic phenomenon of Science easier to understand. The videos on the channel are mostly narrative and explained with colorful markings on a whiteboard.


So, as to make it clear to all age groups, the simplest way to daily activities and its results are explained. They also make songs like Periodic table song to make it catchier and fun to watch. AsapSCIENCE has produced over 300 videos till now with a video every week on average. Many of its videos have millions of views counts and the ease to understand has made it gain so much popularity.

Link to YouTube Channel

2. Ted Ed

Ted Ed is basically topmost educational YouTube channel where teachers and students from around the globe can meet their queries. Young people can be curious about a lot of things while studying and the teachers through the interactive videos help them. The videos explain the general terms and methodologies on various subjects with the help of this medium.

Ted Ed

Ted Ed creates original video animations as to make the topic clear to the fellow learners. Topics covered vary from Science to history and Coding to English Literature. Get fascinated with the videos on this channel and you will surely learn something new.

Link to YouTube Channel

3. Epipheo

Epipheo holds great on its name as derived from epiphany which means they are about to reveal something to you through the videos on its channel. They create a lot of videos which are mostly about breaking a myth or educating people about the truth. This channel has worked hard to get all the views on its myth-busting videos.


The topics they cover are vast, their videos could be anything from what powers does the president really got to what is organic food. They fabricate the storyline to make their videos very engaging and helpful. Learn how Siri can take over the world or how to foolproof your budget now from its informational video on one of the best educational YouTube channels, Epipheo.

Link to YouTube Channel

4. Veritasium

Veritasium is an educational YouTube channel run by Derek Muller who derived the name from the Latin word ‘Veritas’ which means ‘truth’ adding ‘ium’ to it as the elements. This channel is dedicated to educating people about scientific facts and other engineering concepts with the help of animations. It also shows interviews with people, demos, and discussions.


The channel started with cool song videos explaining gravity, electricity, etc. Now, it has a huge fanbase with over 6 million subscribers and millions of views on the videos. The channel has created some amazing testing videos and busting general misconceptions.

Link to YouTube Channel

5. It’s Okay to be Smart

It’s Okay To Be Smart makes it definitive with every video on its channel that one can learn things if it is explained well. This is basic initiative of Joe Hanson who is a Ph.D., science writer, biologist and comic started this channel which has almost three million subscribers presently. The smart ways which are a bit different from the conventional ways to educate people about the universe, science, evolution is what make this channel stand out.

It’s Okay to be Smart

You will learn a lot from the videos if you want an interactive way to understand things.

Link to YouTube Channel

6. SmarterEveryday

Destin Sandlin is the host and the creator of the video channel SmarterEveryday which was started in 2007. This is one of the best educational YouTube channels mostly have videos with a better explanation of subjects that are known to us. The videos on the channel have over 500 million views and you can find a number of interesting videos from the wide variety. It has videos educating about the eclipse and also explaining the Kinematics of Grasshopper hops. Watch the Amazonian creatures as he explores the place or the testing experiments.


Link to YouTube Channel

7. Vsauce

Vsauce is a brainchild of Michael Stevens which is one of the most-liked YouTube educational channels. This educational YouTube channel covers videos on Philosophy, science, technology, gaming, mathematics, and other interesting topics. It deals with a lot of videos which are the answers to the questions we all think of but never reach out to find the answers. Such as why do we clap? Or Why do we have two nostrils? Head to the channel to watch the answers unfold with the host of this channel explaining it in a fun way.


Link to YouTube Channel

8. National Geographic

National Geographic is a huge success as one of the best educational YouTube channels to see the range of videos it provides. Science, Culture, Geography, Wildlife is something that you can always expect this channel to cover. It’s constant urge for people to worry about the damages done to our planet. With the high number of video content it publishes on the channel, it has a million-view count. With the miniseries on travel and other fun facts keep a variety of viewers engagement on this YouTube channel.

National Geographic

Link to YouTube Channel

9. CrashCourse

With almost 10 million subscribers for the channel CrashCourse and a thousand videos on different topics, making it one of the best educational YouTube channels. It has a number of teachers which will help you understand the topics easily with the animated videos.  It covers subjects like- Games, Sociology, Physics, chemistry, biology, Economics, Politics, Astronomy, World history, literature, psychology ecology, U.S. History, and U.S. Government. It has different sections for kids that covers topics of science on CrashCourseKids. This was the channel that received the greatest number of funding on YouTube ever.


Link to YouTube Channel

10. Vox

Vox Is a video channel that educates you about current topics. Ongoing events in the World along with the ones which reveal the truth behind some of the legends. They try to unravel the stories and interesting facts. It is also covered on the website with the same name. You will find this channel very captivating if you have a keen desire to learn about the facts and its findings.


Link to YouTube Channel


This is our list for the most helpful educational YouTube video channels. Please let us know in the comments section if you have any more channels on your favourite list. Subscribe to our Newsletter to get updates in your mailbox. Follow us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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