15 Best Places To Get Royalty-Free Music For YouTube

Do you face issues to get royalty-free music for YouTube videos? Here is a list of the best websites that offer copyright-free music for YouTube video makers. It also includes a few sites that do not even charge the one-time royalty amount,  provided you give credit to the maker in your video.

What Is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty Music is a category of music that is produced for unlimited use anywhere. There is a one-time fee that must be paid to the music creator, and the buyer can then use this music in his applications or videos for an unlimited number of times. The buyer does not have to pay the creator each time the music or any part of it is used.

So, the music is not free totally and has a one-time charge. But there are certain tracks which require a certain fee each time it is used and sometimes charge according to the number of views of a video on YouTube. On the other hand, there is a public domain where free music is available. However, the collection of a free public domain might not have a collection of your taste and likes.

Best Places to get Royalty Free Music for YouTube

1. Audio Jungle

royalty free music for youtube audio jungle

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One of the most popular sites, where you can get royalty-free music for YouTube is Audio Jungle where tracks are available starting from $1 for lifetime usage. It provides all genres of music from Instrumentals to vocals. The website offers a range of music kits and sound effect packs. Audio Jungle also features Envato Market where you can request for music and there are over 35000 professional music makers who can cater to your request for a small price. It also offers monthly free stuff which includes music tracks, video effects, and stock images.

2. Premium Beat

royalty free music for youtube premium beat

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Premium Beat is another website that offers copyright-free music for YouTube. The website has an easy to use and navigate interface and does not require specialized skills to search what you require quickly. All tracks available on the Premium Beat website are exclusively cleared for copyright.

Premium Beat is a subsidiary of the global image provider Shutterstock, and with the backing of a big brand name, you can be assured that the quality of music received is excellent and grabs attention. The prices to get it can put a hole in your pocket, i.e. $199 for a premium license that allows you to use the content for commercial use.

3. Pond5

royalty free music for youtube pond5

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If you are making videos and require YouTube copyright free music website, then you should try Pond5 as it is one of the largest collections of royalty-free creative assets including videos, images and audio files. The audio content alone boasts of 500,000 tracks to pick from. It boasts a wide range of music in all genres including meditation and warfare. Pond5 charges its members a sum of $22 for each track, and the annual memberships cost a little over $1000. However, there is an option to choose Public Domain Music and any tracks within this category can be used free of cost.

4. Soundstripe

royalty free music for youtube soundstripe

Soundstripe offers a subscription license that enables a user to access the entire music collection available and that too unlimited. The lowest subscription cost around $135 a yea,r and hence makes to the list of the best royalty-free music for YouTube. It provides one of the best quality music for advertisers, wedding filmmakers, creators and most importantly, for YouTubers. The library is designed to make it easy for users to find the right royalty-free music that they require.

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5. Audioblocks

royalty free music for youtube audioblocks

With 100,000+ tracks and constantly updating newer ones, Audio Blocks makes its entry in the list of royalty-free music for YouTube video creators. It charges the subscriber a monthly fee of $79 and an annual fee of $149 with access to unlimited downloads from their websites. All the tracks available can be used for personal or commercial projects for an unlimited number of times. The search engine embedded assists the users to search the music by a series of prompts that allow choosing moods, genres, and instruments.

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6. Amazon

royalty free music for youtube amazon

YouTube video creators with a budget constraint looking for copyright-free music for YouTube videos can visit the Amazon music website for royalty-free tracks. Currently, it lists over a thousand tracks with newer ones updating constantly. The cost of a track ranges from 79p to 99p, which is less than a dollar. Although the tracks aren’t what you call as great, however, they can surely serve the purpose. The tracks are not grouped into themes or genres, and the users must play around the tracks to know them. The search function is below average and requires time to explore through the entire content.

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7. Artlist

royalty free music for youtube artlist

Artlist is a website that offers royalty-free music for YouTube videos built with such passion that every content present on its database is special in itself. For $199 of annual subscription fee which is under $17 a month, Artlist provides its users an easy to navigate and search a database with an extensive list of highly artistic and aesthetic tracks from all types of genres. It also allows the users to pick out songs based on the basis of the duration of the video and the tempo they require.

8. Machinima Sound

royalty free music for youtube Machinima Sound

Another simple but filled with an interesting content website for users who want to create videos and require YouTube copyright free music is Machinima Sound. Although the library is small as compared to others in this list, however, the content is of high quality and demands $8 per track which is a fairly low price for purchasing a track for unlimited use. The genres include Ambient, Jazz, Comedy, Horror, Cinematic, Glitch and Trance. It also offers a legacy section that can be used to download tracks for free that are licensed under Creative Commons which only require a mention of the creator in the description.

9. Music Revolution

royalty free music for youtube music revolution

One of different kinds of royalty-free music for YouTube websites that allows the users to download 50 tracks for an annual subscription of $400 making it $8 per track. In other cases, a single track may cost between $10 to $90 depending on the type of content and its creator. It offers thousands of songs along with totally free music that is in the public domain. Free music does not require a fee, but you must give credit to the maker.

10. Partners in Rhyme

royalty free music for youtube Partners in Rhyme

This website offers a mixture of free and paid copyright-free music for YouTube and has a huge collection of royalty-free music, sound effects, background music, loops and more. The music genre includes a variety of Romantic, Dance, Rock, Pop and Corporate music. As stated earlier, any content downloaded from here would not have you receiving any copyright notices. You do not require to create an account but can directly purchase the tracks ranging from $70 to $200 per pack.

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Best Places To Get Royalty-Free Music For YouTube Without Paying Royalty Fees.

11. YouTube Audio Library

royalty free music for youtube youtube audio

The best place to get royalty-free music for YouTube videos without paying a cent to anyone is the site for which you wanted to create the videos in the first place. It consists of a vast library of free tracks and sound effects to choose from. The audio content is categorized by Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration, and Attribution. It is, of course, easy to use and has compiled all its data into the create section where you will have to locate the Audio Library. However, YouTube requires all those who use this content to attribute the owner of the track. Do check the Music Policies section of YouTube for more details on how these tracks can be used and if there are a few simple restrictions.

12. Free Music Archive

royalty free music for youtube free music archive

This website is created by the U.S. radio station WFMU. It features many tracks that carry different licenses. The general category of this license is Creative Commons which are all free to use but with certain conditions. Some of them cannot be used commercially to make money but can be used in your personal videos as many number of times you require and you don’t have to pay anything. Others can be used for commercial purposes but require attribution. Free Music Archive has made it easy for users to filter search results, and they can choose the commercial use option. This website has pleasant music and fulfills the requirements of video makers for YouTube copyright free music.

13. Incompetech


Incompetech has a large selection of royalty-free music for YouTube. It is a personal website that features over 2000 tracks, all of which are created by Kevin MacLeod. The only condition to fulfill while using any of the music tracks is to credit the musician and site. It has a section Film Scoring Moods which contains tracks like Horror, Mystery, Noire, and others. Plus, you can download absorbing African and Brazilian beats. You can download single tracks one-by-one for free but for the entire library in one go it requires a one-time fee of $38.

14. ccMixter

royalty free music for youtube premium ccmixter

If a community of musicians, singers, and DJs come together and share their work for free on a website then that would be the best place to get royalty-free music for YouTube.  Like other free sites, it also requires users to credit the creators. Due to such a high quality of creators, the music available on this website is unique. You can also sort your searches by choosing a particular artist. The website navigation can be improved, but the original content makes up for that deficit.

15. Netlabels

royalty free music for youtube netlabels

Netlabels provides music for video makers who want YouTube copyright free music under Creative Commons license. At present, there are over 65,000 tracks of music on the site. It is one of the few sites which provides a small section of foreign-language music. Another unique feature includes a track view count which actually counts the number of times a track has been download. This helps to identify popular tracks which will make your videos more interesting.

Your Views On Best Places To Get Royalty-free Music For YouTube.

Creating videos has become a serious and important task within the past couple of years. Enthusiasts create videos either for YouTube or their personal websites. A video without audio would not attract the attention of many users. Music creates an impact of our mind and judging the right music for your video is more difficult than actually making the video. I hope the above list caters to your needs of getting the best music tracks and that too royalty-free.

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