YouTube Analytics: Understand Metrics & Optimize Your Video Performance

Wondering who’s watching your YouTube channel? Or what videos are performing the best? Using YouTube Analytics, you can figure out where your viewers are located, a number of subscribers gained/lost, comments, shares, likes, dislikes, watch time and much more. Knowing this data would help you to understand the kind of content you should be putting out & you’ll learn how to grow your brand effectively by optimizing the video strategy.

The built-in YouTube Analytics provides aggregate data & metrics to monitor the performance of your videos and channel. So, let’s look at how to find your YouTube Channel Analytics.

How Do You See YouTube Analytics For Your Video Channel?

Follow the steps below to find the metrics and measurements of your YouTube Channel:

Step 1- Log in to YouTube and click on the Profile Icon located at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 2- From the drop-down menu click on YouTube Studio option.

Step 3- Choose the Analytics option from the left panel to open the channel analytics. Check out the Overview, Reach, Engagement and Audience.  

YouTube Analytics is further broken into a few sections:

1. Watch Time

It’s the amount of time a user spends on watching a video. This is one of the main metrics that decide the ranking of your videos. Hence, if your video has a high watch time, it would likely be shown at a higher position in search results & recommendation.

How Do You See YouTube Analytics

2. Audience Retention

This elaborates the data on how suitably your content is capable of maintaining the audience. These metrics allow you to determine which video duration best fits your audience, which parts of the videos are causing them to switch to the next video.

Audience Retention

3. Demographics & Traffic Sources

Know about your Top Geographies, where exactly your videos are getting the best visibility. Analyze the data on the basis of Gender, Top Traffic Sources. You can even examine if your videos are mostly watched via keyword searches or it’s coming into limelight through external sharing.


4. Devices

YouTube Analytics allows you to figure out on what device your audience is watching your videos. So, this would probably help you to create shorter or long videos that would be better viewed from each gadget.


5. Other Numbers

The rest of the options present on the dashboard are pretty self-explanatory & they are able to measure pretty much every interaction a viewer can have with your YouTube channel.

How To Make Use Of YouTube Analytics To View Data?

Depending upon the type of data you want to analyze, you can generate reports for the same. With YouTube Analytics you can easily compare the performance of your videos. You can compare the data of up to 25 of your videos.

Overview Report

The very first tab of the YouTube Analytics dashboard is Overview.  It provides a high-level summary of how your content is performing over time. It displays data on the basis of Watch Time, Views, Earnings (If there are any).  The Overview report also shows how your viewers are interacting with your video in terms of Likes, Dislikes, Shares, Comments and more.

Real-Time Reporting

Explore the viewership stats that are updated in real-time.  It shows the estimated views of your videos in the previous 48 hours & during the previous 60 minutes. It even shows the types of devices, OS and their location.

Reach Tab

Under the Reach tab, you can find your YouTube Channel’s views, unique views, impressions and more.  Here you can explore the Traffic Sources, how many times your video’s thumbnail is clicked, watch time. All about internal YouTube traffic sources (how a user got to your video, via search, suggested videos section, playlist, ads & other factors) You can even set the date range, filter the sources and viewers for additional data & precise reporting.


If you want to pursue which type of engagement your videos are generating, you can make use of the Engagement tab.

  • Subscribers: How many subscribers you have gained and lost at a particular time.
  • Likes & Dislikes: Condense the number of viewers who’ve liked and disliked your video. Inspiring and entertaining your audience are essential factors to grow your Youtube subscribers.
  • Comments: Great way to know your audience’s perception and opinion about your content.
  • Shares: How many times your videos are shared & at what platforms.
  • Annotations: It will give you useful info about how effective the call-to-action of your videos are.Engagement

How To Improve Your YouTube Videos Ranking?

Leveraging your takeaways from YouTube Analytics could surely help you in modifying your video strategy. However, as with any sort of SEO, to improve your YouTube SEO, the best practices are listed below:

  • Aside from producing high-quality, valuable content, you should focus on including relevant keywords in YouTube Description.

Quick Tip: Perform competitive analysis to scoop out relevant yet high-ranking keywords. 

  • Find and use relevant tags, pieces of metadata that can help you in getting better organic reach.
  • Make sure you adhere to the YouTube guidelines when writing metadata and description. It features a range of policies that should be kept in mind before you upload the next video.
  • Frequently uploading videos can help your channel to be consistent on the platform. This helps to cultivate a better audience each day.

Final Thought: Get Better Exposure On Your YouTube Channel With YouTube Analytics

Overall the YouTube Analytics are very thorough, could be a little hard to navigate. But as a brand, it helps to know If your content is performing well or not. If you make the most out of your YouTube channel analytics, then you can easily determine what type of videos you should focus and modify on.

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