Spice Up Your Quarantine By Watching Out These Popular YouTube Gaming Channels

With everyone practicing social distancing, several people are turning to video games to while away time. Even though we are no longer present in the golden age of gaming, yet people love to spend billions on video games & to play them for hours a day. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that people save long hours watching YouTube videos, for research about how to play popular games or just watch other gamers playing them.  

Today we’re exploring eleven of the Best Gaming YouTube channels, which you should follow to watch some incredible content.

Popular YouTube Gaming Channels 2020

Category Best YouTube Gaming Channels Subscribers Current Total Views Language About This YouTube Game Channel
5 M – 10 M+ Subscribers VanossGaming 25 M 12.4 B English The popular channel is hosted by Evan Fong. A famous personality, a dedicated music composer & video game commentator. His montage-style videos make him stand out from its competitors. You’ll be amazed to see his work, which included multiplayer sequences of popular games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Grand Theft Auto V & more.
Sky Does Everything 11.4 M 3.8 B English One of the most popular Minecraft, Fortnite, Red Dead 2 & Runescape gamer out there is Sky Does Everything. The YouTube channel showcases his creative prowess with Minecraft  & other popular games on his role-play videos. Several players flock to his channel to grasp his wealth of knowledge.
Rooster Teeth 9.52 M 6.0 B English By subscribing to this amazing YouTube Game Channel, you should prepare yourself to get engaged with live-action shorts, series, podcasts & animated comedy. Rather than just being confined to just game-related content, you’ll find pure nerd-a-licious stuff & entertaining segments.


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Category Best YouTube Gaming Channels Subscribers Current Total Views Language About This YouTube Game Channel
1 M – 5 M Subscribers Cinemassacre 3.26 M 1.7 B English Previously the YouTube channel was named JamesNintendoNerd. You can find nerd reviews, short movies, gameplay videos, board game videos, and so much more. The YouTube Game Channel brings a lot of game-related web series like Angry Video Game Nerd, Rental Reviews, James & Mike Mondays & more.
GameSpot 4.29 M 2.5B English The popular YouTube game channel is all about proffering the latest gaming news, reviews, previews & other information about popular video games in the market.  The YouTube Channel is quite active and keeps on tracking user’s games of interest. If you visit their website, you can find several tabs related to the latest releases, guides, previews, and separate sections for Nintendo, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, and more.
GTA Series Videos 2.9 M 1.4B English A dedicated YouTube Gaming Channel that keeps you updated with all the latest news, official trailers of successful video games, reviews, and more. The YouTube Channel has been established since 2007.


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Category Best YouTube Gaming Channels Subscribers Current Total Views Language About This YouTube Game Channel
100 K – 500K Subscribers Kinda Funny Games 246 K 82.3 M English Subscribe to this YouTube channel right away, if you want to sling up for mish-mash panel discussions, watch popular gameplays & consume entertaining content. The group of four hosts takes a playful approach to discuss popular games. Not only their in-game green screen action is epic, but your check also will get sore from laughing out loud.
Giant Bomb 261 K 166 M English Best known for its ‘Short Videos,’ Giant Bomb is another most subscribed YouTube Game Channel that you can watch out today. Users can find raw & unfiltered looks of some of the most significant new games. Their content also focuses on producing VR (Virtual Reality) videos. Additionally, they also release weekly podcasts that are packed with games + entertaining segments. You’ll be surprised to grasp those insightful game-related facts.
Fortbait 129 K 3.09 M English True Fortnite game lover? You should check out this YouTube Game Channel. You can find diversified content related to the popular Fortnite, game, all the updates, best gameplay, funny moments, and whatnot. Moreover, you can submit your gameplay videos to get featured in front of his growing community.


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Category Best YouTube Gaming Channels Subscribers Current Total Views Language About This YouTube Game Channel
20 K – 100 K Subscribers Wrestling Video Games 74.5 K 39M English Dedicated to just almost all kinds of Pro Wrestling video games released throughout the years. On the YouTube channel, you can find signature moves from WWE Superstars. Established in 2008, Wrestling Video Games is a popular choice for all the wrestling game lovers out there. Check out their weekly videos on their channel!
Video Game Story Time 86.7 K 9.4M English Well, this YouTube game channel is dedicated to all kinds ofvideo games & other gaming in general. They are quite active on the channel, and you can find at least three videos per week. You will undoubtedly enjoy their illustrated inspirational stories about the development of some popular video games. Though they are indeed new in the YouTube market, their unique content surely deserves a place in the Best YouTube Gaming Channels of 2020.


To Stay Ahead In The Game: Check Out These YouTube Gaming Channel Tips

Producing content around video games can be one of the most fun things you can do on YouTube. However, getting discovered, maybe not much. Here are some tips to help you survive the YouTube Games market:

1. Produce Content Frequently

Based on YouTube’s algorithm, you can only become popular when users spend a significant amount of time watching your videos. So, ensure you remain consistent, relevant & develop engaging videos.

2. Focus On YouTube Intros & Outros

Well, the very starting segment of your YouTube video should be most engaging, so that the user doesn’t switch to another one. Make sure you put the annotations for your videos or a catchy tune so that it fixes in your user’s mind. Check out the Best YouTube Intro Makers to create engaging videos.

3. Mind SEO

SEO is a God for all kinds of content creators for YouTubers as well. Here it mostly works in using appropriate titles and tags of your videos. Make sure you put the essential and relevant information in tags to reach a wider audience.

4. Collaboration Matters

Work with other famous YouTubers; they are simply the hubs where you can connect with your ultimate Target audience.

5. Invite Co-Hosts

Several YouTube Channels are famous only because of this reason. Since the entire channel cannot be carried by a single individual, especially shows & series kind of content. You should invite a co-host or maybe a group of friends to interact with. This adds a personal touch to your content!

Here are some of the most effective Tips & Tricks to grow YouTube Subscribers quickly and easily!

Which Is Your Favorite YouTube Gaming Channel?

So, did we mention your favorite YouTube Game Channel on this list? If not, please share your recommendations in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to update our list!

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