YouTube Adds Bedtime Reminders to Let You Have A Good Night Sleep

Take a Break - Enable Bedtime Reminders on Android and iOS

To keep with Google’s Digital well-being initiative released in 2018, YouTube on Wednesday announced a new bedtime reminder feature.

The goal of this feature is to remind users to take a break. Using it over usage of YouTube, the issue that has been aggravated during coronavirus pandemic can be dealt with.

What is YouTube’s Bedtime Reminders feature?

Bedtime Reminders feature lets you set a time limit for watching the video. Using this new feature, you can set a specific time to stop watching videos and go to bed.

Using the feature is very simple, set Start and End time and you’re all set.

Further, the user also gets an option to customize notification so that they don’t get disturbed or interrupted while watching the video. They can also dismiss or snooze the reminder for 10 minutes.

How to set a Bedtime Reminder?

The feature is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Enabling the feature is very easy. To learn to follow the steps below:

Note: The feature is currently available only on mobile devices.

To set a bedtime reminder on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your YouTube account
  2. Head to Settings.
  3. Here, please scroll down to look for Remind me when it’s bedtime feature.
  4. Set start and end times.
  5. If you don’t want to get interrupted check the box next to Wait until I finish the video to show reminder.

YouTube Adds Bedtime Reminders

Alternatively, by tapping YouTube’s profile picture, you can set Time Watched.

If you want, you can snooze the bedtime reminder for 10 minutes. This will help continue watching the video and you” receive the reminder again after 10 minutes.

iPhone & iPad

To set a Bedtime Reminder:

  1. Login to YouTube > Settings.
  2. Enable Remind me when it’s time for bed.
  3. Set start and end timer to receive notifications

So far, the feature is unavailable for all. We aren’t sure what the reason is, but it seems the feature is still being rolled out and will be available for all devices.

Using the Bedtime Reminder feature, we can stop ourselves from drowning into the bottomless world of YouTube. This feature is a reminder for bedtime and will help avoid disruption sleep routine that is being changed due to staying at home. Also, it will help get up early for those at home morning meetings.

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