How To Fix Start Menu Search Not Working On Windows 10

There has been a drastic change in Windows interface from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Changes include a search box, tiles, and Cortana in the Windows Start menu. Microsoft releases updates now and then. The constant updates on Windows 10 sometimes leave an error in the user’s system. If you are facing a Windows 10 search bar not working issue, this blog is for you.

However, along came a lot of imploding issues with the Search button, which brings Cortana-related issues.

If your Search is staggered and stopped, and Cortana is not working, check out these methods to fix the issue Windows 10 search not working.

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Method 1: System File Checker

First, we will find if the system has a Windows search bar not working issue using System File Checker. It will help to repair the Start menu search is one of the easiest methods. Follow these steps to try fixing the search not working:

Note: Since the Search option is not working, we can’t simply type on Start Menu search and open it.

Step 1: Open Start menu and look for Command Prompt Under Mostly Used apps.


windows 10 search bar not working


Step 2: Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator.


windows 10 search bar not working


Note: You can also access Command Prompt,


Task Manager


  • Click File-> Run New task.


windows 10 search bar


  • Type CMD and put a checkmark beside Create this task with administrative privileges.


Windows 10 Search Bar


Step 3: Once you have Command Prompt up and running, type SFC/scannow




A scan will be initiated, and it will search your system for errors and issues & fix them in the process. This process could fix your windows 10 search bar not working issue as the Start menu search is a system process.

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Method 2: Register Cortana Again

If you think Cortana is the reason for your Start menu search not working, you need to register the Cortana app once again. To fix the Windows search bar not working, we will use the PowerShell method.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows and E to get Windows File Explorer and go to location

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Note: Replace Username with your Username on computer

Step 2: Look for the Windows PowerShell folder.


Windows Powershell


Step 3:  Right-click on Windows PowerShell and select Run As Administrator.


Windows 10 power shell


Note: Right-click on the Start button and search for Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the context menu.


Windows Power Shell


Step 4: Once Powershell is up and running, type this code, and press enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


Windows Powershell


Once done, Exit the Powershell windows and restart your computer. You will have your Start menu Search up and running to check if the Windows 10 search bar not working issue has been fixed or not.

If not, then follow the next step.

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Method 3: Windows Troubleshooter

One of the primary things you should do is use Windows tools when you run into trouble with inbuilt Windows apps.

Note: We can’t guarantee that this trick could work, but you can always try.

Step 1:  Press Windows and R to open the Run Window, type Control Panel.


control panel


Note: You can launch  Control Panel by clicking on the Start menu and scrolling the most used apps list to the checkmarks Windows System folder->Control Panel.

Step 2: On Control Panel window, go to Troubleshooting, then System & Security.


Windows 10 Search Bar


Step 3: Under System & Security-> click Search & Indexing.


windows 10 search


Step 4: Click Next on the Search & Indexing window.


search and indexing


Step 5: Another screen would come up, asking, “What Problems Do You Notice?




Step 6: Put check marks beside the issues which you are facing and click Next.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


This will automatically run the scan and try fixing the Windows 10 search bar not working.

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Method 4: Examine Windows Search Service

Your Start menu search might not be working as the Windows search service is not running. Windows Search service is a system service that runs on the system startup automatically.

Step 1: Press Windows and R and type services.msc.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


Step 2: On the services window, navigate to find Windows Search service to check for the Windows search bar not working.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


Step 3: Check the service; if it is running, then the service is working. If not, then you can start it manually.

Step 4: Right-click on Windows Search service and click properties

Step 5: On the Properties window, click the General tab, then Service status, click Start to make the process running.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


Also, check if the Startup Type is set to Automatic (Delayed Start) or Automatic. This will make sure whenever Windows starts up; the service starts running.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


Step 6: Click OK to make the changes.

This will resolve the Windows 10 Search Not Working issue.

Method 5: Restart Windows Firewall or Other Antivirus

We don’t recommend disabling and removing your third-party Antivirus app; you just have to restart the app as some of these programs may cause Windows Search to totter. So, restart your Antivirus program and try to use the Windows Start menu search.

Another way could be activating Windows Firewall. It seems that Search and indexing are quite sensitive to Security settings, which is weird. However, it might help you with the cause.

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Method 6: Restart Cortana Process

As we have established, Cortana could be the mischievous one behind all this chaos. If that could be the slightest possibility, then we can restart the Cortana process to resolve the issue.

Step1: Press Windows and R, type taskmgr to open Task manager.


Task Manager


Note: Right-click on Taskbar and click Task manager from the list.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


Step 2: On the task manager window, click on the Processes tab and find Cortana.


Windows 10 Start menu search


Step 3: Right-click it and select the End Task button.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


This will restart the Cortana process and might solve the Cortana not working and Start Menu Search Not Working issues.

Method 7. Restart Windows Explorer

Whenever we are getting issues with your PC, the first thing that we do is restart our PC. However, restarting the Windows Explorer process can work for this Windows 10 search bar not working issue.

  • Press Windows and R, type taskmgr to open Task manager.


Task Manager


 Note: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to go to Task Manager.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


  • Click More details (if you get a small window)
  • Go to Windows Explorer and right-click on it.


Windows 10 Start menu search not working


  • Select Restart from the context menu.

These are some of the fixes to resolve the Start Menu Search Not Working issue on Windows 10. Try the aforementioned methods and tell us which one worked for you to fix the Windows search. If we have missed any of the methods that could help, please mention in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Why does my search bar not work on Windows 10?

Windows search bar not working can be due to several reasons. A new update, a bug in Windows services, or a potential malware. You must follow the steps given above to fix the issue. If nothing works, you must run a full scan of the computer using Systweak Antivirus to detect malware. Get it on your computer now by clicking on the download button and keep your computer safe from malware.

Q2. How do I get my start menu back to normal in Windows 10?

If you face any problems using the Start Menu on your computer and want it to function normally, you can follow one of the methods above. They will fix the issues occurring with Start Menu, which do not let you use the search bar properly.

Q3. How do I fix Cortana Search and Start Menu issues in Windows 10?

There are times when the search bar and Cortana search don’t work well together. You can register the Cortana app again to make it work. FAQs explained in the blog, follow the steps to fix the issue between the Cortana search and Start Menu.

Q4. How do I fix the unresponsive taskbar in Windows 10?

If you’re facing the Windows 10 search bar’s issue not working due to the taskbar not working, you need to fix it using a few methods. First, restart your computer to check if it was a temporary issue. Second, try to fix it with the Windows Explorer and System settings. Hopefully, Taskbar will be fixed with these given methods.

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