Enjoy Fastest Android Performance With These 10 Untapped Tips & Tricks

Your smartphone is just like a computer; it stores all the apps, photos, videos & other multimedia files. Over time, it starts to get stubborn, the battery runs out faster & finding anything gets cumbersome. We are sure that you have already gone through several articles & tutorials to learn how to make phone faster? But nothing certainly helped to boost overall Android performance, right? That’s why you need to follow this tutorial to find helpful, effective & often untapped solutions to improve and speed up smartphones.

So, without further ado, let’s get started applying a few tweaks & changes to breathe life into your Android device.


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10 Tricks & Hacks To Get Fastest Android Performance

We have listed some amazing tips that improve overall phone performance. Though there’s an app for almost every task, Smart Phone Cleaner features a fantastic set of modules to speed up phone & boost RAM. But you can always go for the manual methods to deal with the lagging issues.

1. Update Your Android

Updating your phone’s OS to its latest version not only helps you get access to new features & up-to-date security patches, but it also helps to make your device run at its best speed. The process to update the operating system can be slightly different for all the phones, but you can find the option in the Settings menu.

2. Use High-Speed Memory Card

Well, if own a smartphone with low internal storage and you rely on an external memory card for storing all the apps, files and other data, then we recommend our users to for Class 10 Memory Cards. They are best-known for users expecting the fastest Android performance. These memory cards come in multiple variants like UHS-I, UHS-II (Ultra High Speed). So, we suggest our users compare the speed of the memory card to ensure optimum results.

3. Hibernate Apps

The hibernating process helps users to stop apps from running in the background. It ensures that no unnecessary RAM is used while you are not running them. Since most of the smartphones don’t have a dedicated feature to hibernate apps, we suggest users install the Android optimizing app – Smart Phone Cleaner, it requires a single-tap to put applications in hibernation mode so that they don’t keep running in the background.

4. Clear Up Your Home Screen

Widgets are small tools that help users to access the app without activating them. At the same time, certain users like to keep track of weather & important dates for quick access without opening the app. So, if you are running too many useless widgets, we suggest you to remove them to clear up your home screen and boost slow Android performance.

5. Reduce Animations

To be honest, this method won’t speed up your Android performance. But it would undoubtedly reduce the time it takes to transition between screens & apps makes everything seem faster. To manage this, you have to access Developers Options. You can follow our guide to understand what you can do with Developer Mode? From the same window, you have to find the Transition animation scale & turn it off to manage the settings.

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6. Avoid Running Live Wallpapers

We understand you love Android’s Live Wallpaper feature. Still, it would be best if you kept in mind that most of the live wallpapers are responsible for occupying your RAM and draining battery life faster than ever. Instead, check out our guides to get the dynamic yet lightweight wallpapers for both Android & iPhone.

7. Stop Synchronization

Well, syncing your data is undoubtedly a fantastic way with Google servers. But Keeping Sync On, means you get constant notifications for every app installed on your device, eating lots of phone resources & making it run super slow for other activities. So, consider keeping the Sync option Off for unneeded apps & services. You can find the option in your Android Settings for every application.

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8. Enable Data Saver Mode

Want to make your browsing experience faster & smoother on your Android device? Enable Data Saver mode in Chrome. To do so: Launch Chrome > tap on the three-dots menu, located at the top-right corner of screen > Choose Settings > Scroll down and select option ‘Data Saver’ > Toggle the Setting on & that’s all. Now, this rick will slightly hurt the image quality, but the data usage would be lower & you can enjoy faster load times.

9. Clear App Caches

Whenever your device is lagging, try clearing out cached data of all the running apps to give your device a start fresh. Well, cleaning caches for each app might take a lot of your time, so we recommend using a dedicated Cache Remover App like Smart Phone Cleaner. It just needs a single tap to get rid of all the residues & unnecessary occupied memory. Boost RAM in a jiffy and improve overall performance.

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10. Avoid Task Killers

Admit it or not, but Android smartphones are quite efficient at managing memory. So, booting an app from nothing takes longer & occupies battery power than before. So, when you run an app that acquires lots of memory, the device automatically kills the least important services to free up space, so that you can enjoy the fastest Android performance.

Make Your Phone Faster With These Tips & Tricks

Additionally, we recommend our Android users to get rid of Bloatware (pre-installed applications) to get some more storage space & enjoy the fastest Android performance. Though, uninstalling these apps isn’t that easy, so we suggest our users to rely on Android Optimizing Apps that can help you get delete unwanted apps without any hassles. Plus, using a dedicated File Management Application is a great idea to manage your storage and handle all the files for speeding up the whole process!

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