How to Free Up Storage Space on Android

Have you been adding up external storage to your Android device just to enjoy all your favorite apps, music files and other stuff? Well, your doing so may not bring any fruit. Sooner or later, your Android phone is certain to get loaded with data, leading you to take some serious action to unload it.

Modern versions of Android phones are designed with extensive internal and external storage space to support many applications and yet run smooth. However, they too are likely to face interruption in their workings. This is because of cache files accumulated on Android phone just like a scamp. Once such data is on Android devices, it doesn’t let them work properly. Now even though all unnecessary files are deleted but still the device would work like a silly moron. For this, you need to free up more storage space on Android. Doing so will help you have a smooth running phone.

  • Use in-bulit Storage Pane:

If your Android’s storage is running our, then keep a tap on this hack. Android devices have an in-built storage pane, which serves as great help to clear out stuff from the device. You can find this storage pane on your phone’s settings. The major sections covered by the storage pane are Apps, Images, Videos, Audio, Others, Cached Data, and Explore. Tap on any of them to view and delete unnecessary files.

Explore option in Storage Pane will help you find hidden files and folders on your phone. Tap on it and see all folders that otherwise are not accessible. Delete all unnecessary files and folders to release memory on your phone with this feature.

  • Use SD Card for Apps:

Using SD card for saving data in phone is justified, indeed that’s all the purpose. But you need to play smarter here and should save most of your APPs on SD card. This will help you save abundant amount of RAM on your phone and also freeup storage space on your Android. This can also turn out to make your phone work smoother and more efficient.

  • Delete Unwanted Apps and Cache Files:

Unwanted apps and cache file accumulates to have a junk corner on your phone. These are responsible for your phone’s indifferent behavior and lagging. You must clean such files monthly or more often weekly.

Cleaning out such files is simple. Tap on your phone’s settings> then storage and USB options> select either of the storage> tap on cached files option> delete all files. Your phone will confirm you before deleting the cache files, please tap on OK and continue with the command. This will remove clutter from your phone and would make it more efficient.

  • Cloud Storage:

Storing all data on cloud is the securest and easiest way to free up storage space on Android. Simply save the data on your Cloud Account and remove it from the phone. This way you will enjoy ample amount of storage with all your data secured at a safe place.

Saving data on cloud is simple and accessible with an app like Right Backup. The app allows to save all data on cloud account and is manageable from anywhere, at anytime.


Use Smart Phone Cleaner to Recover Ample Storage Space in Instants.

The above mentioned tricks are certainly important for your phone. But performing them manually is a jumbled task. To eliminate this hay-way process, many apps have been made available. Most trusted and reliable app in the lot is Smart Phone Cleaner. It cleans your phone to optimize and make it proficient. These are functions of Smart Phone Cleaner will do all this for you:

  • Junk File Cleaner: Regular cleaning with Smart Phone Cleaner will ensure no junk file accumulation on your phone. It cleans out junk files in a few clicks.
  • Phone Booster: The app is designed with one tap phone booster, which free up memory and keeps the RAM of the device in healthy state.
  • Battery Saver: You will be able to save your phone’s battery upto 50% with this handy app. It allows you to customize battery consumption apps.
  • Storage Manager: All your data is managed well with this app. You can preview and delete all unwanted stuff from your phone in instants.
  • App Manager: Unlike the usual complicated uninstallation activity, Smart Phone Cleaner app manager will uninstall and archive any app on your device with a tap.

These bundle of exclusive features distinct the app with others of its type. Use this excellent and skillful app to manage your phone. Download it here.

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