What Can You Do With Developer Mode In Android?

Accessing Android Developers Option is not a hard task. All you need is an Android device and get started. All you need to understand is that you have to take a few measures before you get started. 

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How To Enable Developer Mode In Android?

The steps to enable developer mode in Android phones (version 8.0 and above) is almost similar, so you will not have any difficulty enabling developer mode. For the article, we have used a phone with Android 9 installed.

Follow the instructions below to get started:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your phone, and go to the About Phone section. It can be named as About device or simply About. Now go to the Android version or Build number and tap on it for 7 times. Consistently tapping on it will show a message that You are 1 step away from becoming a Developer. Once done, another message with appear as informing you that You are now a developer.

Android Developer mode


Go back to Settings and look for Developer option in Additional settings. Now you can check that the developer option shows as Turned On. 

Android Developer mode 1

Note: Otherwise this Developer Option in Settings keeps hidden as not to make any changes accidentally.

What Can You Do In Developer Mode On Android?

Learn about all the things you can customize on your phone with developer option enabled.

  • USB debugging:

This is an option which is most commonly used by the Developers. It can also be of great use if you are trying to make changes in your device software. Make sure you have knowledge on it otherwise it can disrupt other functions of your Android device. Basically, over a USB connection, you can make changes to your Android device with the computer. It is possible to install a custom ROM, root Android phone etc.

  • Fake GPS:

With the developer settings, you can change your GPS location. It can be very beneficial to trick someone by using the fake location shown from your Android device. There are several apps available on the Google Play Store, which help you show your fake location. It will only be available as an option if your developer mode is turned on.

  • Customize Animation Speed:

If you wish to speed up your phone and therefore want to disable the animation entirely, you are allowed to do so. With the developer options on Android, you can go to Settings and then look for the Window animation scale. Now choose to turn it off or increase or decrease the speed. Next, you can look for Transition Animation Scale, which is responsible for the animation regarding the switching between apps.

  • Speed up Phone:

When you wish to play high-speed games on your Android phone, using the developer options is recommended. If you have great graphics on your Android device and want to make full use of it, developer options on Android will help you. The option of Force 4x MSAA option and turn it on. Now you can easily enjoy the high-speed games with high graphics on your Android phone.

  • Fast Switch Between Apps:

Similarly, you can change the speed of your phone for switching between apps. If you want to make changes to the Animation, you can with the developer options on Android. Go to Settings and Developer Options from Advanced Settings. Next, you can look for Transition Animation Scale which is responsible for the animation regarding the switching between apps. Now choose to turn it off or increase or decrease the speed. Also allowed to turn it off but it will make the app switching a little weird.

  • Stay Wake:

If you are one of the people who use their phone while charging it, and it keeps closing the screen. This won’t be the case for the Developer mode turned on for your Android device. You can easily locate it and toggle the switch on for enabling this function. The phone screen will then never sleep while charging and save you from the hassle.

Is It Safe To Use Developer Option In Android?

The only way it is harmful is if you are not cautious while using the developer mode. First of all, USB debugging is not at all to be used without taking technical help. This can damage your software and can leave your phone as a dead weight. If you want to try and implement the changes via rooting of your Android phone, keep your data saved prior to this task.

How Do I Turn Off Developer Mode On Android?

To turn off Developer mode on Android, head back to the Developer options in Settings. Disable the Toggle Switch and this is how it will be turned off. Additionally, you can now remove the cache from the Settings app. This is clear out all the changes made from the settings of your Android device. 

Android Developer mode 2

To do so, Go to the Home page, long press on Settings icon. This will show you the options, select App info. It will open the Settings information which includes the Storage, battery and App permissions. Now clear the data and cache from the Storage option. This deletes all the changes you had made in the developer mode for your Android device.


These are some of the key points to remember while using the developer mode in Android. If you are not able to see any latest features on your phone. you can turn to developers options. The latest update is something to look forward to and if that is system-based, you can check that on your phone.

Please let us know about which methods you have tried and that worked for you and share in the comments section below. If you have used any other feature from developer option and found it useful please share with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting regular updates of the tech world. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


  • comment_avtar
    Catherine Day
    This information helped me tremendously.

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Ahmed Hamoud Al-Ansi
    I changed some options on developer mode and now my phone won’t start!! Any help!!

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Preeti Seth
      Hello Ahmed, You can try booting the Android phone in Safe Mode to fix the issue. 1. Press your phone’s power button. 2. When the animation starts, press and hold your phone’s volume down button. Keep holding it until the animation ends and your phone starts in safe mode. 3. You’ll see “Safe mode” at the bottom of your screen. If you face any problem, you can search for your phone’s model number for step-by-step instructions, as they vary from device to device. Also, you can perform a hard reset (remember this action will wipe your phone.)

      2 years ago

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