How To Stop Ad-Popups On Your Android Device?

It does get really frustrating while you are reading some news, playing games or just checking your important office email and ads pop up in between. Aarrghhh! That moment you wish to look for popup blocker for Android, which is of course needed for an efficient workflow.

These ad pop-ups show their face in the browser, in between running apps or just come with background notifications. No worries, we are explaining you crucial information for such pop-up blocker with different methods.

1. Block Ad popups on Chrome browser

If your regular visiting website is bringing regular pop up issues, you can turn it off using your Chrome browser simply. How?

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and tap on the Menu (3 dots on the right-hand corner) button.

Step 2: Here, select ‘Settings’ and then reach ‘Site Settings’.

Step 3: In Site Settings, you will be able to find ‘Popups and redirects’. Here you have to make sure that the slider is turned off.

Block Ad popups on Chrome browser

Additional Step 4: Now that you are already here, visit ‘Ads’ under Site Settings as well and check if the slider is turned off.

Additional Step 5: Visit Menu > Settings > Data Saver and turn the slider on. (It is because turning this switch On may throw off unnecessary elements.)

This does help as a popup blocker for Android to a great extent.

What if ad popups are still active?

No worries, try using another browser for pop up blocking. You may want to consider Firefox or Samsung Internet for same.

In a similar way, you need to visit ‘Settings’ and enable ‘Block Popups’.

You may even consider visiting the web content which is free from piracy and does not show unnecessary annoyance every time you open it.

2. Block Ad Popups on Apps

If you are playing a game on a certain app and ads keep coming up, you shall come to know that the app might be problematic. For better results, you can purchase a pro-version of it or consider deleting, if possible.

You can also keep an eye on any recent app download and its effects on ad features on your Android.

What if ad popups are still active?

Now you have to check through your phone whether an app has permission to appear over some other app?

Step 1: Visit your phone’s Settings > Notification & status bar > App notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Display over other apps.

Step 2: Visit through the apps. Some apps come upfront due to admissible reason but some may show different behavior for no reason. Tap the particular app and toggle Off the block ‘Allow display over other apps’.

Note that even after taking the steps above; if ad blocks have not taken place then you may need to run the scan on your phone to remove any kind of malware. Amongst many malware removal apps like Systweak anti-malware, Avast, you can choose any based on your preferences.

Anti-malware apps can potentially take a check over the installed apps and remove the infection in a quick mode.

Below are some screenshots of Systweak anti-malware app.

Systweak anti-malware app security

Systweak anti-malware app

3. Block Notification Popups

Believe it or not but at a certain point of time, you search pop blocker for Android even to remove notifications that become annoying. For such Ad block on Android, follow simple steps.

Visit Settings > Apps & notifications, and now you will be able to witness all the apps in list format.

Select the app whose notification you want to stop, disable the whole app or minor details and enjoy some time away from regular popups.

Block Notification popups

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To Conclude the Android Adblock

The article above explains the steps of blocking ad-popups in your Android phone without using any third party download. They will help you in diminishing the possibilities of regular ads that come up on your screen and disturb the flow. Either through browser or in-built Settings feature, you can achieve your goal of pop blocker.

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