Best Free Widgets For Android

Widgets are the heart of home screen customization. While some like to keep the home screen crowded with a plethora of apps, some like it totally clean and devoid of widgets. But most people focus on keeping those apps which are often needed and some prefer to keep it simple with a weather widget, Google search bar, and a few icons.

Widgets are basically meant to put information on your face, saves battery as less the time spend on your screen, less the battery drainage. It lets you see everything at once, though they are not full apps but it allows you to “all in one glance” at notes, RSS feeds, calendar, emails, messages, weather etc.

Widgets are much handy and useful, right? So rather packing your launcher with bundle of icons, here are Android home screen widgets that are almost indispensable. So, go ahead users and place these best android widgets you’ve been looking for all this while. Here it goes:

Top Best Android Widgets

The best thing about Android Smartphones is it can be customized according to your need.

You can put clock, notes, weather, calendar, messages, music player and much more to your home screen.

Find Best Clock widgets for Android, Calendar widgets for Android, Weather widgets for Android, Battery Widgets for Android here to download:

Best Clock Widgets for Android

1. Timeit Widget

Timeit Widget

Timeit by CubeStudio is something apart from the mainstream clock widgets for android. It is a tracking app which gives time management functionalities by monitoring your routine activities. It gives you insights of time you spend in creative activities or time you wasted. These insights help you to increase your productivity by monthly charts and stats.

Install Timeit Widget!

3. Chronus


Chronus is a set of clock, weather, news, tasks and calendar widgets which shares highly optimized back-end services. This set of flexible widgets makes it a single replacement for all stand-alone widgets. Common back-end services ensure CPU, data and battery optimizations.

Chronus clock widget provides extensive set of customisable clocks and weather widgets. It comes with built-in Gmail, Calendar and text message extensions.

Link to Download Chronus!

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  • Best Calendar Widgets for Android

1. Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendar Widget

Extensive themes and customizable font colors, type, density and headers makes it the best calendar widget for android. Weather extensions comes by default embedded in the app to feature weather forecast up to 5 days. Apart from calendar widget extension, the app is also embedded with an agenda view that list the events grouped by day. It offers features which not only makes the interface useful but also elegant.


2. Calendar Widget:Month

Calendar Widget-Month

It is a modern and beautiful calendar widget for android with over 80 hand-crafted themes. With the current layout of your home screen, month integrates seamlessly with it. It provides easy synchronization with Google Calendar and other calendar apps. Integration with social media enables month to display birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones. It supports lunar calendars too. The UI of app is very fast and modern with material design making it more pleading to the users.

Calendar Widget:Month is among the best calendar widgets for Android!

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

The product pioneered by the industry giant Google itself. It is a part of G-Suite, so it provides easy synchronization with Gmail. Any event from Gmail from flight bookings to concerts, it will be featured to you in Google Calendar app. In-built to-do support helps you to set reminders alongside your events. Apart from the basic functionalities, Google Calendar helps you to achieve your goals. You just need to specify your goal and Google Calendar will automatically schedule time for your goal.

Download Google Calendar here!

  • Best Battery Widgets For Android

1. Battery HD

Battery HD

The app automatically calibrates itself for your device mitigating the need to run manual calibration. Usage charts and uptime of each app makes it easier to monitor where our battery drains the most. The app instantly tells you how many hours you have left for listening to music, talking on phone, watching video or standby before your battery drains out. A lot of default widgets are there to make the app interface visually appealing.

Install Battery HD Widget!

2. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn

This app is well known for its precise battery estimations. Multi-style icons and formattable text for notification bar which features voltage, temperature and battery health makes the UI elegant. Automatic power saving mode at the night time is powerful power saver functionality.

Download this widget here!

  • Best Weather Widgets For Android

1. Weather


Installed more than 10,000,000+ this is a very good-looking widget which along with weather shows clock and Google search bar. You can customize the background on the basis of Live weather, light, dark & transparency. This widget lets you check the temperature, precipitation forecast, current phases of the sun & moon. It even allows you to track the weather conditions of your location plus up to 12 locations. You can access weather graphs, forecast, facts and videos from NWS (National Weather Service) (For US only) and even you can share the reports with your friends via email & social media.

Download this, one of the best android widgets right here!

2. Weather Live

Weather Live

Accurate real-time forecasts and minute to minute weather forecast makes it the best alternative amongst all weather widgets for android. This app is a must for people who live at locations where weather changes every hour. You can share the weather in just one-click screenshots. You can see animated sunrise and sunset modules within the app. In-built lock screen skins and live wallpapers adds to the charm of alluring interface. In case of weather disasters, alerts and warnings might be a great help in case of need for a relocation.

Install Now!

  • Other Useful Widgets

1. Soundhound


This widget hits the peak of the leaderboard of best free widgets for android. With more than 300 million downloads, the widget has already gained appreciation in the android market.

Soundhound has an ability to identify the music playing around you within a fraction of seconds.

You can interact with Soundhound by simply saying ‘OK Hound.’ and you can discover music and play it hands-free. With Spotify integration you can build a playlist and explore the music of varied genres and play music in karaoke-style with Live Lyrics. The music you discover every time will get saved in your discoveries for future. You just need to say, ‘Show my discoveries, Soundhound’.

Download this, one of the best android widgets now!

2. Days Left Widget

Days Left Widget

Never miss an important day or an event with Days Left Widget. You can set up a countdown for friend’s birthday or New Year’s Eve. This app lets you customize your own countdown with beautiful colors and overlays.

This app is no longer available on Play Store.

We listed the most popular & best free widgets for Android. Tell us which widget did you find super useful!

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