15 Best App Locks for Android in 2023

Difficulty finding an app locker for Android? With technological advancement, smartphone security has been in progression too. A smartphone without an app lock seems to be an old story. Previously, most users relied on lock screen security (default in Android phones) to prevent unlawful access. However, various app lock applications are now available for Android on Play Store with multiple features to make our devices impregnable to commoners. So, which one is the best app lock for Android?

The previous article taught us how to secure Android devices with default lock screen security. This article will discuss the best app locks for Android phones in the market.

Various apps on the Play Store offer the app locker for all the applications on your Android phone.

15 Best App Locks For Android You Must Use In 2023

Here are some of the best app lockers for Android available on Play Store–

1. App Lock – With Fingerprint , Pattern & Password


First on our list of best app locks for Android is App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern & Password by Systweak Software. This app locker for Android is one of the smartest and best applications to lock applications installed on your Android and to keep confidential information safe and secure. You can choose the lock for apps from – Pattern or passcode.

  • Unlock the application using your fingerprint.
  • It comes with an ability to lock any app on your Android.
  • App Locker even allows using a passcode or pattern to lock apps.
  • Comes with the mail recovery option to recover your old passcode, in case you forget it.
  • This app does not share user data with third parties, making it the best App Locker for Android.
  • It doesn’t hog on your phone battery.

All these amazing features make this app Locker, the best app to lock apps on Android. Moreover, it has an easy reset passcode option to set a new passcode.

2.  AppLock by DoMobile Lab:

AppLock by DoMobile Lab

One of the best Android Lock Screen apps, AppLock by DoMobile Lab, can keep your applications and private information safe and secure. You can disable/enable AppLock using the Applock widget with a single tap.

  • Once installed on the phone, the app allows you to set a pin, pattern, or password. You can also use the Fingerprint password if using Android 6.0 or above.
  • Allows you to customize your lock screen’s background
  • Can hide photos and videos, the hidden photos would be invisible from Gallery and can only be seen in photo and video vault.
  • Takes photos of intruders, which lets you check who tried to invade your privacy.

3. AppLock – Fingerprint:

AppLock Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint is one of the best app locks for Android, which helps you secure your lock apps, use fake locks and catch intruders. You can use a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint to lock your apps.

  • It allows you to catch the intruders.
  • Enables you to lock messages, contacts, gallery, or phone settings.
  • This app lock is fast and lightweight.
  • A fake lock feature allows you to disguise your app error lock screen.

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4. AppLock – Lock apps & Pin lock:

AppLock - Lock apps & Pin lock

It is one of the oldest and best AppLocks for Android. It is the first app that introduced the Fingerprint app lock feature. The app locker for Android comes with a widget to disable or enable the app with ease.

  • The pin and password can be used as an alternate if the Fingerprint is not working.
  • You can use your favorite image as a background
  • It takes a snap of snoopy people
  • Allows you to protect notifications of protected apps

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5. Norton App Lock :

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is the best lock screen app to lock your applications and sensitive information in the apps installed on your Android device. The app enables you to keep app content private to share your Android device with your kids.

  • Choose to use a password, PIN, or pattern to lock your screen and secure your installed apps.
  • Enables you to protect your photos and videos from intruders by locking them in a vault.
  • Protects your personal, financial and confidential data by adding a layer of security.
  • The app provides options to lock all, some, or you can also follow recommendations to lock specific apps.

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6. App Lock – Ultra Applock:

App Lock - Ultra Applock

Ultra AppLock is an application that protects you from not only intruders but also viruses and other infections. It allows you to set fake icons and save yourself from intruders.

  • It provides instant privacy protection to the device.
  • Secures our phone by providing the feature for locking the screen with pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint lock.
  • Like the other applications enlisted, it locks the applications and hides personal information such as photos and videos.
  • Saves Break in alerts and disguise your lock.

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7. Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard:

Applock Pro

Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard is one of the best App Locks for Android. The app has fingerprint lock options making it much more secure for users.

  • Intruder selfie for all people trying to enter the wrong application lock code.
  • Fake Crash Screen is also provided with the application.
  • Option to add and remove applications easily from the list of locked apps.

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8. AppLocker: App Lock, PIN:

AppLocker: App Lock, PIN

AppLocker: App Lock, PIN by BGNmobi is one of the Best App Locks for Android. It allows you to put a fingerprint, PIN or password lock on applications. It also prevents anyone from uninstalling applications from your device without permissions.  It is regularly updated and comes with aesthetically pleasing coloured themes.

  • Offers to lock using pin, pattern, or fingerprint(on supported devices).
  • Locks any application and manages your gallery according to your preference
  • Consumes less resources and is good for RAM and Battery.

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9. Knock lock screen :

Knock lock screen

Knock lock screen is one of the best lock apps for Android, which provides an exclusive feature to lock the phone. All you have to do is knock on the phone in a set pattern to unlock it which prevents exposing PIN.

  • It helps in preventing accidental calling/butt dialing.
  • The lock screen is embellished with the custom date and time format with HD wallpapers.

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10. AppLock by KewlApps

AppLock by KewlApps

Lock your apps with AppLock: Fingerprint & Pin By KewlApps using a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint. The app has a beautiful and simple interface, making it easy to use.

  • Comes with a crash screen option for a locked app to disguise the status of a locked app
  • Captures picture of the intruder using the front camera and shows you when you open AppLock
  • With the Prevent Force Close/Uninstall option, you can prevent anyone from uninstalling this app locker.
  • Lock the recent apps page to keep the content of recently used apps private.

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11.  Perfect AppLock:

Perfect AppLock

Perfect Applock is also an ideal app if you are looking for an application to protect your applications, settings, and private data.

  • It allows you to choose from a pin, pattern, or gesture.
  • It comes with a Watchdog feature, which clicks the picture of the intruder after three unsuccessful attempts.
  • It provides a remarkable feature of starting the service remotely using an SMS command.

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12. AppLock

AppLock by IVYMobile

AppLock by IVYMobile is a free app to lock your apps and keep your content secure from intruders. The app comes with various customization features to make your app locker smarter and more secure.

  • Lock all your social media apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more, to keep your chats and feed private
  • Keep all your system apps, SMS, Contacts, Gallery, and Email locked.
  • Customize lock frequency from options: Always Lock/Until Screen Off Mode/5 Minutes
  • Comes with power saver mode to preserve your phone’s battery.

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13. App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools

App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools

App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools is one of the best app locks for Android, which offers you to lock and protect your apps using fingerprint, password, and pattern. The app locker allows you to customize the background and lock type easily.

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14. Lockit: Face, Finger, Pattern


Another Applocker for Android is Lockit: Face, Finger, Pattern by Niklos Studio Apps. It can provide you with overall privacy protection by allowing you to lock apps, Settings, SIM with PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

  • Easily lock your Email synced contacts and keep it from any changes.
  • Enable the feature to prevent anyone from uninstalling the app lock app.
  • Lock your incoming calls, Google Play Store, and system settings to make your device more secure.

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15. Smart AppLock Pro :

Smart AppLock Pro

Smart Applock is one of the best App Lock for Android 2022. This app locker is lightweight, easy on resources, and has a beautiful interface.

  • It allows you to lock your apps, private data, incoming calls, and settings.
  • Offers various options to protect our privacy; you can choose from pin, pattern, password, gesture, or fingerprint (only available for Samsung devices with fingerprint scanner).
  • Take a picture of the intruder and send it to your registered e-mail address.
  • Lets you change the icon to disguise App Lock as a Secret Dialer.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What is the best app lock app for Android?

The best app lock for Android is App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern & Password by Systweak Software. It provides you with the different options to lock the applications on your phone, and adding and removing them from the app lock list is very easy.

Q2. Can I use AppLock on any Android device?

There are several Android applications for locking the apps on your device. Choose from the given list above after checking the compatibility with your Android device.

Q3. What is the perfect AppLock app?

A perfect app locker for Android will be the one that does not fail the security check for the device and provides several options for lock, such as AppLock by Systweak Software.

Q4. What are app locks, and how do they work?

App locks are applications used to lock particular applications on your device. This is an additional security layer within your device to keep your information safe from prying eyes.


These are some of the best App Locks for Android devices on the Play store. Smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our life. That’s why we need to keep it safe and away from inquisitive people. Now you don’t have to be afraid or cautious while handing your phone over to your family or friends; these app locks will take care of it. We recommend using App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern & Password on your Android device now. It is free and comes with a fingerprint scan option to ease unlocking applications on your phone.

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