How To Fix Discord Audio Cutting Out Issue (2023)

Discord is one of the most popular voice and text messaging services with millions of users who uses the platform for various purposes. Gamers, in particular, use Discord to make chat rooms for gameplays. It’s an effective communication application that helps people develop game strategies and coordinate to maximize their team efficiency. However, several people have reported about ‘Discord audio cutting out randomly.’ And, if you are facing the same issue and desperately looking for a quick and hassle-free solution, then your search ends here!

Why Does My Discord Sound Keep Cutting Out?

There are multiple reasons why you may face the ‘Discord audio stops working’ problem. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

  • Slow Internet Connection – If your Internet speed is slow or multiple devices are connected on the same network, then you might face ‘Discord audio stops working.’
  • Faulty Peripherals – If the attached peripheral devices (Mic or headset) are broken or damaged, you might witness the disruptions in audio.
  • Corrupt or Damaged Audio Drivers – Sometimes, faulty device drivers can also lead to audio issues while using Discord.
  • Voice Sensitivity – Wrongly configured voice settings can also be responsible for Discord sound issues.

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How To Fix ‘Discord Audio Cutting Out’ Issues On Windows 10?

Now that you know all the potential reasons for causing Discord Sound issues, here are the tactics you can implement to fix it.

FIX 1- Restart Discord Application

The basic step you can take is to eliminate the ‘Discord cutting out’ issue by restarting the program. Simply close the app from Task Manager and restart it. The sound issues should be resolved by now. If you are still struggling, try the next solutions!

FIX 2- Update Audio Drivers

There are multiple ways to update drivers on Windows 10, but the safest and most reliable way to do so is through using a professional driver updater tool. Since the market is packed with plenty of software, we suggest using Smart Driver Care. It’s a powerful utility and offers an easy way to replace current drivers with the latest and most compatible ones.

  • Using the registered version, hit the Start Scan now button.
  • Smart Driver Care needs just a few moments to scan your entire device and locate outdated, corrupted, missing, or damaged drivers.
  • You can either update the Audio drivers by clicking the Update button next to it or hit the Update All button to replace bulk drivers in a click.

Discord Audio Cutting Out’ Issues On Windows 10

Note: Make sure you check and update video and game controller drivers to ensure lag-free Discord performance. 

FIX 3- Alter Region Settings In Discord

Alternatively, you can also try modifying the Region Settings to eliminate the ‘Discord audio cutting out the issue.’ To make the alterations, all you have to do is:

  • Right-click on the Discord application & choose the option ‘Run as administrator.’
  • From the Discord program, click the down arrow button.
  • Go to the Server settings & head towards the Server Region tab.
  • Hit the Change button!

Discord Audio Cutting Out’ Issues On Windows 10

Now you need to try different options until you find the one that works properly for you without Discord sound problems on Windows 10.

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FIX 4- Adjust Voice Sensitivity Settings

One of the primary reasons you might face ‘Discord audio cutting out’ issues is voice sensitivity settings. So, try adjusting the built-in settings to resolve the issue.

  • Head towards the Settings menu from your Discord account.
  • From the Settings page, head towards the voice and video tab.
  • From the new window, you need to uncheck the option ‘Automatically determine input sensitivity.’
  • You will see a slider with orange and green partitions. Simply speak into your mic, and if the slider displays the orange color, it means your voice is not being send through Discord. If it is indicating the green colour, then your voice is just fine.
  • If you observe the orange colour, you might need to set the slider towards the left and try again.

Discord Audio Cutting Out’ Issues On Windows 10

Discord should now pick up your voice & sound issues should be resolved successfully!

FIX 5- Reinstall Discord

If none of the workarounds helped you fix the Discord audio cutting out the problem, the last resort is to reinstall the application. You can enjoy a better version with less bugs and glitches. To reinstall Discord, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Programs section > Programs and Features.
  • A list of all the installed programs on your PC will be displayed.
  • Locate Discord and right-click on it to choose the Uninstall option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process.
  • To reinstall Discord, go to the website to download the latest version.
  • Simply run the installer and complete the setup process.

Reinstall Discord 

You can log into your account and check if the Discord sound issues are resolved by now!

These were the most effective methods to fix the annoying ‘Discord audio stopped working.’ If you know any other workaround, do let us know in the comments section below!

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People Also Ask:

Why Can No One Hear Me On Discord?

The main reason behind Discord sound issues is usually improper audio settings or the audio device not being selected as the default.

Why Is My Discord Connection So Poor?

Well, if you are struggling with poor voice connection while using Discord, you can do the following:

  • Restart device & router.
  • Check the Firewall settings and ensure Discord is whitelisted.
  • Update Discord app, if needed!

Why Can’t I Uninstall Discord?

If you face issues while removing the Discord program, it might happen because of the rights issue. Hence you need to have proper administrator access to uninstall it. For starters, simply log out of the Microsoft accounts and log into the admin account.


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