5 Settings Tweak to Make on Your Discord Account for Better Productivity

If your veins are gushing with gaming DNA, then we’re sure you’re already aware of the term “Discord”. Discord is an ultimate destination for gamers where they can communicate with other members via voice, video or text. On Discord, you can connect with your group of friends and talk on your favorite topics ranging from your video games to music to art, or anything else of shared interest. 

Discord Account for Better Productivity
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Earlier, Discord was mainly used by gamers, but over time, Discord has diversified where this digital platform is also being used by businesses, crypto investors and other communities. Just like Skype, Discord is more like a chat application that brings you closer to people or a community where you can explore a whole new side of the world. And you know what the best part is? Discord also offers in-app integrations where it allows you to connect your other accounts including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Reddit, Steam and others, enabling you to sync your data on your Discord server directly.  

discord tips and tricks
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So, whether you already use Discord or planning on creating a new account, here are a bunch of Discord tips and tricks to get the most out of this leading chat platform while reaping maximum benefits from this service. 

Let’s get started. 

Manage Notifications

Discord connects millions of users in a unified platform. So, yes, be prepared to receive a bombardment of notifications crawling all over your system’s screen. Here’s what you need to do. To manage notifications on your Discord account, right-click on any server name and then select “Notification Settings”. 

Manage Notifications
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Enable the “Mute Test Server” option if you want to mute all kinds of message notifications and alerts, and you will only receive an alert when someone explicitly mentions with an “@” tag. 

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
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Chatting on Discord can get extremely overwhelming. With the help of a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, you can take complete control to switch between chats or perform other actions. Here are a handful of keyboard shortcuts that will make you a Discord Pro within no time: 

Answer a Call: Control + Enter. 

Switch Between Servers: Control + Alt + Up/Down key.

Switch Between Channels: Alt + Up/Down

Reaching to oldest unread message: Shift + Page Up

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Push to Talk (Priority)

Push to Talk (Priority)
Did you know Discord includes a feature where you can set up a priority speaker? With the help of a priority speaker, your voice can be easily heard by other members of the group. Once you set up a priority speaker, you are more easily heard, and the volume of other group members is automatically lowered so that your message can be heard in one go without any interruptions. To use this feature, head on to Server settings> Roles, pick up a role and enable the “Priority Speaker” option. 

Pro Tip: Before you use the priority speaker, make sure you’ve set up a Keybind of the push to talk to support this action. 

Using Discord Bots

Using Discord Bots
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Discord Bots can take your chatting experience to a whole new level. With the help of Discord bots, you can use various functions like playing music, sending memes, conduct polls and whatnot. If you’re the admin of any server, you can add multiple bots in your chat room and avail the benefits with other members of the group. 

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Get Creative with your Nickname

Get Creative with your Nickname

Discord binds millions of users together in a virtual space. So, to stand out from the crows or to create a unique identity, you can try getting creative with your nickname. Head on to the Server Settings menu and change your nickname so that your friends or other group members can address you with a cool tag. 

So, folks, this wraps our list of Discord tips and tricks for power users. Guess, it’s finally time to ditch the conventional texting apps and try Discord for the very first time. Connect with communities, discuss your shared interest topics, be productive and get the most from the chat application. Discord is available for both desktop (Windows and Mac) and smartphone to offer you an on-going chatting experience. 

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