10 Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server

Discord bots are used in gaming platforms for communication and digital distribution. They are quite popular for voice and text chat among gamers and can be used to customize your own server. This article consists of some of the best discord bots which you can find online. Did you know you could enhance your settings by adding bots to it? Several bots exist to perform a certain function, you just need to choose from the server. Here is the list of  best bots for discord :-

Most Powerful Discord Bots to Improve the Discord Server-  

The list below consists of different most popular Discord bots with multipurpose features- 

1. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome - Best Discord Bots

One of the powerful bots, GAwesome Bot, which can perform a number of tasks for users. You can add events and moderate chats. Add this to Discord server for multipurpose usage and fun features. You can promote your server with help of one of the best Discord bots. It will let you promote or demote users. Rank them, kick them out temporarily or simply ban them. Add polls and ask others to participate, thus making it more generic. You get to add GIFs and create memes to add to fun factor. It can be used to show search results from Google, YouTube, Reddit, and Wikipedia. This bot will improve your discord server and has around a million users.

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2. Tatsumaki


Tatsumaki bot lets you enhance your Discord server by using similar features like GAwesome bot. It will let you customize your welcome message for each user. Let’s you change dashboard settings making it more useful. It is considered as one of the popular names among Gamers using Discord server. It is said to be one of the best Discord bots for many features it provides to users. You can search within and get results from leading websites. Keep updates on with RSS feed and do not miss out on anything. Customize chat and notifications. Added a currency converter for your convenience while paying for an upgrade on Discord bot.

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3. Dyno Bot

dyno bot

Dyno Bot makes to the best Discord bots list with its deluxe features. Music, auto-moderation are just some of the additions to its advantages over others. Customizable join leave and other notifications, spam detection, and instant banning. This is what makes users consider this as an option for good Discord bots. Other than that AFK messages can be posted, which will let members assign roles. Fully configurable Web dashboard with frequent updates to enhance Discord server experience. It allows you to enable/disable command, module, and settings for every module.

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4. MEE6

MEE6 - Best Discord Bots

This is a very handy Discord bot, so it can be added to the discord bot list. It creates welcome messages for new users and shows rules along with ongoing events with topics. This helps in engaging users in relevant topics. MEE6 bot will help in moderation of your Discord server. It is one to enter the Discord server for a long time and has over a million users. Due to an intuitive interface which makes it best discord bots which help to make changes to commands. The level for ranking users and giving rewards is always best to keep them interested.  Set auto actions to stop spam, ad, swearing and even use of abundant emoji. Send alerts for Twitch, Reddit, and YouTube to notify for updates.

5. Zandercraft


Zandercraft is one of the best Discord bots which is known to play in Extra HD. It lets you customize Welcome message for users in a private message. Also, get to restrict NSFW memes and send a message to users for the same. It changes your experience by making the interface very attractive for your server. Play music in one command and similarly create commands for actions as your choice.

6. GameStats


Another one of the best discord bots which you need for your server. It will help you to share game aliases with friends. Get stats of your games through this bot added on your server. There are a number of games supported with this which includes – PUBG, World of Warcraft, World of Warships, Steam, Rust, Team Fortress, Overwatch, etc.  To get started just add Discord bot to your server and make an account. Later just by adding a gaming account to your profile, you will be able to see game stats.

7. Typical bot

Typical bot

Typicalbot is a powerful discord bot to add on your server as this comes with a number of useful features. Feature which makes it one of the best discord bots is that it’s easy to ease and super-fast which helps in moderating your server. Stream live videos and add songs to queue playlists with pause resume and skip feature. Moderations include join, leave messages and adding nicknames for users. Ban message, user and channel along with notifications. Other fun elements are added such as hug, punch, images and add jokes and quotes to keep users entertained.

8. TriviaBot

tirvia bot

This is one of the best Discord bots which uses a different approach to improve server experience. TriviaBot, as the name suggests, has over 3000 questions in 24 categories. This works with keeping users busy with interesting and interactive interface. This is based on Manga, Anime, video games and sports. Just get TriviaBot in your discord list to and enjoy question answers. Trivia starts to play games and Trivia categories to choose a topic for questions. You can enjoy the simplicity of just three commands with this Discord bot. Trivia help will get you all commands to help with the server.

9. RuneInfo


RunInfo is another of the transformation with discord bot for your server. Get this to your discord list to play RunScape game and Fantasy game on the server itself.  This comes with a number of helpful commands to make playing games with friends interesting. GE addition trackers and 9/9 Nemi Forest, portable location commands are made available. Which means you can port complete game with a set of commands on the server with one of best Discord bots.

10. GuildedBot


Used by the popular teams and trusted name for app usage, GuldedBot is great to adapt multiplayer in a game hence one of the best discord bots. Games like PUBG, DOTA2, Fortnight, Overwatch which are among the most popular games currently are supported. Create a team using analytics of players and plan activities for team on the guild. Media attachments, calendar, streams are some of the other features which makes it worth using. Make an account on this discord bot and start using it for all the features you can get to enjoy with other players on your team.

Wrapping Up:

We will recommend getting some of the best discord bots for your server. GAwesome bot, Dyno Bot for its performance and GuildedBot, TypicalBot for their speed and additional features to enjoy with other players. Have trouble-free streaming with all these top discord bots available online. To add just go to the official website of Discord and with one account you can get any of the bots on your server.

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