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Have you got outdated system drivers? Do you know how to update them? For this, you might need an ultimate driver utility tool that can help update system drivers and make the PC perform smoother and faster. This is when a smart solution like Smart Driver Care comes; this ultimate software helps keep your drivers updated. 

For a better performing Windows PC, we suggest you download and install Smart Driver Care.



Once you have the driver update utility installed, all your PC problems – issue due to outdated drivers, system performance all will be sorted. This driver care product will take care of all system and driver updates. 

For your help, we have curated this brief guide that will help learn more about this driver care tool and its importance in the proper functioning of your PC. Read further to know more about it:

What Is Smart Driver Care?

Usually, we get notifications whenever an update is available for the operating system. However, when it comes to drivers, we need to check for driver updates manually. Keeping a track on updates and manually updating them could be a hassle. Therefore, to ensure updating the right driver at the right time, we need to have with us a smart solution that is both automatic and interactive in its sense.

We are here talking about Smart Driver Care that is not only amongst the best driver updater tools but also scans your system drivers thoroughly. It has smart scanning algorithms that make it stand out of the competition and makes the entire process smoother.

Smart Driver Care – Feature


As stated above, Smart Driver Care is a perfect driver updater solution for your Windows 10 that can boost your system performance efficiently, fixes BSOD and other driver-related problems with its user-interactive features.

1. Updates Outdated Drivers



With Smart Driver Care, you can fix issues with your system’s outdated drivers that can make your PC susceptible to errors. This fantastic driver update utility will scan your computer for all the missing, outdated, and corrupted drivers, and you can fix all the drivers at once. This automated tool and its smooth process can reduce the hassle of updating all the drivers individually. 

2. One-Click Update Tool 

Once the scanning is complete, you’ll get a list of all the outdated drivers. You have to click Update All at the top-right of the screen to update the drivers that are not up-to-date or install the genuine ones in a single click. 

3. Backup Installed Drivers


Smart Driver Care lets you take a complete or selective backup of the system drivers before updating to new ones to prevent your system drivers if you lose any. 

4. Restore Drivers In A Click


As we say, Smart Driver Care is a smart driver utility tool that takes a complete backup of all the installed drivers before updating the outdated ones. This, as a result, prevents your system drivers from all mishaps and can restore them if something goes wrong. 

Smart Driver Care: Key Functioning

  • Automated and quick Scan process.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Update All drivers together and Exclude the drivers you do not want to install.
  • Schedule scans and update system drivers automatically.

Smart Driver Care: Pros

  • It offers to Restore functionality for adverse cases.
  • An all-rounder utility for Windows 10.

Smart Driver Care: Cons

The only disadvantage of using Smart Driver Care is its limited free edition that allows you to update each driver individually. Once your trial version is expired, you’ll not be able to use Smart Driver Care efficiently. To experience it to its best, you need to buy its full version.

Why Choose Smart Driver Care? 

Smart Driver Care is smarter than you think. This best driver updater software for Windows 10 has an interactive interface, provides seamless performance, and is embedded with tools that scan and list down the outdated or corrupt drivers. 

Use this software to fix all outdated drivers at once and enhance the performance of your computer. It is not only a driver updater but also a multi-tasking software that boosts your system performance.

  • Being easy to set up and install, can even be used by first-timers.
  • With a single click on the ‘Update All’ button, you can fix all (corrupted, outdated, or missing) drivers at once.
  • Efficient Backup and Restore solution.

You can update the outdated drivers of Windows 10 effortlessly and seamlessly use Smart Driver Care. It is much more than just a driver update utility. Having this handy solution installed on Windows 10 can help you in many ways, such as boost system performance, remove or update corrupted drivers, and fix BSOD issues.

Smart Driver Care is an efficient driver care utility that lets you find all possible driver updates and does everything smoothly without making anything complicated. The add-on utilities, intuitive user-interface, and easy usage make this a great driver updater tool for Windows 10. Download Smart Driver Care Now!


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    I need info as to cost, one-time or more? Does no good to ell me what Smart Care can do if I can’t get info to know whether or not to proceed. Makes it feel like a gimmick.

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