6 Chrome Extensions for Password Management

Digitalization has rolled into all our lives with such an astonishing effect that people who used to shy away from smartphones and PCs are now ordering groceries as well as holding their doctor consultations online. Almost all the personal information, medical reports, memories that include videos and images used to be locked away in your cabinet with a lock and key. With digitalization, the locks and keys have been replaced with usernames and passwords and it is normal if you can’t remember each one of them.

Writing them on a piece of paper, or personal diary is not the solution for if someone would be able to lay hands on any of these personal documents, then it could result in identity theft. As the problem of multiple credentials arose, software developing companies across the globe worked on developing a special type of application that could save all your credentials in a secret digital vault locked by a master username and password. This makes it easy for all smartphone and PC users as they now have to remember one username and password and the digital vault will automatically fetch the required credential from within. The age of Password Manager Apps has begun and here are the best Chrome Extensions for managing your passwords.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Password Management

There are many password management Google Chrome Extensions available to download. However, there are only a few that should be trusted and downloaded for use. Here are the best browser extensions to manage your passwords:

1. TweakPass


TweakPass is a multi-featured app that functions as a digital vault, password generator, and password manager. With High-Grade Security and AES Encryption, this wonderful program can manage any personal information. All of the data is kept in a digital vault that can only be accessed with a master password, which is the only one you’ll ever need to remember. Here are some of the astonishing software’s features:

Import from a browser. TweakPass can scan your device and import all of your usernames and passwords from your browser’s password manager and store them in a safe online vault.

Password Test. This extension allows users to run their passwords via an algorithm to see if they are strong or weak.

Password generator. TweakPass gives users the ability to create strong passwords with alphanumeric and special characters. It also produces passwords that are difficult to guess yet simple to speak and remember.

Make Notes. TweakPass users can make notes and preserve vital information such as SSNs, passport numbers, insurance plans, and so on.

Support for multiple devices. Sign in with your login and Master Password from any PC, Android, or iOS device to use TweakPass. Support for macOS is in the works and will be released soon.

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2. LastPass


LastPass is a full-featured password manager with personal and business plans, including a free plan with all of the basic functions and a premium plan with additional capabilities. Unlimited storage and device syncing are included in all plans, but only subscription plans include sophisticated sharing options and a security dashboard. It also comes with a password generator, a random username generator, and a digital wallet for online shopping. Secure note storage, multi-factor authentication, and the LastPass Authenticator app, which allows one-tap biometric logins to all your accounts, are among the other options available.

Compatibility. LastPass is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems, including Chrome, and protects your vault with 256-bit AES encryption.

App Types. It’s also accessible as a desktop PC program and as a mobile app.

Two-Factor Authentication. To stop unauthorized people from breaking into your digital  password vault, it has a powerful mechanism and requires various two-factor authentications.

Encryption. LastPass servers encrypt and save your credentials. Even LastPass users won’t be able to access your passwords because the browser extension encrypts and decrypts them as needed.

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3. Dashlane


Dashlane is one of the most user-friendly password managers on our list, with a sleek design that makes importing, organizing, and auto-filling your passwords a breeze. Dashlane also includes a digital wallet where you can keep your address and credit card information and shop safely across all of your devices. You’ll also get a VPN for protecting your data on public Wi-Fi and Dark Web Monitoring to notify you of data breaches. Dashlane’s key selling point is its simplicity, with a password generator to assist you in creating strong passwords, as well as safe backup and syncing to ensure that you never lose your credentials, even when you’re on the road.

Management. Dashlane is a Chrome extension that allows you to securely manage all of your passwords for all of your websites in one place.

Encrypts Your Passwords. It protects your password by encrypting it and storing it. Your data is AES-encrypted, which means that even if malicious actors try to access it, it will be difficult to decrypt, especially if you alter your passwords frequently.

Create Difficult Passwords. You can create difficult-to-crack passwords using a random generator.

Multiple Platforms. You can access passwords on any platform thanks to the effective and simple UI.

Enhanced Security. Dashlane will assess the strength of your password if you create it yourself. To boost security, you can choose to save all login information locally rather than in cloud storage.

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4. Roboform


RoboForm has been providing password managers since 2000, with pricing options for families, corporations, and individual users. The current edition, version 8, adds a password auditing tool, a password generator, and safe password sharing. Its free edition allows you to store an unlimited number of passwords, while subscription plans allow you to sync an infinite number of devices. You’ll also get 24-hour customer service, two-factor authentication, offline vault access, and a secure digital wallet. RoboForm is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, with extensions for the majority of browsers, including Chrome.

Save Your Passwords. Import existing passwords in .csv file format, as well as passwords, might be easily recorded while browsing or surfing the internet.

Sync Across Various Locations. Access is available at any time and from any location. Passwords can be synced across all devices and accounts.

Offline Access. Users using RoboForm can access data that is available through PC and mobile apps while Offline.

Search Functions. A quick search for passwords that have been saved.

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5. 1Password


Many of the important features to look for in a password manager are included in 1Password, including a password generator, multi-factor authentication choices, and more. Easy deployment and integration with various identity and access management (IAM) solutions such as Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Rippling are all features of their service. You’ll also get password sharing capabilities, encrypted document storage, and Watchtower, a data breach monitor that will notify you if any of your accounts are compromised. To handle the desktop app, 1Password has a Chrome extension. You may retrieve cached passwords by installing the desktop app on any OS like Windows or Mac and then using this Chrome extension.

Use Tags for Passwords. Allows you to use tags to find and search for passwords easily.

Store With Ease. Create a password quickly and easily, and enter credit card information.

Remove Information. Option to delete sensitive information.

Log into your Apps. With a single tap, you can log in to all of your approved apps. Tumblr and Twitter are among the many apps that are permitted.

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6. Keeper


Keeper is a password manager that also includes other online security features including encrypted file storage, dark web surveillance, and a private messenger in “bundles.” You also receive several of the essential features of a password manager, such as a password generator, autofill features, and device syncing, in addition to these.. The ability to attach files and photographs to each entry is another valuable tool.Keeper maintains a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture that has been verified and certified by industry standards.

Security. Keeper protects your data with industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption and biometric login options for enhanced security.

Platforms. It’s available for most mobile and desktop operating systems, as well as a Chrome and anotherbrowser-based plugin.

Easy And Convenient. It’s simple to use, with a choice of interfaces, and there’s no need for upfront installation or equipment costs.

Admin Options. Permissions based on roles and admin access for maximum flexibility

Tech Support. Business customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

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The Final Word On Best Chrome Extensions for Password Management

I am sure that by now you have made up your mind on which Google Chrome extension to choose for password management. There is, however,  another aspect to managing your passwords and Chrome Extensions and that is the in-built browser based password managers. It is not recommended to opt for these inbuilt browser extensions for password management because if you do then you would not be able to switch to another browser. With third-party password management extensions, users can download them for almost all the commonly used browsers and sign in with their master credentials to get all their usernames and passwords saved within. The safety measures followed by these inbuilt extensions are not at par with the third-party ones which means anyone using your PC or active session has access to all your credentials.

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