Why You Should Avoid Getting Lifetime VPN Subscription Plans

If a deal seems too good to be true, then maybe you should not get it! 

Lately, companies have been introducing a lot of VPN Plans, which not only allure users with ‘Totally Free VPN Services,’ but are also attempting to excite customers with a favorable value proposition. Well, users are falling into the trap of ‘Unlimited VPN Subscriptions.’ Yes, we are calling it a trap, a major mistake! On paper, a lifetime deal seems like ‘Can’t-Miss The Opportunity!’. Customers are ready to pay a relatively higher amount for a life-time membership fee so that they can use it forever with no further charge.

But don’t you think that getting a tempting ‘Lifetime Deal’ sounds so uncertain? Is it the life of the company? The subscriber? Or is it a period hidden in Terms of Service?

So, before you get into this trap, let’s take a look at whether the idea of paying once & keeping it forever is worth it or not?

Lifelong VPN Subscription Plans – Is It Worth It?

Understanding VPN’s fundamental business model is no easy task. For starters, a good VPN has to have plenty of bandwidth for all its users. Therefore, the company needs to maintain a huge database of servers across a variety of countries. Consequently, they need to invest some serious money.

Other expenses include software development cost for multiple operating systems (Mobiles, Desktops & other Devices), market investment, lifetime tech support, maintenance fees, investments in upgrading security protocols & other factors. So, that’s a lot!

Being said that, now you think that an offer that includes a lifetime VPN subscription with support by a reputable company for a one-time fee isn’t too good to be true? These popular VPN Providers just entice users to fall into the emergency category by adding lines such as ‘unlimited deal’ or ‘lifetime accesses”. However, the truth is a lifetime subscription just surpasses numerous trickeries and gets you a service that is marketed to you at the lower amount, but when you calculate all the renewals & cash – then it is much bigger than the minimum you could be paying for monthly or annually.

Here are some more reasons why you should avoid getting lifetime VPN Subscription Deals:

1. VPNs Are Risky Business

There’s a huge risk ahead in spending money on a lifetime VPN service, as there can never be surety of the product’s or company’s lifetime. A failed organization can restart their business with any other name or under different models, leaving you with a product with no subscription and support. And who knows? Getting a lifetime VPN invites selling your data to third-parties to maximize the company’s profits.

But this problem can be less anticipated with reputable service providers. You can always read their Terms of Services, Privacy Models, and Other Policies. For top VPN Providers like Systweak VPN, Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, you can indeed expect excellent support with frequent upgrades in their security protocols, reliable connections, and other additional perks.

VPNs Are Risky Business 

2. Free VPNs Are Not A Thing

Depending on the users’ needs & budget, there are plenty of options available in the market for VPNs. Fortunately, securing yourself online has become quite affordable these days. Some providers are providing it for Free. But the catch is the concept of Free VPNs don’t exist. These companies still make money.

A VPN service that claims it to be free may significantly throttle your connection and drain your data as fast as possible. Hence, it will make you rely more on the VPN service, which eventually encourages you to upgrade your version to premium & paid one, at the cost of enjoying a  stable and normal speed connection.

Free VPNs Are Not A Thing 

3. Not Worth The Money

At first glance, a lifelong VPN subscription seems too good to be true. The price quoted is substantially higher than a yearly plan & when stretched out to a course of life, it might sound that it will save you money in the long run.

But a legitimate & reputable VPN service will never provide these kinds of lifetime access subscriptions. Because you see, it doesn’t sound practical for these top providers to meet their business goals as there are a lot of factors & their costs that need to be taken care of.

Here’s proof why top VPN Providers like ExpressVPN do not offer lifelong VPN Subscriptions.

Not Worth The Money 

4. Unreliable Service

Maintaining good customer retention is a foundation for most of the top service-based businesses. As a user, you always have the liberty to connect to the support team and fix your problem. If you are satisfied, you continue using their service; if you are not happy & thinking to unsubscribe, they offer you a much better deal so that you can retain their services.

But this is one of the major disadvantages when it comes to purchasing lifelong VPN subscription plans. There’s less or no customer retention. If you are not happy with the service or tech support, your door to switch to any other VPN service is always open with no money back. If there’s a company providing lifetime service, chances are they don’t have many resources to upgrade their security protocols or servers. Means, you have to be bogged down with limited benefits for the rest of your life.

Unreliable Service 

5. Dynamic Changes In Technology

Until & unless you are working on some groundbreaking technology, odds are you don’t know what developments you can see in the technology world in the coming years. Observing that, there’s a strong probability that it can make your VPN subscription superseded.

When purchasing a reliable VPN service from a reputable company, you can undoubtedly expect the firm to constantly move parallel with all the upgrades coming into existence from a technology perspective.  A trustworthy VPN provider will continue to upgrade features, functionalities, and alterations in system & security protocols so that no latest loophole can bog down your VPN service.

Dynamic Changes In Technology 


Lifetime VPN Subscription Plans

Alternatives To ‘Unlimited Or Lifetime VPN Subscriptions’ 2020

Now that you know all the potential issues & problems associated with lifelong VPN subscriptions, it’s time to know a better set of options that can help you maintain the best security while not being too heavy on your pockets.

Systweak VPN Nord VPN Surfshark
Systweak VPN Nord VPN Surfshark
Provides world-class privacy & security. Kill Switch, a dedicated feature to end connection. Ensure secure access to your favourite sites.
Lets you surf the Internet without leaving any traces. Designed with military-grade encryption to secure data. World-class private connection.
Enjoy geo-restricted content without any hassles. Allows you to block malicious & suspicious websites. Offers multi-hop connection.
Price = $9.95/Month 

(Special Deal: 12 Months + 3 Months FREE)

Price = $4.92/Month

(Latest Offer)

Price = $12.95/Month

(Latest Offer)

Read Review Read Review Read Review

 All these top three VPN service providers, value their customers & work darn hard to retain them. That’s the ultimate reason why they are constantly investing in developing new applications and practical utilities to fulfil user’s needs & requirements.

Do you have any suggestions for The Top-Class VPN Solutions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other devices? Feel free to shoot them in the comments section! 

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