Enable Single Tap Sign-in On Your Gmail Account


Are you tired or bored of typing passwords each time you sign in to your account? Are you searching for a new way to sign in, but also wish it to be completely secure? Then it means that you are still unaware of the Google new sign in method that lets you sign in with a single tap on your phone.

Yes, it’s true that no longer need to enter your password while signing in to your account. You just have to tap on the prompt received from the Google. So without further delay let’s learn to set up this complete process.

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How To Get Started

  1. Sign into your Google account and click on My Account.
    google account
  2. Now click on Sign-in & security section of My Account.
    gmail signin and security
  3. You will find a box” Tired of typing passwords? Try using your phone to sign in.” Click on Get started.
    Signing into google
  4. In the window that opens click on SET IT UP.
    Setup gmail
  5. Now before enabling this feature you have to verify that it’s you by providing your password. Once done click on Next.
    gmail password
  6. Now you have to choose the phone you wish to sign in. It can be android phone or an iPhone. Just remember that screen lock should be enabled in the phone which we have selected. Once everything is setup click on Next to continue.
    gmail signin device
  7. Again click on Next to continue.
    gmail continue
  8. Now you will receive a window asking you tap on Yes on the Google prompt which you receive on your phone.
    unlock device
  9. Now on the Google prompt which you have received on your phone tap on Yes.
    google prompt gmail
  10. Once you tap on Yes on your phone, you will receive a confirmation screen. Just click on TURN ON to complete the process.
    TURN ON to complete the process
  11. Now you will receive a final confirmation that Phone sign-in is ON, which means that you have completed the process successfully.
    final confirmation that Phone sign-in is ON

From now onwards, whenever you try to sign in to your account you do not have to type in your password. You will now get a Google prompt on your phone “Trying to sign in?”. Just tap on Yes and sign in to your account.

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As per Google signing in to your Gmail account with your phone instead of password is not only completely safe but also quick and easy. Also since that this feature can only be enabled if you are using screen lock on your phone, therefore the security is unquestionable as no one else can unlock your phone.

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Moreover, once you enable this feature you are free from headache to remember all that tough passwords which you have set to strengthen your account’s security. So, folks go ahead and try this amazing feature for signing in to your Google account.

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