Is Internet Security Dependant on Your Operating System?

The perpetual war between operating system is certainly never ending in the world of computers. In times long ago, the OS battles used to be more split up since there were many more different operating systems out there that people could use. Now there is the big three, Windows, OS X, and Linux. There are of course other operating systems out there, but these are the main ones that people use these days. One of the biggest discussions that happen with the operating systems these days- which is the most secure operating system? Of course, the camps from all of the operating systems will defend their brand to the death. They will tout that their system is the most secured of all. But in this day and age, is the problem the operating system or the user?

Internet Security
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Many Users Lack Knowledge

Most people do not know what their operating system is capable of. Obviously, they may know which operating system they are using or its basic functionalities, but users seldom understand each functionality the operating system consists of. They don’t try to understand their OS in depth, which will help them necessary to know its loopholes as well. Many users prefer a particular operating system for aesthetics. However, an operating system is destined to do many more things than making your computer aesthetically look good. For instance, it manages your interaction with the hardware that is assembled into your machine. And due to many such reasons, it’s very important to consider the security of your operating system. If your operating system gives hackers the chance to exploit your system’s hardware, the OS fails the security test, there and then.

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Windows, Linux & Mac OSX

Earlier, Microsoft Windows was debatably the least secure OS of the big three. Linux and Mac OS X are derived from UNIX. This provided them both operating system the security ahead of time. Microsoft previously gave more weightage to experience than security. However, with the arrival of the Internet age, this strategy came back and bit them hard. Viruses and malware could easily attack Windows operating system via the Internet. Hence, Microsoft Windows was put through the test and Microsoft fortified its OS built.

It All Changed With Windows 7

windows 7

With Windows 7 & Above, Microsoft Windows became as secured as the other systems. But it is still attacked more often. All of the systems are vulnerable in some way or another, but Windows users make for such a big target that hackers still go after them. While the OS X on the computer has not been attacked that often, with the rise in the popularity of the iPhone, that version of OS X on the phone has been. With that many eyes on the system, this is proof that hackers will attack the most popular devices that have the most reach. Education of the average user about security issues means more than the actual security features on the operating system. Hackers will always find a way to bypass a system if they really want to.

What we have learned in the last couple of years is that you can have all of the security that you want on your system. But if the users are not educated, then attacks will still be able to find their way through. Malware is less of a problem these days. The more serious threat comes from phishing attacks and they can happen no matter what system you use or how capable your operating system security is.

Do you believe that your level of security is defined by the OS that you use? Which is more secure – Windows, Mac OS X or Linux?

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