How to Store Confidential Information in a Digital Vault on Your PC?

The Problem: How do I remove all the traces of my personal information scattered all over my computer?

The Problem: How do I store valuable, personal, and confidential information on my PC?

The Problem: How can I get access to all my passwords and other information from one interface?

Requirements: You require an app that will

1) Scan Your PC and move the traces of personal information to a digital vault.

2) Allow you to store other data including SSN, TIN, telephone numbers, and even addresses of people in a safe data wallet.

3) Work as a sole privacy app on your PC and allow you to access whatever you need from one interface.

Resolution: You need the ‘Advanced Identity Protector’ app.

Advanced Identity Protector helps users to remove personal information traces, store them in a secure digital vault locked by a master password, and allows you to store other confidential information in the same vault. This helps to gather all the important information in one place and ensure that it is safe and secured. Here are some of the features of this app that will help understand in a better way.

Advanced Identity Protector

Safeguard Confidential Information. There is a lot of information that can be considered sensitive like usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, social security details, and email addresses. Apart from this, certain phone numbers, addresses, Product Keys, etc are considered confidential information which are stored safely in the digital vault of Advanced Identity Protector to prevent identity theft.

Digital Vault. This app removes all the traces of personal information from your files, browsers Outlook, and Windows Registry. This valuable information is then transferred to a safe digital vault that is stored on your PC and does not upload information online to any server.

Schedule Scanning. The Advanced Identity Protector allows its users to schedule the scan so that it runs automatically in the background without the need for human intervention.

Schedule Scanning

How to Store Confidential Information in a Digital Vault on Your PC?

The Advanced Identity Protector is a remarkable app that was carefully designed so that it proves to be a simple and swift application that can be used by people of all ages. When using the Advanced Identity Protector for the first time you will have to scan your PC, remove the identity traces and create a new digital vault.

For more information on how to set up the Advanced Identity Protector for the first time, click here.

For steps on how to store confidential information in your newly created digital vault, read on:

Step 1: Download and Install the Advanced Identity Protector on your system by using the download button below.

Step 2: After you have installed the application, launch it open.

Advanced Identity Protector

Step 3: Click on the Secure Vault tab and enter the Master Password. A list of your stored password will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Click on the Add Button at the bottom right corner and click on the dropdown menu labeled as TYPE to choose the information type you wish to add. There are different options available to add information and a complete list is available in the table below:

Secure Vault tab

Social Security Number Credit Card Number Telephone Number
Bank Account Number Driver’s License Number Employee Identification Number
Passport Number Tax Identification Number Password
Address City State
ZipCode Mother’s Maiden Name Date of Birth

The Other option allows the user to choose a title and enter information as per his/her discretion. The title can hold 25 characters and the information box can go up to 200 characters. There was something that I needed to add and created a unique entry as shown in the image below.

Store Confidential Information

Note: You can add a lot of information that you would normally write on sticky notes or pieces of paper that you may not remember where you kept them when you need them the most.

The Final Word On How to Store Confidential Information in a Digital Vault on Your PC?

With Advanced Identity Protector, you can now stop writing passwords and other confidential data on the back of your notebooks or some center page of your diary. This app sweeps your computer clean of the identity traces and stores them in a digital vault, something which cannot be done manually. And with the options to add other information well,  the Advanced Identity Protector, becomes a one-stop solution for you and your data.

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