Identity Theft Statistics That May Surprise You

With information technology getting omnipresent, identity theft has also emerged as an epidemic. In fact, identity is considered to be a gold amid all the cyber criminals. If you’re skeptical about revealing your identity, the identity theft statistics may pull you from your computer. According to the reports, Americans are significantly more likely to fall prey of identity related frauds. Moreover, every 1 in 5 victims of identity fraud lost money.

Unfortunately, identity theft stats are not going away anytime sooner. But, you may expect a surge in the graph. One of the major reasons that the ID theft statistics are being accelerated is the lack of required knowledge and safety tools on machines.

id theft statictics

How Surprising Are The Identity Theft Stats?

According to the reports, the figures related to identity theft are surprising. Here are the facts:

Identity Theft Statistics

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How To Avoid Identity Theft?

Identity theft may occur when there’s a scarce of necessary precaution and safety tools. You may also secure your machine by following below recommendations.

  1. Account Alert: While using any sort of account, you may opt for account alerts. This goes for your email accounts, banking accounts, cryptocurrency wallets etc. this way, if the server experiences any login, it lets you know through an SMS or email to ensure that it was you. If the login wasn’t done by you, you are capable of taking an action then and there.
  2. Protect Online Shopping Accounts: online shopping accounts are mostly overlooked when it comes to security. However, you must know that these accounts carry major confidential information like credit card information, your identity cards, addresses etc.
  3. Online Transactions: Although, everyone pays close attention while making online transactions. However, you may overlook some tiny flaws that may come across. One of the best ways to secure your online transactions is to opt for 2-way authentication and one-time password.
  4. Identity Protectors: With the surge in identity theft statistics, popular security providers have already floated identity protector services to help you with. You may download Advanced Identity Protector, which is a free tool to download with optimum security provided over your machines.

Identity Protectors

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What Is Advanced Identity Protector?

Advanced Identity Protector is a dedicated tool that takes care of all the identity traces on your machine. If your computer is intruded by a malware, it may steal this information and misuse it. This is when Advanced Identity Protector comes to your rescue by locking down your identity traces. You may choose to delete your traces permanently or move it the password protected vault.

Features of Advanced Identity Protector:

  • Advanced Identity Protector helps you protect sensitive information such as credit card no., SSN etc.
    advanced identity protector
  • Apart from protecting your data, it also helps organize your information in an orderly manner, so you can find it easy when required.
  • Advanced Identity Protector features a password protected vault where you can keep your confidential information secured.
  • With Advanced Identity Protector, you no longer have to remember all the tricky passwords as the tool helps you fetch the desired one in need.
  • Advanced Identity Protector is a free to download tool that protects your information on your machine.

Overall, it is important that you pay close attention to identity theft stats and ensure that your machine doesn’t remember any of your confidential information. In case, your machine contains your credentials, consider downloading Advanced Identity Protector that would ensure the safety of your identity traces. Also, experts recommend practicing safe browsing to avoid any identity theft. If you wish to share some important tips and tricks that can significantly diminish ID theft statistics, do let us know in the comments below.

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