Can Wi-Fi Owners See What Sites I Visited In Incognito : Quick Answer

There are a plethora of ways to shield your web activity from prying eyes. I use Incognito Mode, that’s how I prefer to browse! 

But honestly, do you ever think that if your Wi-Fi admin can see what you watch, surf or download? Well, I know that browsing Incognito won’t save my history, searches or any cookies will be picked up. But browsing in private mode certainly doesn’t help much, contrary to what several Internet users think. Here’s what I found during my research for this article! 

Can Wi-Fi Owners See What Sites I Visited In Incognito?

The quick answer is Yes, they surely can! 

If you are surfing the HTTPS Websites (Encrypted sites), Wi-Fi owners can track the websites you check, not the content you read. For instance: If you are accessing Google Email, then they can only see that you’ve landed on the Email client, they wouldn’t be able to track what emails you are reading.  

In case you are visiting HTTP Websites (Non-Encrypted sites), things wouldn’t change much. But Wi-Fi admins can certainly use a packet sniffer to simply decode the data packets sent. If they get successful, they would be able to check the content you read as well. 

So, What Can Wi-Fi Owners See, Exactly?

Here’s the Quick Answer to “What Wi-Fi Owners Can See When You Visit Incognito?”. 

  • The accurate time you connect to the web. 
  • The websites you check, with their URLs. 
  • The pages you opened on each website. 
  • The amount of time you’ve spent on each website. 
  • The number of people you had Internet calls & exchanged messages with.
  • The number of apps you have on your device & how often you use them. 

 It is probably everything that your ISP can see and track about you

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Online Privacy Issues With Incognito Mode

Undoubtedly, Incognito Mode does a pretty awesome job when it comes to not saving information about your browsing session, but it still has certain downsides: 

  • It cannot prevent every type of monitoring of your online activities. 
  • It leaves a digital footprint and your true IP Address is visible to everyone. 
  • Just like every popular web browser warns when you enter into the Private Mode, your ISP still can track your activities online. Be it the websites you visit, stuff you download, and so on. Advertisers could pay for it and have all this data for their good! 
  • The Government can also track your digital activities. 
  • Individuals with a variety of monitoring tools can track what you do and steal your private information & being in Incognito Mode as well, doesn’t safeguard you much! 

All-in-all your every movement on the Internet can be tracked, despite you are using the Incognito Mode. On this note, you might want to learn Why Incognito Mode is a complete myth?

So, How Can I Surf The Internet Privately?

If you are worried about your Wi-Fi owners keeping a close eye on you, we recommend using a Reliable VPN Solution every time you connect to the Web. In case you are not familiar with effective Virtual Private Network Services, you can go through our complete list of Best VPN Providers: 

Among all available VPNs, my choice is Systweak VPN, since it is affordable and securely hides and encrypts IP Addresses and Internet traffic. Additionally, it helps to unblock geo-restricted content and even protects your privacy on public Wi-Fi networks. 

While using a VPN Service, the most a Wi-Fi admin can track about you is: You are using a VPN solution, the duration of using the Virtual Private Network, and the amount of data exchanged

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What If DNS Leaks Happen?

Well, if you select and install a random VPN to safeguard your privacy, then there’s a high probability that you might end up with problems like WebRTC Leaks & DNS Leaks. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with Systweak VPN, the security solution comes from a reputable brand and it has built-in DNS Leak Protection functionality, with military-grade 256 bit AES encryption and a blend of secure VPN Protocols such as OpenVPN or IKEv2. 

What’s more? Systweak VPN allows P2P/Torrenting as well and it offers all the essential security features to maintain anonymity. It further adds unlimited data, faster speed, bandwidth, an advanced Kill Switch feature as well as solid Public Wi-Fi protection.  

Latest Version: 
Compatibility:  Windows 10, 8, 7 (Both 32-bit & 64-bit)
File Size:  13.6 MB 
Number of Servers:  4500+ 
Logs:  Strict “No logs” policy  
Streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime
Supports >= 5 Simultaneous Connections:  Yes 
Money-Back Guarantee:   30-Days 
Price:  $9.95/Month 
Review:  Systweak VPN


Systweak VPN


So, next time someone asks you an intriguing question “Can Wi-Fi Owners See What Sites I Visited In Incognito”? You know what to tell them!

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