Is Tor Still Safe For Normal Browsing?

Tor has become a household name today. And if you are already familiar with the browser, I am assuming you are highly concerned about privacy and anonymity online. If you are nodding, you know about the browser in detail and figure out whether Tor is safe for the average Internet user or has certain drawbacks & vulnerabilities that discourage users from using Tor for ultimate online protection. 

First Thing First: Peeling The Layers Of Tor Onion Browser

The name ‘Tor’ is short for The Onion Router. The system works by protecting your web traffic by shielding it through multiple protection layers, just like an onion. The browser is similar to any normal browser available these days. It is available for free of cost, has a straightforward interface, and open-source that helps you stay anonymous online

It offers a high degree of anonymity by: 

  1. Hiding the user’s location by concealing the IP Address
  2. Prevents the traffic from getting tracked en route
  3. Blocks the tracing of digital activities 

Since Tor browser relies on multiple routing systems, users’ identity is completely secured.

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Writer’s Tip: To protect yourself completely online, the best advice is to use Tor Browser to combine security solutions like a decent VPN  and antivirus software. You can rely on a trustworthy Virtual Private Network service – – Systweak VPN. It offers top-notch encryption, has a pleasing interface, has no logs policy, and has hundreds of servers available for you to choose from! 

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How Does Tor Browser Work?

Tor browser works with a unique system, specifically designed and developed by the US Navy to ensure ultimate protection for Government Intelligence Communication. Tor’s internal working works something like: The users’ data is bundled into multiple layers and gets wrapped through different levels of encryption packets before it gets navigated to the Tor network. After that, the data is routed through numerous volunteer-operated servers known as Nodes (or Relays)

Each time data passes through these nodes or relays, Tor browser cloaks, and extra layers of encryption are added or removed (depending on which way the traffic is going). As soon as it reaches the final node, the last layer of encryption is successfully decrypted, and the data reaches the final destination.  

Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible for someone to track your online activity, which passes through Tor’s complex network. 

So, Tor Is Still Safe To Use?

Well, undoubtedly, Tor browse is effective at hiding your location and keeping you completely anonymous online. But certain downsides don’t make Tor the safest & best private web browser to use. 

1. Tor carries a bad reputation because of the Dark Web & Deep Web. Online hackers use the browser for executing illegal activities. But the reality is, its encryption methods are not robust, your credentials are not encrypted as they pass through each node. 

2. Tor browser tends to work slower than the open net. Since the data has to travel through multiple nodes before reaching the final destination, the performance can sometimes be sluggish. 

3. Multiple web services block Tor users. Hence, not a perfect choice for streaming, torrenting or downloading stuff. 

4. Authoritarian regimes have outlawed the browser to keep their citizens from communicating anonymously. 

5. Biggest disadvantage which Tor browser brings is it draws most of the attention. Since your Internet Service Provider isn’t able to see what you are doing, this creates curiosity and raises suspicion about what you are up to in the digital world. 

6. The final node or relay of Tor could be easily exposed. The exit node data is completely decrypted; hence, the information is exposed until and unless you are maintaining digital hygiene or traffic is passing through an HTTPS connection. 

7. Tor browser anonymity can easily be compromised through a series of confirmation attacks. Several smart hackers and agencies are working towards executing powerful and relentless surveillance techniques to track users’ activities.  

8. Whether you still use the Tor browser for legal terms, the fact that you are connected to the Tor browser potentially turns you into a target in the Government’s eyes. Several government agencies are investing in figuring out different ways to track the activities of Tor users. 

With These Tor Drawbacks, Should I Still Use Tor?

Well, Tor browser does have some excellent features that have been proven to be very useful, but at the same time, it is important to remember that Tor has some moments where it turns out to be flawed. Several times you think you are maintaining complete anonymity, but the truth is you are still being monitored. 


Is tor safe for normal browsing


So, How Can I Stay Safe Online?

To completely protect yourself in the digital world, you need to add an extra layer of protection to Tor Browser. The best bet is to combine Tor with several security solutions such as VPN or Antivirus software. This would not only solidify your connection but will also give you a little bit of assurance that hackers and bad guys would indeed have a hard time tracking your online activity and other personal details. 

1. Install good antivirus software: Make sure you install and use a trustworthy antivirus solution to prevent multiple security threats. It acts as a perfect shield for your web browser. 

2. Use a trustworthy VPN service: There are multiple VPN services available in the market that help users conceal their IP Addresses and maintain complete anonymity. To know more about Best VPN Services for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad & other devices, check out the links below: 

Alternatively, You Can Start Using Systweak VPN Over Tor Browser

To get started, you need to connect to a reliable Virtual Private Network like Systweak VPN. The solution is dedicated to encrypting and anonymizing your online data traffic. Hence, no personal data will be visible, and no one can track your online activities. The best advantage of using a VPN service over Tor is it can protect your PC’s entire traffic and not just your browsing activity. The VPN Service uses no-log policies; hence it will prevent logging the Tor usage. 

To make your search engine private and protected with Systweak VPN, follow the steps: 

  • Download & install Systweak VPN on your PC. The VPN service is compatible with Windows 10 and other versions. 


Systweak VPN


  • Login to the account. 
  • Connect to the server of your choice. 
  • Try using the search engine & enjoy better privacy with more security.

Is tor safe for normal browsing


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