5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Browsing on Tor

Web browsing has become a crucial part of our daily routine. No matter how busy we are, we still find time to browse the Internet to accomplish our day to day tasks, be it checking emails, reading the news headlines, listening to music, watching videos on YouTube to almost anything.

Talking of fastest web browsers, there are a handful of names that come to our mind, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. But have you ever heard of the term open source web browser? So, open-source means anything which is freely accessible, as in the code can be accessed and altered by anyone to make the software better in an enhanced way. A plethora of open source web browsers are available out there. But in this post, we will be mainly talking about Tor. Read on.

What is Tor Browser
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What is Tor Browser? Why Should One Use it?

Released back in 2002, Tor is an open-source web browser aka The Onion Routing (TOR) project that allows you to surf the web privately while keeping your identity intact. Using Tor browser offers you several benefits which include, better privacy, multi-layered encryption, defends you against any tracking or surveillance. And most importantly, Tor blocks all kind of third-party trackers that retrieve our info while browsing online. So, as soon as you’re done browsing, all of your browsing history, cookies will be erased right away.

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If you use Tor browser frequently, here are a handful of Tor tips and tricks, hacks and few things to keep in mind while using this anonymous browser.

Let’s dive in.

Online Anonymity

One of the biggest reasons why a vast majority of users pick TOR over any other regular web browser is because it preserves our online anonymity and keeps our identity discreet while browsing.

Online Anonymity

So, this implies that you can easily rely on Tor for all kinds of sensitive browsing where you don’t wish to be tracked by third-party trackers or promotional marketers. Tor can be proved as a powerful web browsing tool if used rightly.

Delete Cookies and Other Local Data

Even if Tor promises us that it won’t store our browsing history, cookies or any temp info while we’re browsing, we still cannot trust it blindly. So, to be safe and sure, we recommend you to get rid of cookies, and other browsing-related data as soon as you’re done browsing on Tor. Doing so will give you better peace of mind that nobody will be able to track your online identity traces.

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Avoid Using Google

avoid using google

Even if Tor assures of not storing any of our browsing history or online activity, the rule doesn’t apply while you’re using Google search. No matter which web browser you use, Google will still collect and process your search query information, and will most certainly track your browsing activities too. So, if you’re up for sensitive browsing, avoid using Google for any searches and prefer other search engines instead.

Hide Your Real Identity

Your email address is the main thing that connects all your browsing info. You use your email address to sign up to various websites, for registering anywhere online your email acts as a primary link. So, to protect your online identity, make sure that you don’t use your primary email address on Tor browser. Create a new, secondary email ID for all your surfing to hide your real identity from Internet criminals.

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Don’t Forget to Update

Don’t Forget to Update

Like we always say, never forget to update your operating system, Tor web browser and make sure that you install regular updates of all installed applications on your order to be secure. Don’t leave any loophole how hackers can exploit your online identity and get inside your machine. Tor promises to keep your browsing safe, so now you take a pledge to regularly update the web browser so that all your online activities stay preserved.

We hope these Tor tips and tricks will help you in enhancing your browsing experience. Tor is a powerful tool to protect yourself from online tracking and surveillance. Make sure you make the best of this tool while staying safe and secure on the web.

Good luck!

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