10 Best Private Browser [2023] – Most Secure and Reliable

While browsing various websites and other content on the internet via several devices, maintaining anonymity is a challenge. Your browsing session leaves trails in the form of browsing history, cookies, session history, temp files, search records and whatnot. Such details can reveal a lot about you and put your privacy at stake. This is the reason why you need the best private browser that can conceal your identity. And, in this blog, we are going to zero-in on some of the best private web browsers which would help you conceal your online identity and deliver a speedy browsing experience. 

Short On Time? Here Is The Best Private Browser For 2021:

Well! We’d recommend that you sit back, relax and go through the whole blog, but if you are short on time, we believe that Private Browser Care: Hide Your Browsing History is indeed an excellent privacy browser. It does what is meant to do. It is quick and responsive, blocks web trackers and consumes fewer internet data. Once you exit none of your cookies, browsing history, passwords, cache or anything for that matter is saved. It is also lightweight and doesn’t take much on your device’s resources.

How I Rated the Best Private Browsers

Looking for the best private browser for your Windows or Linux PC, macOS, Android/ iOS device? We have listed some of the best in the business. But, before here are few things that you must look for in the best private browsers – 

1. Easy To Use And Decent Interface

Just like any other application, even in the case of privacy web browsers, the interface is the first thing that meets the eye. A privacy browser might not be the flashiest of the browsers, but you would know exactly what each button or functionality is meant to do.

2. Speed

By speed, we mean the browsing speed. The best privacy web browsers enhance your browsing experience by delivering the best speed. Most web pages would not take more than a couple of seconds to open. Though, this still depends on the speed of your internet connection.

3. Some Functionality To Block Trackers, Ads and Browser Fingerprinting

The best private browsers have some or the other module, tool or functionality with the help of which they can block trackers, ads, and other advertising data which can compromise your privacy. The best privacy browsers also help combat browser fingerprinting too!

4. Customizability

Now, there are some browsers that provide a specific set of privacy and security features. In our opinion, a good privacy web browser will give you an option to tweak privacy features as per your desires for better flexibility.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

How often have you been advised to use HTTPS only websites? One to many, right, and there is the reason because they are the most secure. Most private browsers have inbuilt HTTPS everywhere feature, which means they connect you to the most secure version of a website every time.

6. Cross-Device Privacy And Security

Not every privacy browser runs on all devices and platforms. The best private browsers come with cross-device functionality. Be it syncing bookmarks, accessing tabs, sharing websites, or whatnot, everything can be done on all devices. The other aspect is that a decent privacy web browser renders the same security on all devices.

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Best Private Browsers (2023)

1. Private Browser Care: Hide Your Browsing History

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Android

Private Browser Care

Private Browser Care, as the name suggests, is a dedicated private web browser for Android which would undoubtedly take your browsing experience to the next level by upping your security game. Here’s an inside-out picture of the safest browser in the world.

Price – Free, Engine – na , License – na , Version –

Key Features

  • User interface is simple, decent and easy to understand
  • Extremely lightweight doesn’t take much on your device’s resources
  • Quick, fast and responsive browser
  • Switch between mobile and desktop mode with a single tap
  • Saves only downloads and none of your browsing history, online forms, sessions, cache or anything else is saved

  • Decent interface
  • Alternating between desktop and mobile mode is easy
  • Highly responsive and speedy

  • Right now it is only available for Android devices

2. Mozilla Firefox

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS

Mozilla Firefox - privacy browser

If you want a browser that can cement your privacy and which is fast, lightweight, feature-rich and convenient, then Mozilla Firefox is what you are looking for. It is, therefore, one of the best private browsers and a great option if you are looking for a dedicated private browser.

Price – Free , Engine – Gecko, Quantum, SpiderMonkey , License – MPL 2.0 , Version – 70.8.1

Key Features

  • Cross-device functionality which means your privacy remains intact on all devices
  • As a top private browser, Firefox deletes all your history and cookies as you you exit your browsing session
  • Removes more than 2000 trackers especially the ones that come from major social media platforms
  • Firefox tracking protection keeps companies from sending your adverts or tracking your data
  • Keeps you warned on precisely when hackers strike, thanks to breach reports
  • Easily sync passwords, bookmarks, tabs and history across devices
  • Apart from being an excellent privacy web browser, Firefox is also a very speedy and responsive web browser as well

  • Safari is a reliable private browser which is accessible on all devices
  • Fast and responsive
  • It is a user-friendly private browser with a decent interface
  • As one of the most private browsers, it effectively removes all kinds of trackers
  • Syncing across devices is super easy
  • Comes with anti-fingerprint protection

  • Firefox patches can at times be glitchy
  • You might have problems running ActiveX applications

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3. Brave

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux

Best Private Browser

When talking of best anonymous browsers, one name that is often recalled is Brave browser. It is feature-packed and pays the utmost heed to the user’s security.

Price: Free, Engine: Blink, V8, WebKit on iOS, License: MPL 2.0, GPLv3, GPLv2, Version: 1.1097 (Desktop), 1.10.99 (iOS)

Key Features

  • Customize shield settings as per browser and website you are visiting
  • You can check how many ads, trackers are being blocked
  • It automatically upgrades website to HTTPS when it intercepts something fishy
  • Brave rewards and view only relevant ads
  • Brave has a built-in password manager
  • You can control a website from autoplaying data
  • Supports most Chrome extensions and plugins

  • Customizable address bar
  • Speedy and responsive web browsing
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Feature-rich
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Block ads, control cookies, scripts website wise with ease
  • Earn brave rewards by supporting relevant ads

  • Some features are still in beta mode
  • Some websites may not work fine
  • Extensions and plugins need to be increased

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4. Tor Browser

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android

Tor Browser - Most Private Browser

Tor is one of the top private browsers around. Released as Tor or Onion browser, it efficiently protects you from censorship, tracking and surveillance. It is available for all major platforms.

Price – Free, Engine – Gecko, License – BSD 3-clause License, Version – 9.5.1

Key Features

  • It comes with NoScript, HTTPS everywhere and several other patches which eliminated the need to install any additional plugins or extensions.
  • Even warns you when you try to maximize your browser window as it may leave you your computer screen size vulnerable to tracking.
  • Blocks any plugins which can reveal your IP address
  • Can be run from a USB flash drive as well
  • You can easily avoid fingerprinting using the Tor browser.

  • Difficult to intercept or shut down traffic
  • Automatic clearance of browsing history and cookies
  • No requirement of extra extensions or plugins
  • Decent and simplistic interface
  • Integrated relay servers which make snooping next to impossible

  • Can be slow at times
  • Some settings may only be accessible by advanced users and manipulating these may compromise your security
  • Vast majority of plugins are not supported due to security reasons

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5. Safari

Platforms For Which It Is Available – macOS, iOS, iPadOS


If you are a macOS or iOS user, you have this secure and user-friendly browser with you and don’t underestimate it since it is a reliable private browser too. Don’t just go on our words; here are some features that will help back our claim.

Price – Free , Engine – WebKit, Nitro, License – Freeware, GNU LGPL, Version – 13.1.1 (macOS), 13.1 (iOS)

Key Features

  • With private browsing, Safari doesn’t keep track of your auto-fill information or search history
  • Integrated password generator which creates and stores robust passwords for you
  • You can use DuckDuckGo search engine from within the browser which further intensifies your web privacy
  • User-friendly private browser
  • Machine learning-based anti-fingerprinting and protection tools
  • Stops malicious codes from snooping on your data by opening tabs in different sandboxes

  • Much faster than Windows (Almost 1.6 times)
  • As a reliable private browser, it even helps you combat fingerprint defence because of advertisers and data companies cannot track your data
  • If Safari finds a website to be malicious, it will not load it in the first place which makes it one of the best private browsers
  • Wide range of Safari extensions which further enhance your browsing experience

  • You might find it lacking on customizability if you pit it against other browsers
  • Cannot be used on Windows OS

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6. DuckDuckgo

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Available as a search engine for all platforms, browser for Android and iOS and Chrome extension

duckduckgo - best private browser

If your online privacy is bothering you and you are worried that advertisers and websites may track you, DuckDuckGo can be the private web browser you need. It is a complete solution for your browsing privacy and is thereby hailed as one of the most private browsers around.

Price – Free, Engine – Na, License – Na

Key Features

  • Available as a Chrome extension, website search engine and browser on device (Android and iOS)
  • Better security as compared to the incognito mode which is why it is also one of the best anonymous browsers
  • The search engine is power-packed with a tracker blocker and encryption enforcer.
  • Since it disables tracking code, it loads web pages much faster

  • You get unbiased search results unlike some of the top browsers in the business
  • Fast and speedy
  • Easy to use interface

  • Standalone browser for desktop is still awaited

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7. Microsoft Edge

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Xbox

Microsoft Edge

Now, when you hear the name Microsoft Edge, it gives you a mixed feeling – it’s good as it comes from Microsoft and a little mixed feeling because it is the successor of Internet Explorer. Though it might not be the best private browser, what you cannot discard it as, is the fact that it is also an excellent private browser which comes with a lot of features to safeguard your privacy.

Price – Free , Engine – Blink, WebKit, EdgeHTML , License – Proprietary Software, component of Windows 10, Version – (Android), 45.4.11 (iOS), 83.0.478.37 (macOS), 83.0.478.58 (Windows), 44.18363.8131 (Xbox)

Key Features

  • With Microsoft Edge, you can easily block pop-ups from within the browser
  • Edge is a good private browser because it is transparent with how it is collecting your browsing data and gives you complete control over it
  • You can even send “Do Not Track” request from within the browser
  • Easy detection of trackers
  • It comes with a tracking protection feature
  • Minimises your chances of being affected by malicious sites because this private web browser runs in a sandbox

  • Cross-device functionality. You can easily sync your passwords, settings and favourites across devices
  • High speed, compatibility and performance
  • To combat malicious sites, Edge comes with Microsoft defender smart screen
  • Trackers are blocked much before your browsing data is compromised
  • Great user support
  • Built-in accessibility and learning tools

  • It falls behind on frequent updates.
  • It is closed source, so there are chances that some kind of surveillance may be going on

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8. Opera

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android


Opera is hailed across the globe as one of the best anonymous browsers. Developed back in 1995, much of the code of Opera has been adopted from Chromium.

Price – Free, Engine – Blink, V8, License – Freeware, Version: 69.0.3686.49

Key Features

  • It has a built-in ad blocker which blocks unnecessary and poking ads that appear out of nowhere
  • There is a tracker blocker that stops advertisers and several other websites from tracking you
  • It is open-source which makes it easy to be looked into

  • Free integrated VPN which intensifies your browsing security by saving you from online tracking
  • Fast processing of web pages thanks to inbuilt ad blockers
  • Dark and light mode
  • Built-in messenger

  • Privacy and security customization settings might not go very well with some users
  • The free built-in VPN, though a big plus, is also infamous for tracking log usage and bandwidth.

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9. Vivaldi

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, Android, Linux, macOS


Vivaldi is touted as one of the best private browsers and not just like that; it has features to back this title. It’s decently designed and has robust protection features responsible for a safer browsing experience.

Price – Free, Engine – Blink, V8, License – Freeware, Version – 3.1 (1929.45) (Linux, macOS, Windows), 3.1(1935.19) (Android)

Key Features

  • End to end encryption of all extensions and passwords and not just on one device but all devices
  • Dark and light themes
  • A detailed description of the trackers being blocked
  • Chrome extensions work equally fine in Vivaldi browser too
  • Trackers can be blocked website wise or all trackers can be blocked
  • It comes with customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • You can write down notes and ideas in the browser’s sidebar
  • Post photos on Instagram right from within the browser

  • Your extensions, bookmarks, and passwords are synced across all devices with an end to end encryption
  • Tells you exactly how many trackers it has blocked
  • You can block all ads or block ads website wise

  • You might encounter speed issues at times
  • Lack of themes as compared to many other browsers

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10. Chrome

Platforms For Which It Is Available – Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux

Best Private Browser

Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most used web browsers in the world. But, how does it fair up as a private web browser? Let’s find out.

Price – Free, Engine – Blink, License – Proprietary freeware, Version – 83.0.4103

Key Features

  • Very responsive and lightweight
  • Speedy browser and switching between tabs is fast and easy
  • Security features are regularly updated
  • A large number of plugins, add-ons and extensions
  • Cross-device functionality and fast download
  • Stringent security protocols
  • You can easily access the incognito mode with the help of which you can conceal your session and browsing data, cookies and information that you enter on forms

  • Chrome is fast and offers fast upload and download
  • Highly customizable settings
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Browser is constantly updated

Get It Here

How We Tested These Private Browsers

We tested the browsers on several platforms and assessed their performance, especially if they claimed to be cross-functional. For this blog, though we mainly focused on the privacy and security factors, however, side by side, we even went through the design, page speed, ease of access and several other factors too to determine the best of all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best private browser iOS?

If you are an iOS user, needn’t go anywhere else. The Safari browser that you have is sufficient enough to keep you away from prying eyes. It comes with anti-fingerprinting tools as well.

Which is the best private browser for Windows?

Except for Safari, which is yet to be produced for Windows, you can try and test all the above web browsers, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. But, we personally liked Chrome, Brave, Tor and Firefox.

Which is the best private browser Android?

When working on Android, we found that Private Browser care worked the best. It proved to be simple, and each new session started afresh, which means it saved none of our data.

Best Privacy Browsers At A Glance

Sl. No Browser Name Owned By Price License Engine Recent Release Version
1 Private Browser Care: Hide Your Browsing History Systweak Software Private Limited Free na na 
2 Chrome Google Free Proprietary freeware Blink 83.0.4103
3 Brave Brave Software, Inc Free MPL 2.0, GPLv3, GPLv2 Blink, V8, WebKit on iOS 1.1097 (Desktop), 1.10.99 (iOS)
4 Tor Browser Tor Project Free BSD 3-clause license Gecko 9.5.1
5 Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Foundation Free MPL 2.0 Gecko, Quantum, SpiderMonkey 70.8.1
6 Safari Apple Free Proprietary Freeware WebKit, Nitro 13.1.1
7 Microsoft Edge Microsoft  Free Proprietary Software, a component of Windows 10 Blink, WebKit, EdgeHTM (Android), 45.4.11 (iOS), 83.0.478.37 (macOS), 83.0.478.58 (Windows), 44.18363.8131 (Xbox)
8 Opera Opera Software Free Freeware Blink, V8 69.0.3686.49
9 Vivaldi ?Vivaldi Technologies Free Freeware Blink, V8 3.1 (1929.45) (Linux, macOS, Windows), 3.1(1935.19) (Android)
10 DuckDuckgo Duck Duck Go, Inc Free na na na

Which Is The Best Private For Browser 2023?

Don’t just stick to one option when it comes to online privacy. Just because a particular web browser claims to conceal your online identity completely, doesn’t mean it will. It is therefore essential to keep options open. For instance, we tested Private Browser Care, and despite not being the flashiest of the browsers around, it worked with speed, and each session started fresh. Which means it didn’t save any of our browsing data, cache, or passwords. That was our take – what is yours? Do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading on Wethegeek. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook as well.


  • comment_avtar
    Camila Saunders
    I used Private Browser Care which is quite new in the market but it really helped me to hide my browser history.

    4 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Sarang Bhargava
      Hi Camila Thank you for taking out to comment on the blog. Yes, Private Browser Care indeed helps you hide browser history. You can even check its other features such as blocking ads as well. Regards

      4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Tor is improving so much, and its faster than some months ago… I will never consider Google to be my data guard it doesnt matter how clean it presents to us now ,lol … we know google

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    From whom? Who did PBC help you to hide it from? Yourself? Others? And how do you know? What you do not see still exists.

    4 years ago

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