Private Browser Care: A Complete Review Of The Safest Browser In The World

Browsing the internet is something we all frequently do today, whether on our smartphone or PC. However, there is always a fear of the security of our browsing data. I mean, What we browse or Which website we visit is our business and this information must not be shared or worse, leaked to anyone else.

And that’s why the world is on a constant lookout for a safe, secure and private browser that will keep no records of our browsing history. A browser which deletes caches, cookies, temp files and more in a session, once the user exits the app, is an excellent addition to the list of apps installed.

Gladly, I would like to inform all that the search is over with the newly launched Private Browser Care by Systweak Software. It is a free application, and you can download it by pressing the download button below.

Private Browser

Now if you want to know more about Private Browser Care, then let us begin an exciting trip reviewing Private Browser Care and find out why I have been praising this app so much. I will divide our journey into the following parts:

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Features Of Private Browser Care

Features of Private Browser Care
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Private Browsing

The most important feature of any browser today is how it maintains the data from a particular session. All popular browsers tend to save certain cookies and cache files and claim that this data would help to load the websites faster the second time the user visits. Also, the browsing history, along with our clicks, are analysed to provide us with website or product recommendations while browsing. Well, this has become a trend and seems like an advantage to most of us, but there are reports of data being collected and sold to marketing agencies. Furthermore, the loophole set by developers to collect the users’ data can be used by hackers and other persons with malicious intent.

Private Browser Care allows users to browse the internet and does not save any files or folders except for user intended download. There are no extra folders created on your smartphone, which means that there would be no loss of storage space as well there would be no data stored to be sold or shared with.

Note: Private Browser Care assures its users to protect the data from marketing giants, Ecommerce conglomerates and others with malicious intent. However, it cannot protect your surfing activities from the websites you have visited, the network administrator in your school/office and most importantly, your Internet Service Provider.

Quick Browsing

Browsing speed depends on your internet connection and the plan you have opted. However, there are other factors which affect browsing speed in a significant manner such as customized settings and extensions enabled on your browser, or your computer’s health.

Private Browser Care boasts of providing a quick browsing feature to its users as it is a small in size and is a lightweight browser. It does not have all those fancy options or add-ons, pretty useful extensions, but they do consume much of the resources and negatively affect browsing speed. And as mentioned earlier, it does not save any data, which means users can go on to the internet, surf and be back achieving what they were looking for within minutes.

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Alternate Browsing

Have you found out that there are more options on the desktop version of the website on the mobile mode? This is because website developers reduce the features and try to keep it as lightweight as possible to make it work efficiently on smartphones. Private Browser Care allows the users to switch between the desktop and mobile version of the website by a tap on Switch option. Even Google Chrome browser for Android has not made this feature that simple to execute.

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Free Browsing

How could one omit one of the essential features of Private Browser Care? The fact that it is entirely free to use and does not have any annoying ads or in-app purchases. In other words, users can use this gem of a product, take advantage of the secure browsing and not pay anything at all for the service.

Other Special Features

Apart from the above important features listed above, there are a few other options worth mentioning :

  • Mini Browser: Private Browser Care is a lightweight browser with the download file less than 4 MB and hence consumes fewer resources as compared to other browsers.
  • Multiple Tabs: Users can open as many tabs as they want in one session without limitations.

Multiple Tabs

  • Faster Downloads: Private Browser Care does not allow any trackers or ads to load, making it a speedy browser with enhanced download speed at the same time.
  • Less consumption of data: Private Browser Care does not allow any background downloads. Moreover, it doesn’t load anything that is not required, for example, ads, trackers and other HTML elements that consume internet data and hard drive space, making it perfect choice for those on a metered connection.

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Benefits And Limitations Of Using Private Browser Care


  • Private & Secure Browsing
  • Easy and Simple User Interface
  • Quick Browsing and Faster Downloads
  • Alternate Modes – Desktop & Mobile
  • Free with no ads and no in-app purchases

  • None Identified Yet.

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Steps On How To Use Private Browser Care:

How to use Private Browser care

Packed with amazing features, Private Browser Care has a convenient and easy to use interface. The options are self-explanatory, and there is no guide required to understand the functioning of this app. There are a couple of steps to uses Private Browser Care:

Step 1: Download and Install the Private Browser Care and tap on the shortcut icon to launch the Private Browser Care.

Step 2: Start typing the website address on the top address bar and press the Go button in the Keypad.

Step 3:  Whenever you want to quit, you can exit the browser app. There is no need to clean any history or delete any files because nothing is stored.

Note:  To switch between desktop or mobile version of the website, you can click on the three dots on the top right corner and tap on the mode you want.

Once you exit the application, all the browsing data like cookies, cache, passwords, history and anything else related to surfing is deleted and wiped out as it never existed.



Country of Origin: India

Android Version: 5.0 and up.

Launched: 2nd July 2020

Provided by: Systweak Software

Cost: Free.

Download Link: Android

File size: 3.8 MB

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The Final Verdict

Private Browser Care is the need of the hour as it helps us view the internet without the filter of recommendations that is designed by the AI working in the background based on your previous clicks and websites visited. It is undoubtedly a fantastic application that guarantees security and privacy while surfing the internet. The best feature is, of course, the fact that no one can track you in an unauthorized manner and do any harm to you at all. There is no need to take care of the cookies and cache files as they get deleted automatically once the user exits the browser.

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