How to “Always’ Launch Web Browsers in Private Browsing Mode

Surfing the net takes up quite a bit of our time on an average day. It can get quite annoying when browsing history – or cache – occupies unnecessary storage space on our systems. Yeah, we know you are quite aware about Private browsing mode and how to activate it on various browsers. But there are times when we often forget to switch to Incognito mode and keep surfing instead.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if all web browsers launch in Private browsing mode always? So, here is how you can launch web browsers in Private Browsing mode by default by just making a small tweak in your account settings.

Let’s get started!

Google Chrome

To always launch Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode by default we need to add a command line option to its shortcut. Here are the quick steps we need to follow:

  1. First look for the shortcut icon you generally take in use to open Google Chrome.
  2. Right Click on the icon and select “Properties”.
  3. For following the task bar alternative, you’ll need to right-click the Google Chrome icon on your taskbar, then right-click on the “Google Chrome” option that appears in the menu , and after that select “Properties”.chrome properties
  4. Add -incognito at the end of the text in the Target box. (It’s actually one space proceeded by a dash and then the word incognito.
  5. Hit OK to save chrome

Google Chrome will now launch in Incognito Mode by default. Now you won’t have to worry about clearing the browsing history again and again.

If you need to change this setting in near future, edit your shortcuts and remove the -incognito text you added in the text box.

Mozilla Firefox

Fortunately, Firefox gives us an inbuilt option to enable Private Browsing by default. Here are the quick steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the Firefox menu and select “Options” (Three horizontal lines icon on the top right side of the Window).mozilla
  2. Tap on the “Privacy Tab” placed on the left side of the window to get to your Privacy settings.mozilla history
  3. Under History, tap the “Firefox will” box and select “Never Remember History”. After this you’ll be instantly prompted to restart Firefox to see the effective changes.

To undo this change in the future, return to this pane and tell Firefox to remember your history again.


 To always open Safari in Private Browsing mode follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Safari in the menu bar and select “Preferences”.
  2. On the General sheet, tap the “Safari opens with” box.safari settings
  3. Now select “another private window”.

That’s it folks! Now whenever you will launch Safari it will automatically be opened in Private Browsing Mode.

To fix this adjustment later on, return here and tell Safari to open with “A new window” instead.

So this is how you can launch web browsers in private browsing mode by default. If you have any other queries on mind feel free to drop us a comment.

Life just got easier, isn’t it?

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