Best Time Tracking Software For Windows (2023)

Effective time tracking enhances both productivity & accountability. Using the right Time Tracker Software, one can easily understand how much time one should dedicate to complete a particular task. It helps analyze what are the time-wasters & what’s your working pattern. So, you can further optimize your workflow and eliminate potential distractions.

How To Track Time On Windows Desktop?

There are basically two ways to track time on Windows computers. The first & the old-school method, which involves writing down your time in a spreadsheet or Word file. You make a note of your hours by looking at the clock every hour or so. The method might not be accurate and it may consume a lot of your time.

Another way to track time on Windows is to use a Time Tracking Software. There are plenty of tools and programs available in the market that are used by larger time management systems & they are usually equipped with an extensive set of features to save time, money & boost overall productivity.

Listed are 9 Best Windows Time Tracking Tools that will show you how your time is utilized with additional features such as timesheets, invoicing and payment. These programs are must-have on your PC to handle a variety of tasks and duties effectively & efficiently!

Features Of Great Time Tracker Programs For Windows

While evaluating the best tools for time tracking, we consider the following factors that make a time tracker tool a go-to-software for managing and enhancing productivity.

  • Real-Time Tracking 

Almost all the time tracking applications lets you track in real-time. Anytime you can pause or stop when you’ve completed a particular task.

  • Reporting Tools 

Straightforward dashboard & reporting features help users to break out daily, weekly or monthly time spent on a particular project or client.

  • Export Data Or Create Invoice 

Once you’ve aggregated all the data (time spent on work), you can take necessary action such as export it into PDFs/Google Sheets/timesheets or create invoices.

  • Website & App Tracking 

Keep a track of what programs & websites you are using during work hours.

  • Integrations 

Most of the Time Tracking software allows users to integrate with popular project management tools such as Asana, Jira, Zendesk, Slack, Google services & more.

Which Are The Best Paid & Free Time Tracking Software? (2023)

Find the best timekeeping software for freelancers, teams & businesses. Choose the one that fits your needs & requirements appropriately:

1. Toggl Track

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux & Web

Price: Free Time Tracking Tool for up to 5 Users; $9/Mo. billed annually for Starter Plan

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Toggl is the best time tracking tool designed for enhancing personal productivity or for managing the entire team’s work tracking. It offers tons of customization options to color coordinate projects, add sub-projects for better organization, and do much more.

Time Tracking Software

FEATURES: Toggle Track 

  • Lets you monitor your activities.
  • Offers a web time clock.
  • Set billable hour rates.
  • Generate & share time reports.
  • Add tags for better organization.
  • Create colorful projects.
  • Integrate with other project management apps.


2. Clockify

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux & Web

Price: Free Time Tracking Tool; Starting from $9.99

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Clockify is another popular software to track time using a virtual clock and timesheets. The timer works as a stopwatch and helps you start and stop work accordingly. The default project automatically allocates the time to complete the work in a given time frame.


FEATURES: Clockify 

  • Visually pleasing reports.
  • Sleek & intuitive interface.
  • Alerts for progress.
  • Ability to create multiple jobs.
  • Supports both manual as well as automatic time tracking.
  • Timesheet locking to prevent backdate changes.


3. Harvest

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Web

Price: Free Time Tracker Tool for 1 User; Starting from $12/Month (Solo)

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Harvest is a great time tracking program that helps users with proficient time and expense tracking. Equipped with bank-level security, Harvest proffers powerful reporting capabilities to provide users with detailed reports, invoices, and estimates.


FEATURES: Harvest 

  • Detailed & visual reports.
  • Track billable & non-billable hours.
  • Create invoices & send them via email.
  • Compare time tracked in Harvest.
  • Syncs across devices & web-apps easily.
  • Plan your work allocation.
  • Integration with tons of communication, management, finance, productivity & accounting tools.


4. DeskTime


Price: Free Time Tracker Tool for 1 User (Lite); Starting from $7/Month

(Special Offer Available for Teams of 40+ Individuals) 

Try Now! 

DeskTime is an excellent real-time automatic time tracker for multiple operating systems. It shows the progress with rich statistics, graphs, and detailed analysis about how you’ve spent your time working. It even features tools for project management & productivity analysis.



  • Set the productivity target.
  • Detailed & downloadable reports.
  • Integration with project management apps.
  • Supports invoicing.
  • Efficiency is calculated smartly.


5. TimeCamp

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS & Web

Price: Free Time Tracker Program for 1 User (Solo); Starting from $7/Month (Basic version)

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TimeCamp is a multipurpose software and helps users with billable time tracking, project time tracking, attendance tracking, invoicing, and more. The time tracker program can be easily integrated with 50+ applications, including Trello, Asana, Evernote, Slack, Todoist, calendar & more.


  • Productivity analysis.
  • Graphical timesheet.
  • Goal tracking.
  • Add sub-tasks.
  • Offline activity tracking.
  • Attendance analysis.
  • Track every window on the computer, including total time spent on different websites or apps.

6. WorkingHours

Compatibility: Windows & Android

Price: Free Timekeeping Software

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If you want to have a clock app in the Windows-style and need a time tracker to monitor hours of working, and activities locally, WorkingHours is an ultimate choice. It allows you to start, pause, or stop the time tracker without even launching the time tracking software.


FEATURES: WorkingHours 

  • Supports voice commands.
  • Has an overlay window.
  • Filter work using tags.
  • Analyze work time via graphs.
  • Data export as Excel or CSV files.

7. Time Doctor

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS & Web

Price: 14 Days Free Trial; Starting from $7/Month

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(Special Offer Available for Teams of 10+ Individuals) 

Time Doctor is the best time tracking tool that helps users enhance overall productivity. It shows timely alerts as reminders to start recording time while you are working. The software features a blend of tools when it comes to time tracking, monitoring, and project management.

Time Doctor 

FEATURES: Time Doctor 

  • Maintain detailed information about employees.
  • Record time spent on web pages or apps.
  • Payment is automatically calculated.
  • Give access to clients.
  • Supports chat monitoring.

8. Hubstaff

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS & Web

Price: Free Time Tracking Program For 1 User; Starting from $7/Month

Try Now! 

Hubstaff is a suitable choice for solopreneurs and small business teams. It’s time tracking capabilities ensures that all the members in your team can easily record & managers always know which team member is working on what.


FEATURES: Hubstaff 

  • Create timesheets with built-in templates.
  • Monitor & track activities.
  • Capture screenshots of work activities.
  • Comes with Employee GPS Tracker.
  • Make payments directly through the software.
  • Integration with project management apps like Asana, JIRA & GitHub.

9. RescueTime

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & Web

Price: Free Time Tracking Software (Lite Version); Starting at $9/Month

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Last but not the least, RescueTime is an automatic time tracking software compatible with multiple operating systems. Unlike most of the options mentioned here, RescueTime comes with a website blocker, which allows users to block distracting webpages and focus on better productivity.


FEATURES: RescueTime 

  • Time management analytics.
  • Gives a complete idea about Internet usage.
  • Indicates total time spent on a website or app.
  • Shows which apps or sites are productive & which are distracting.
  • Ability to block distracting URLs.
  • Specify productivity goals.
  • Set an alarm when you spend more than specified time on a particular task.
  • Shows a detailed report & summary.

Which Will Be Your Go-To Software To Track Time?

These were our top-favorite list of Best Time Tracking or Timekeeping Software for multiple operating systems. Tools like Toggl, DeskTime, RescueTime, etc. have free plans & have essential features for tracking time, project management, etc. While on the other side, programs like Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Clockify, Harvest are amazing choices for both teams and individuals. It even has advanced features for GPS tracking, automatic screenshots, and other monitoring tools.

If you know or using any other Timekeeping Tools, do mention them in the comments section below!

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