5 Best Calendar Apps For Android 2023

While we’re still not sure if time is a fundamental or just a human construct, we still need calendars. From complex ancient Egyptian calendars to simplistic ones that farmers used to manage agricultural seasons, these have been an essential part of human civilization since ages.

While we might not use the calendar as extensively as our ancient forefathers, we still need to keep track of our daily schedules and appointments. Calendars also prove to be an easy way to remember birthdays and anniversaries, saving us from a lot of trouble and embarrassment. Owing to modernization, calendars have taken an entirely new look as compared to the old ones.

In modern times the most popular form of calendars are mobile apps or digital calendars. While most phones have an inbuilt calendar, there are several Calendar apps available on Play Store that can do much more. In this article, we have discussed some of the most useful and trending calendar apps that can make managing your daily work easy.

Best Calendar Apps For Android

1. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is the oldest and easiest calendar app to organize your work. With other calendar apps considering Google Calendar as the foundation, Google Calendar itself is an amazing app to use. From assorted views to an easy and clean user layout, Google Calendar still is the favorite calendar apps amongst users. Various views ranging from a week, month are available, which provides users the required information to have their work done on time. Additionally, you can also use the agenda view where you can set more detailed plans in action.

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2. Business Calendar:

Business Calendar- best calendar app 2017

This calendar app is inclined more towards people who use calendar apps majorly for their business-related tasks and events. Having said that, it is implied that Business Calendar doesn’t really aim on design and looks. Business calendar is loaded with features like task management, support for frequent activities, a multi-day view, easy to remember birthday and anniversary and much more. The pro version of this app comes with added features like import and export calendar, ability to copy,delete and move multiple events at once into a new schedule.

With such a long list of features provided by this app, it for sure is useful but at the same time is a little bit messy that might not settle with novice users.

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3. CloudCal Calendar:

CloudCal Calendar- best calendar app for android 2017

Unlike other calendar apps, Cloud Cal doesn’t display the scheduled meetings and appointments in a regular manner such as in the daily and weekly views. It however, uses an innovative way to show how many appointments you have for a day. Cloud Cal does this by showing visual cues of different colors to represent lined up meetings. When you click on a circle all the information for that day gets displayed at the bottom of the app. Cloud Cal represent different tasks by coloring segments of the circles. Like if it is for a birthday, it will display a complete circle. The main purpose of Cloud Cal is to let users have an idea of how busy their day is.

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4. Jorte Calendar & Organizer:

Jorte Calendar & Organizer- calendar app 2017

More than a Calendar app, Jorte aims at being your only organizer app and your personal diary where you can jot down your experiences. An app that gives you a variety of colors, backgrounds images and fonts to choose from. Not only this you can also customize the colors and fonts according to your needs. Jorte also enables users to sync calendars on multiple devices.

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5. Cal Calendar:

Cal Calendar- best calendar app f 2017

Unlike other Calendar apps that have a boring user interface, Cal Calendar is the prettiest of all. Cal Calendar is designed in a sleek manner with a set of colorful background images to elevate the overall experience.  The main motive of Cal is to present the user with his/her daily agenda. It informs the user about his daily to do lists such as lined up meetings and appointments.

Price: Free

So no more worrying about missing important appointments

Are you tired of your unorganized life and want to have a perfect to-do list of all the upcoming appointments, meetings, birthdays and anniversaries? Then this article is a must read for you. Try out these interesting Calendar apps and have all your work systematized in a proper manner.

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