She loves exploring hidden and lesser known features of gadgets and all things tech. Having completed her B.Tech and MBA in Information Technology, and provided customer support for many years, she has an in-depth knowledge about latest technology and expertise in providing the best solution to technical problems. She loves to write technical blogs, be it problem solving, how to, listicles as well as about the latest technology for various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. When not writing she can be found travelling.

Author: Pragya

For Android, Gadgets, Top 10 - 2021-02-16

Top 10 Best Budget Smartphones Under 200 USD

Not everyone has the best of budget or saving to buy expensive phones. Majority of them wants a phone that is light on their pocket yet have the best of features. Starting from a big screen to an amazing camera, large storage space, low-cost mobiles offers some of the best features that any person may…

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How-To, iOS - 2019-07-10

How to Enable Silence Unknown Callers on iOS 13

Spam calls have been a long-time frustration for all. Not only do they waste our time but can also lead to cyber crimes as people get fooled by scammers and finally loose their hard-earned money. Moreover, with the kind of technology it is easy to spoof numbers and make them look genuine. So, even if…

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How-To - 2021-11-15

How To Change Snapchat Username Without Making A New Account

While it seems that changing a username is simply navigating to the profile settings and editing the username as per choice. The same does not stand true with Snapchat. Does that mean every time user wishes to change his username on Snapchat, he will have to create an altogether new profile? Famous social media platform…

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