Photo Loss: Best Tips to Prevent It and Recover Pictures

In the era of digital photographs, the catastrophic loss of precious memories due to human error, abrupt system shutdown, power failure, or device corruption is a huge nightmare. Therefore, a solid backup plan and diligence are essential to avoid potential data loss scenarios. In this article, we’ll understand the significant causes of photo loss and what to do to recover accidentally deleted, missing, and lost snaps.

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What Leads To Photo Loss?

Here are some of the most common reasons that cause the loss of photographs and other multimedia files:

  1. The device holding the photos might have encountered a virus or malware infection.
  2. Accidentally deleting your favorite snaps while sifting & sorting multiple albums.
  3. Having a corrupted SD Card.
  4. Incorrectly ejecting the external storage device from your PC or Laptop.
  5. Removing SD card from the source device during the file transfer process.
  6. Not paying attention to the “memory storage full” warning and continuing using the device.
  7. Encountering power failure while transferring the photos from one device to another device.
  8. Interrupt the photo writing process by continuously clicking photos when the camera is on low battery.

Things to Keep In Mind While Dealing With Photo Loss

Several people have this common misconception that photographs once deleted from a device, can’t be restored. But the reality is that photos are not permanently deleted unless overwritten.

Here are certain factors you must consider as soon as you realize the potential data loss on your device.

  1. Hold it right there; don’t opt for re-writing or over-writing the drive when you have sensed the photos are lost.
  2. Don’t panic and try to find out an appropriate solution for recovering lost files.
  3. Consider using reliable photos recovery software to restore the lost/permanently deleted/missing images.
  4. Seek professional help and get the issue resolved.

How Do I Recover Lost/Deleted/Missing Photos?

Here are some handpicked solutions for successful photo recovery.

1. Check Your Recycle Bin

When photos are deleted from your computer or laptop, the very first thing you should do is check your Recycle Bin. Below mentioned are the steps to be followed to search your files in the Recycle Bin:

  • Search and Open Recycle Bin.


  • Look for the missing photographs and right-click on the same to choose the Restore option. That’s it! The images will be instantly recovered to their previous memory location.


If this didn’t help, try another workaround shared below to perform successful photos recovery on your Windows PC/Laptop.

2. Use A Reliable Photos Recovery Software

File recovery software proves to be an effective solution when you wish to recover accidentally deleted, lost & missing photos and other data from desktop, pen drives, SD cards, USBs, or cameras. The market has dozens of options for choosing an authentic data recovery solution. Still, if the images are only your concern, we recommend using Systweak’s Photos Recovery software for Windows and Android.

Photos Recovery is one of the safest, most efficient, and reliable recovery tools to restore deleted photos from memory cards, USB flash drives, hard drives, PCs & smartphones. The application works flawlessly and ensures successful data recovery, no matter how your files were lost in the first place. Be it corruption, virus attack, device formatting, human error, etc. Deleted photos from different file systems can be restored with the help of Systweak’s Photos Recovery.

How Does Photos Recovery Software Work?

All you have to do is install the latest version of the photo recovery software on your device and follow three simple steps shared below to recover all deleted images.


Select the hard drive or external media from which you wish to retrieve all the deleted photos.



Select the Quick Scan option for faster scanning and Deep Scan for in-depth scanning. Before starting the recovery process, once preview the scanned files.



Select the desired deleted photos, click the Recover button, and select the location where you want to save the restored media files. Make sure you do not select the same location where your files were stored in the first place.


Photos Recovery ensures effortless recovery of your lost photos. Its deep scan functionality works brilliantly to scan both internal & external storage devices. Unlike most file recovery solutions, it supports restoring a wide range of file formats from USB Drives, SD cards, Hard disks, and emptied Recycle Bin while retaining their original quality. Even inaccessible media files from BitLocker’s password-protected storage drive can be restored quickly with Photos Recovery software by Systweak.

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Must-Try Tips To Prevent Photos Loss (2022)

Follow these tips and tactics to ensure you never lose your precious memories again.

1. Avoid Using A Device On Low Battery While Transferring Data

There’s a high probability that your memory card has got corrupted while you’re transferring photos and the device is running low on battery. When this happens, you can no longer access the data or take any associated action. So, it is recommended to charge the battery immediately once you notice the battery running low on your device.

2. Save your Snaps At A Secure Location

Once the photos are taken, it is highly recommended to save all your precious photos and other data in a secure location. If you’re saving all your captured images on a PC or Laptop, make sure you properly disconnect the USB cable while transferring the photos and don’t interrupt the file transfer process in between to avoid a data loss situation.

Writer’s Tip = Cloud Backup & Storage Services are considered one of the best solutions to prevent photo loss and safeguard your data without fear. These cloud solutions use physical servers to save data via Internet-connected data centers. Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc., are some prominent cloud-based storage services to use in 2022.

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3. Keep A Backup Of All Your Precious Memory

Consider keeping an additional backup of your photos on a spare drive once you have copied them to your computer. Hard Drives come very handily due to their faster transfer mechanisms and ability to back up large amounts of data in a few clicks. They’re affordable and work flawlessly to access or copy data from one storage space to another.

4. Consider Using Different Memory Cards & External Storage Devices.

Well, this tip doesn’t prevent the corruption of the memory card you’re operating on. Still, it certainly decreases the potential risk of losing a large amount of data at once and prevents photo loss. It is highly recommended to keep an extra memory card with you and change it frequently during any photoshoot.

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CONCLUSION | Prevent Photo Loss & Recover Missing Images (2022)

Photo loss from your devices happens for various reasons; as mentioned earlier, it occurs due to improper handling of cameras, memory cards & other removable devices. Therefore, one must be vigilant enough while using the devices to prevent corruption, physical damage, and loss of stored media files.

Despite that, if you have already lost the photos, you can use Systweak’s Photos Recovery tool to retrieve your missing/lost/deleted photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1. How Do I Keep From Losing My Pictures?

Never use a camera on a low battery, always turn on the backup in your devices, and copy all the pictures on the computer as soon as you click photos. Avoid corruption of the memory card and physical damage. These are the things that must be considered to avoid losing pictures.

Q.2. What is The Best Way To Store Photos Forever?

Cloud storage like Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Photos, and Dropbox offers the best storage option to save your precious data securely.


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