Multiple Ways To Factory Reset Windows 10: PC Formatting Guide (2023)

Running a sluggish or unresponsive PC? Are you close to giving up? Well, we completely understand your situation, but before you ditch your stubborn computer & spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a new one, there’s one last resort to save your money & time. Perform a Factory Reset!

However, before heading to this nuclear solution, ensure you have all the important files backed up so that no data gets lost during the Factory Reset process. Once you have a copy of all your photos, videos, documents, follow any of the methods mentioned below to factory reset your computer safely & securely!

Is It Good To Factory Reset Your Windows PC?

The short answer is Yes! Microsoft itself recommends that performing a factory reset is one of the best ways to improve overall system performance when it’s constantly lagging. But make sure you back up your important data, as Windows will keep your files safe, but just in case.

How To Factory Reset A Computer? (Four Ways)

Depending on your Windows version, there are different ways to reset laptop & desktop. We’re discussing the easiest ways possible to factory reset your Windows.

METHOD 1- Factory Reset PC Using The Built-In Feature

You can find the built-in Reset option in the primary Settings menu. Follow the instructions carefully to format the PC & hopefully get your system running smoothly again.

Step 1- Head towards the Start menu to open Settings.

Step 2- Click on Update & Security. Head towards the Recover tab & select option Get Started under the Reset this PC option. Next, you’ll be displayed with two options to Save or Remove personal files.

Step 3- If you choose to Keep my Files option, all the default apps, settings and other files would be saved carefully. If you click on Remove everything option, everything will be wiped up to make your PC brand new.

Step 4- If you are someone who’s selling their old computer, we recommend you wipe the PC entirely.

Step 5- Once you have chosen the desired option, finally click on the Reset button.


Factory reset Windows 10


Your computer will restart after a few minutes & let the machine boot back up again. If you’ve backed up your files, you can follow this workaround to restore them!

METHOD 2- Factory Reset PC Using The Fresh Start Option

In our previous update to Windows 10, the company added a new way to Factory Reset your computer. Though the procedure is similar to above but has a certain difference that makes users learn how to format your PC?

Step 1- Navigate to the Settings menu and click on Update & Security > Recovery.

Step 2- Click the link “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows”.

Step 3- A new security window will open where you can find a Fresh Start option. Hit the Get Started button now to move forward.


Factory reset Windows 7


One of the biggest advantages of using Fresh Start feature to Factory Reset Windows 10 computer, is it always keeps your data secured. Unlike the method above, you don’t have to choose the option to save or remove them dedicatedly. Another great benefit that Fresh Start option brings is it does keep certain essential Windows Settings to ensure it doesn’t wipe every data, needed for smooth functioning.

METHOD 3- Factory Reset PC By Reinstalling Using Windows Installation Media

This is one of the most effective ways to reset a PC on Windows 10 using Installation media. With this workaround, you are installing a fresh copy of Windows OS & wipe out everything else. For better understanding, follow our step by step guide to using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool.

Once you have downloaded an ISO File, you have to burn onto a USB or Flash drive so you can reinstall Windows without any hassles. Alternatively, you can insert the USB disc containing your install media & further boot from the removable device. You’ll be presented with a Windows setup screen & you can proceed through to install a clean copy!

METHOD 4- Factory Reset PC Using Advanced Options

While all the solutions above should work best for most of the Windows 10 users, there’s still an easy way left to format your PC. In this workaround, we’ll be factory resetting Windows machine from boot using Advanced Options.

This method works best when your PC isn’t responding quite well.

Step 1- If you can navigate properly, navigate to the Settings menu.

Step 2- Go to Update & Security > Recovery > From Advanced Startup tab > Restart Now.

Step 3- Alternatively, you can press F11 as you boot to get redirected to Advanced Startup.

Step 4- Once you are into Advanced Startup, your next step is to choose Troubleshoot.

Step 5- At this step, you can select Reset This PC option to start the procedure of factory resetting just like Method 1.


Reset PC Windows 10


Note: At this point, you can select Advanced Options for more choices, but none of them will allow you to factory reset Windows 10 PC unless you have a saved system image.

Next What?

Now that you’ve successfully Factory reset your computer make sure you do not face issues related to drivers, BSOD or have slow system problems. To ensure your PC keeps running super-smoothly, we recommend installing Advanced PC Cleanup. The dedicated computer cleaning & optimization software features multiple modules that keep the Windows 10 system in shape. Anytime, you witness your PC is running with certain lags, run this amazing utility & enjoy the power-packed performance. For more information about features & its other benefits, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions: Factory Reset Windows 10 PC

Q1. How To Fix “There was a problem resetting your PC Windows 10” Error On Windows 10?

If you are not able to factory reset your PC properly & constantly receiving the error message “There was a problem resetting your PC Windows 10. No changes were made.” Here’s a complete guide for you to resolve the issue & reset your computer without any hassle!

Q2. How Can I Wipe My PC Clean & Start Over?

Well, if you want to preserve your data & clean everything else, here’s what you can do: Navigate to the Start menu > Settings > Update & security > Recovery. Now click on the Get Started button and choose the appropriate option to keep which files safe. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to restore Windows 10 PC to the default state.

Q3. How To Reformat A PC From The Sign-In Screen?

In case you are unable to access the Settings menu, here’s what you need to do to reset your Windows 10 PC from the sign-in screen.

  • Hit Windows Key & L altogether.
  • Don’t login instead hold the Shift key & click the Power button > hit the Restart from the bottom-right corner.
  • Once your computer starts in the Windows Recovery Environment, follow the path:
  • Options menu > Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.

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