What To Do When The Power Button On Your Android Phone Is Broken?

Like it or not we are quiet dependent on our smartphones for a lot of our personal and professional taks. what if in some unfortunate circumstance you damage the power button on your smartphone? A nightmare come true,it definitely would seem like the end of the world! Well, not to worry, because you can get your smartphone working by other means as well.

We have listed some of the most common ways to get your device in working state when you have broken power button. You can choose the one that works for you.

If you get the feeling that your power button will deceive you, you need to do two things to make sure you don’t lose access to your smartphone, turn-on USB debugging and Schedule Power on.

How To Turn on USB  Debugging on Android?

  • Go to Settings app on your phone.
    android settings
  • Look for Developer options and tap on it. If it is not visible on the list, you need to turn itON. To do so, locate About Phone and then tap on Build Number a few minutes.
    developer option
  • You will get a pop-up message which says, “ You are now a developer”.
  • Now you will get Developer Options. Tap on it and toggle the switch to turn it on.
    check developer option
  • Locate USB debugging under Developers Options and toggle the switch to turn it on.
    USB debug option

How To Turn on Scheduled Power on?

If your device supports Scheduled power ON/OFF, you can turn it ON to automate power ON and power OFF. So, in case your power button is damaged, you need not worry as it will boot up automatically at preset time. To turn it on, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings app on the home screen
  • Search for “Schedule power on/off” from the search bar.
    schedule power on off
  • As you locate it, you can set time at which you want to power on every day.

How To Unlock Your Android Device When Power Button Doesn’t Work?

There can be two situations in which you consider yourselves stuck with a damaged power button. Either the device is turned on or it is switched off.

When Your Phone Is Turned off?

It is a lot of easier to find a work around to the situation if your phone is on. So try to keep your phone switched on. However, if your phone is turned off, follow these steps to restart your device.

You can wait to get all your battery drained and connect your phone to the charger and it may restart your device. Another way you could try is to press different combinations of volume buttons to start your phone in the recovery menu. From there, you can select “reboot system now” by navigating with volume buttons and tapping on the Power button.

You can also connect the phone to PC or laptop through USB cable. This might reboot the device.

If you have USB debugging enabled, then you can restart your device with ADB commands. install your devices drivers on your laptop and reboot your device by typing“adb reboot” command.

Get ADB drivers

 When Your Device Is In The Switched-on State?

If your phone is already turned on, you can skip the first step and move to the next step. You can wake up your screen by calling on your device from another number. You can also connect it to the charger to light up the screen. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, it will wake up with the touch of your fingertip.

Well, Google Play also has apps to make it up to the power button. With these apps, you can light your screen or turn off your screen. Moreover, you can also reboot your phone with it.

Apps to replace your power button.

Note: As these apps use administrator rights, before uninstalling these apps, you need to go to Settings>Device Administrator. You will get a list of apps, you need to untick the app from the list

1. Power Button to Volume Button

power button to volume button

If your power button is broken, then this app will make your Volume button to work as Power button.You can wake up or put your screen to sleep with the Volume button. However, you cannot restart the device with it. It gives you an option to show a persistent notification in your notification pane with which you can turn your screen off when you tap on it.

Power Button to Volume Button
Power Button to Volume Button

2. Shake to Lock/Unlock

shake to lock unlock

Just as the name suggests, with this app installed on the phone you can Shake to lock or unlock your screen. The app is lightweight and easy to use, it contains no ads. You can set the shaking sensitivity level.

Shake To Lock / Unlock
Shake To Lock / Unlock
Mila Team

3. Gravity Screen

pocket sensor

Gravity Screen is another good application to rescue you if your phone’s power button is damaged or broken. It can turn off your screen whenever you put in on a flat surface or in your pocket as it has a pocket sensor. You can turn the screen on by motion. The app enables you to set your parameters to calibrate sensitivity levels according to your preference.

Gravity Screen - On/Off
Gravity Screen - On/Off

Undoubtedly, these apps will be helpful but they can drain and damage your battery. So consider them as a temporary option. To get a permanent solution, it is advised to go to Store and get the Power button fixed.

So, these are the ways to deal with a damaged power button, try them and let us know if they helped you.

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