How to Fix Windows Update Error On Windows 10, 8, 7

Regardless of its high number of users across the globe, Windows has its fair share of anomalies and bugs that also make it the most loathed computer operating system. You might have already experienced various error messages on windows that have been persistent with most of its versions. Adding to the bullet belt of pre-existing troubles is the Windows update error. This happens when windows updates are getting installed on your computer and suddenly an error message pops up and screws everything.

Why Does It Happen?

Update error on windows has been quite a tenacious problem that is common for most windows users, whether you use Windows 7,8 or 10. So it might be worthwhile to actually know the root of this problem before looking for a fix. Here are some reasons why this error happens

  • A particular update installer wasn’t downloaded properly or the installation file was corrupted.
  • Windows update process is interrupted by corrupt registry entries.
  • Corruption in backup files can also lead to update errors.

It is advised not to shut down the PC whenever an update error occurs and let the changes revert back to their original state.

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How to Fix This Error?

Update error can be quite annoying when it occurs. But thankfully, it isn’t something that always happens. Even if it does happen, there are plenty of solutions on how to fix Windows update error on Microsoft Support. If you do not want to go through all the trouble, we have prepared a list of solutions for you.

  1. Renaming ‘SoftwareDistribuition’ Folder

For this fix, go to the start menu and type %systemroot% and press enter. Locate the SoftwareDistribuition folder and rename it with SoftwareDistribution.old. Restart the system and try installing the updates again.

  1. Changing System Certificate

Type regedit in the search bar at the start menu and press enter. Once the new window opens up, navigate to the following location

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Policies>Microsoft>SystemCertificates. Right-click system certificates folder and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value and name the file as ‘CopyFileBufferedSynchronousIo’. Once its created, right click the new registry and choose modify. In the new window, change the value to 1 and restart the system for reinstalling updates.

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  1. Un-configuring Update Settings

Sometimes the windows update settings can get interfered by group policy settings. This can result in Windows update error leading to a lot of frustration and cringe. Nevertheless, fixing this problem is quite easy. In the search bar type gpedit.msc and press enter to open a new window. In the left panel navigate to Computer Configuration and then navigate to Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update. Here, locate the settings file that says ‘Configure Automatic Updates’, double click and select ‘not configured’. Restart the computer and try reinstalling the updates.

  1. Decimal Symbol

Open control panel and go to Clock, Language and Region. Select the change date, time or number format option to bring up a new window. At the new window click on additional settings and put a full-stop (period) in the box next to Decimal Symbol. Exit the window by clicking ‘apply’ and then ‘ok’, restart your computer and try updating windows again.

  1. Deploying Image and Serving Management (DISM)

This option replaces the systems health file, thus fixing the corrupted file interfering with Windows update process. To use DISM command, open up command prompt (run as admin) and enter the following – DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (mind the spaces) and press enter. This could take a while depending on your system, and once the process is complete. Restart your system and try updating again.

There are various other more complicated ways on how to fix update error on windows, which might require some more time and little technical knowledge. Nevertheless, the abovementioned fixes are easy to follow for most users and should take care of any errors related to windows updates.


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