How To Speedup Slow Windows 8 Computer

Even rock-solid things receive enough attrition with the course of time, it’s just your Windows PC! Your Windows 8 tends to become slow after some time and working on the same gets annoying, of course. But to sort the issue of slow PC and speeding it up needs maintenance from your end.

So don’t get irritated so soon, rather buck up and work upon it right now!

How To Speedup Windows 8 Computer

Fix 1: Eye The Startup Programs

It is always considered best to keep an idea of programs that might be automatically running on startup and ultimately lead to a slow computer. Some of them might actually be working to protect your PC from external threats; others are not required at the moment.

In such a case, you need to visit the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time and choosing Task Manager from here. Choose the ‘Performance’ tab and the ‘Startup’ tab while noticing what is actually going on in the system.

task manager

For example, here I have disabled the last option considering its startup impact as well as the present usage at the moment.

Fix 2: Re-Check & Close System Tray Programs

It is the most probable stage that many programs are running on your Windows 8 PC at the same time and ultimately leading to sluggishness. Now you need to close the system tray programs that usually launch at startup and keep running till the computer is shutdown.

windows 8

Simply click on ‘^’ sign from the taskbar and find out which programs are running. Judge yourself accordingly and exit the ones that are not in current use.

Fix 3: Update Your Drivers & OS

Every one of us is known with the fact that keeping our drivers, OS, and apps updated is the best idea to stay in real-time. Windows update can be checked through Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.

Follow the instructions and keep the system updated.

windows update

When it comes to updating the drivers, you can do it manually or with the help of a smart tool. Now updating manually will take a lot of time as well as require your extreme attention in deciding what has to be done and whatnot.

Rather you can prefer Advanced Driver Updater which can play the game smartly here, scans the outdated drivers, download and install the latest drivers to enhance performance extremely well. Don’t worry, your backup will be kept so nothing will get away from you.

Advanced driver updater

Fix 4: Uninstall The Tools Not In Use

Why even keep those programs in windows 8 PC if they haven’t been touched for a year? Download them again in the future or transfer to other bootable drives but keeping it away from the PC for better performance is the idea here.

Uninstall the programs manually or download a third-party uninstaller to make the work easy.

Fix 5: Let Your Web-Browser Breathe

Did you just check your web browser? Is it loaded with a number of extensions or have you accidentally invited wrong substances to your Windows 8 PC? This is where you need to remain well-aware.

So, go to the browser Extensions or Add-ons manager & remove the ones not needed. Do not forget to clear the cache and even browsing history with scheduled time.

Fix 6: Run A Malware Scan

Malware, adware, and spyware are the most common uninvited guests that land in your PC through various means and slows down the PC performance to a great extent.

In such a case, it is best to run a full scan using an authentic tool or format the Windows for once. It should also be noted that caring for the machine through Advanced System Protector is a major breakthrough to control these parasites.

Final Words

Now you must know how to speed up your Windows 8 PC without baffling for the performance it has been showing now. Follow the above steps securely and no crawling will ever occur to you unless it’s hit by a hardware glitch. Keep your PC happy by maintaining it with time and stay stress-free!


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