Can I Download Windows 10 ISO File Without Media Creation Tool

If you Google for installing Windows 10 ISO File, the very first result that would pop-up on your screen will redirect you to here & will further ask you to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to download the ISO.

For those unfamiliar, the Media Creation Tool is basically a tool that allows users to download the ISO Image & help to create a bootable drive or upgrade your current version.

Well, to be honest, downloading ISO using Windows 10 Creation Tool is quite easy, but the method is undoubtedly very tedious as you need to make dozens of clicks to download the ISO File. As good as it is, on various occasions, you might even face certain problems while using the tool, making it a deal-breaker for many users.

windows running tool
Common Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Problems:

1. In regular intervals, the Media Creation Tool throws random errors & stops downloading suddenly.

2. You’ll not find any easy option to pause or resume the installation process.

3. The download speed is not at good while using the Windows Media Creation Tool.

4. While using the Creation Tool, you might have to re-download the files numerous times every time you need them for use.

5. For whatever the reason, the Media Creation Tool is super-slow. Like why you need to wait & stare for several minutes to the “Getting a few things ready” screen?

To avoid all such problems, try the below-mentioned methods to Download Windows10 ISO File Without Media Creation Tool!

Four Different Ways To Install Windows10 ISO Image Without Media Creation Tool

Make sure to create a system restore point, just in case something goes wrong.

METHOD 1- Download ISO File Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (With Chrome)

Follow the instructions carefully:

STEP 1- Launch Google Chrome browser & navigate to the following URL & hit Enter button.

STEP 2- Once you land on the webpage, right-click somewhere & click on ‘Select Inspect’ from the context menu that appears.

STEP 3- In the Developer Console that appears, hit ‘three-dots’ icon on a top-right corner & hit More Tools option. Choose Network conditions from the context menu.

STEP 4- Under user agent, simply uncheck the ‘Select automatically” button & from Custom drop-down menu, select (Safari – iPad iOS 9 for example).


STEP 5- Reload the webpage!

STEP 6- From the next window that appears on your screen, choose Windows 10 edition, you want to install on your device. You can find the option under the ‘Select edition’ drop-down menu.

STEP 7 – Once you are done selecting the needed Windows edition, confirm the process > choose language according to your preference & Confirm again!

Complete the whole process by choosing either a 64-bit download or a 32-bit download option. (It depends on what type of Windows 10 you wish to install.) Your Windows ISO File will automatically begin to download!

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METHOD 2- Download ISO File Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (With Edge)

Since Microsoft Edge is the built-in web browser for all Windows 10 users, you might feel safe downloading the ISO Image using the Edge browser. The steps to download ISO File without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool is quite similar to what you did in the Chrome browser.

STEP 1- Launch Edge browser & go to the Microsoft Download site.

STEP 2- Just right-click on any part of the webpage > Inspect element > head towards the Emulation tab. Change the user agent to non-Windows one (Apple Safari (iPad), for example under the Mode tab.

windows 10 iso file

STEP 3-  Your browser will automatically be reloaded. If not, then you refresh the page to begin downloading the ISO Image for the version of Windows 10 you want.

Edge browser (Chromium-based) users can use the same steps used for the Google Chrome browser.

METHOD 3 –  Download ISO File Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (With Firefox)

Firefox users can change the user agent in their browser to allow the Windows 10 ISO file to be downloaded on their system. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1- Open Mozilla Firefox on your PC & head towards the Windows 10 ISO Page.

STEP 2- Hit the three-horizontal lines > choose Web Developer > Inspector option.

STEP 3- From the inspection window > go to ‘Responsive Design Mode’ (It’s a phone with a tablet symbol).

responsive design mode

STEP 4- In the drop-down menu that appears beneath the address bar, select a non-Windows device.  Choose Galaxy S9/S9+ for example.

Now refresh the page, your Windows 10 ISO would be installed without any restrictions.

METHOD 4- Download ISO File Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (With Mac or Linux PC)

If you are using more than one system or different OS other than Windows, then you can use it to download the ISO file. This method would effectively work on Non-Microsoft OS.

STEP 1- Launch the web browser on your system. Mac users can use Safari or just any other browser to accomplish the task.

STEP 2- Now go over the Windows 10 ISO File webpage, & this time you will not be redirected to use or update the Media Creation Tool.

STEP 3- Simply select the edition you wish to use, & confirm the process.

STEP 4- Go on selecting the language & 64-bit or 32-bit versions you want to download.

windows 10 iso

Just remember, these download links would only be active for 24 hours. Once you pass this period, you have to follow the aforementioned methods again to Download ISO Windows 10 File Without Using Media Creation Tool.

Hope our simple guide helped you to install Windows ISO File without any hassles. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends & colleagues who might be interested in the topic!

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