Microsoft Edge Launched in An All-New Avatar: All You Need to Know

When it comes to picking a web browser, Microsoft Edge has not been our first choice of preference (Well, for most of us). Edge browser was initially rolled out as a default Windows web browser, and since then it is trying to make its way among contenders like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which have always overshadowed the former.

But Microsoft never gave up and kept releasing regular updates, performance improvements for the Edge browser that made it better and better with each new update.

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So, this time as well, Microsoft has made another outstanding effort and released an all-new version of the Edge browser for Windows and macOS. This new version of Microsoft Edge is Chromium-based and includes a wide array of features that were not included in the previous versions of Edge.

Microsoft Edge is Now Chromium-Based?

Microsoft Edge Launched
Image Source: Slashgear

So, what does the term Chromium-based imply? Eh, maybe it’s more Chrome-like? Yes, you’re guessing it right. The new Microsoft Edge browser will now support features of Chrome, and will also extend its support for Chrome extensions. Edge browser will now offer you a mixed array of features from the Google Chrome browser as well as the features that were found in the older versions of Edge.

The surprise doesn’t just end here! This new version of the Edge browser will not just be available for Windows but will be rolled out for macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

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What Makes the New Microsoft Edge Browser Better?

This revamped version of the Microsoft Edge browser is worth a try for a couple of reasons. First, the new Edge browser which is Chromium-based collectively combines useful features of both Google Chrome and the older versions of Edge.

Microsoft Edge chromiums
Image source: Microsoft Edge Insider

Also, this new Edge browser version is available for all versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7 and macOS as well. This is most certainly a huge breakthrough for Microsoft as now the Edge browser can gladly be a part of the macOS environment too. To add a cherry to the cake, Microsoft has also announced that the Edge browser will also be rolled out for Linux machines in the coming future.

Microsoft Edge Launched chromium
Image Source: The Verge

And last but not least, the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser now allows you to enjoy Chrome extensions on both Windows as well as macOS that becomes another big reason for trying the revamped Edge browser.

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How to Install the New Microsoft Edge Browser?

Follow these quick steps to install Microsoft Edge Chromium on your Windows or MacBook.

Visit Microsoft Edge’s official webpage.

Select your operating system from the menu, and tap the “Download” button.

Once the confirmation pops-up on the screen, tap on “Accept and Download” to proceed.

As soon as the installation is done, Edge will automatically launch by default. To get started, you can even import your bookmarks and browser data from Google Chrome, or you can do it later too.

All set? Personalize your Edge window, choose the look whether you want it to be Inspirational, Informational or Focuses. Tap on “Next” to proceed and save your settings.

How to Install Extensions on Edge Browser?

Like we mentioned earlier, you can also download and install Chrome extensions and add-ons on the Microsoft Edge browser to make the most of your browsing experience. Here’s how to do it.

Tap the three-dot icon on the top-right corner to open the menu for settings. Select “Extensions”.

three dot icon

Enable the “Allow Extensions from other Stores” option.

Head on to the Chrome web store. Tap any query in the search box to look for extensions.

To download any extension that you like, tap the “Add to Chrome” and then tap “Add Extension” to add this specific extension to the Edge browser.

So yes, with this new version of the Microsoft Edge browser is better and more secure. You can either download the Edge browser via Chrome’s official website or either wait for a few months as Microsoft will be automatically delivering it with the next Windows update.

What are your views about Microsoft Edge Chromium? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments box below.

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