“Mouse Cursor Disappears On Windows 10” Problem (2023)!

Mouse cursor freezing unexpectedly or disappearing has been reported by tons of Windows 10 users who’ve recently upgraded their system to the latest Windows 10 versions. The problem usually arises when the laptop wakes up from sleep mode or after the booting up process. If multiple reboots were unable to fix the issue. Here’s a series of workarounds that you can implement right away without any technical assistance to get the missing cursor back on your Windows 10.

So, let’s start!


PART 1- Quick Fix: Mouse Cursor Disappears On Windows 10

Impatient enough to try all the fixes one by one? Well, try updating your Mouse Drivers! It’s probably one of the best workarounds to resolve the mouse pointer, not showing up on the screen. It has worked for the majority of Windows 10 users.

No idea how to update device drivers correctly? Well, don’t worry, you can always rely on a professional driver updater utility like Smart Driver Care. It offers an intuitive way to replace current drivers with the most compatible versions or update them in a few clicks.

Note: If your mouse is working a little bit, you can slowly follow the method to update drivers. Otherwise, you need to use on-screen mouse pointer solutions to update drivers as soon as possible or execute any of the workarounds to fix the problem eventually. 

How To Use Smart Driver Care To Update Faulty/Missing/Damaged/Corrupted Mouse Drivers?

Install and launch Smart Driver Care using the button below and follow the instructions carefully to update mouse drivers on Windows 10:

Smart Driver Care


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STEP 1- For demonstration purposes, we are using the registered version of Smart Driver Care, as it offers the capability to update an unlimited number of device drivers without any hassles.

(With the Free version of Smart Driver Care, you can only update two drivers in a day.)

STEP 2- Click on the Start Scan Now button & let the driver updater software search your entire system for missing, damaged, corrupted, incompatible drivers for each device. Be patient, let the software complete the scanning process. It would take a few moments for Smart Driver Care to show you the entire list.

Mouse Cursor Disappears On Windows 10

STEP 3- Now, go through the list of faulty drivers and locate Mouse Drivers that need immediate attention. You can click on the Update button next to the mouse driver or simply click on the Update All button to fix all the drivers in one go. 

Mouse Cursor Disappears On Windows 10

As soon as you click on the Update All button, Smart Driver Care would take a few moments to install bulk drivers from trustworthy sources. Once your system starts running the latest and most compatible drivers, you’ll soon be free from all the common PC problems, including the “missing mouse pointer” issue on Windows 10. To know more about Smart Driver Care, check out the complete review here

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PART 2- Must-Try Workarounds To Resolve “Windows 10 No Cursor” Problem!

Hopefully, tons of Windows 10 users would be able to get back the missing mouse cursor. In case you are still struggling with the annoying issue, don’t worry; there are still a few methods that you can try to fix the “Mouse Pointer Not Showing Up On The Screen” problem.

Best Workarounds How Do I Get The Missing Mouse Pointer Back On Windows 10?
METHOD 1 – Make Use Of Function Keys Maybe the installation of a new Windows update has accidentally disabled the function of your mouse cursor. Try using Windows Fn Keys to retrieve the missing mouse cursor.
METHOD 2- Run Windows 10 Troubleshooter  Running Windows built-in Troubleshooter is a go-to fix for almost all common PC problems. You can give it a shot too! Maybe, it can instantly fix the ‘mouse cursor disappears on Windows 10’ issue!
METHOD 3- Turn Off Cortana  It might seem like an unusual fix, but it has worked to easily get back the missing mouse cursor for plenty of users.
METHOD 4- Re-Enable Mouse Device It is one of the easiest ways to repair multiple kinds of mouse error on Windows 10. Just follow the straightforward steps below!


Note: You need to use the arrow keys, enter key, or tab key from your keyboard in certain methods to select the options and execute operations. 

METHOD 1 – Make Use Of Function Keys

Follow the straightforward method:

STEP 1- Depending on your keyboard and mouse model, try following the below-mentioned combinations. You never know which key helps you resolve the “mouse cursor disappears on Windows 10” problem.

STEP 2- Press the keys:

Fn + F3

Fn + F9

Fn + F11

Resolve “Windows 10 No Cursor” Problem

Function keys not working? Don’t worry; try fixing the issue, implementing the following workarounds.

METHOD 2- Run Windows 10 Troubleshooter

Don’t worry if pressing the Fn keys didn’t solve your problem. Follow the step by step process to run the Troubleshooter:

STEP 1- Go to the system settings. (You can press Windows key + I altogether shortcut). 

STEP 2- Navigate to the Update & Security module. 

Run Windows 10 Troubleshooter

STEP 3- Locate and click on the Troubleshoot menu from the left-hand side panel and go to Hardware and Devices section. 

Locate and click on the Troubleshoot menu

Now Run the Troubleshooter and let the process get completed. It will automatically detect potential system issues and fix them automatically. Hopefully, this resolves the “missing mouse cursor” problem also.

METHOD 3- Turn Off Cortana

Follow the instructions to disable Cortana carefully:

STEP 1- Hit the Windows key and search for Cortana. 

STEP 2- Navigate to Cortana & Search Settings. 

STEP 3- Simply set to ‘Hey Cortana’ to off.

Turn Off Cortana

Make sure you turn off all Cortana options as well. Restart your PC & observe if the issue still persists. If yes, go ahead and implement another workaround to get the missing mouse cursor back!

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METHOD 4- Re-Enable Mouse Device

Here are the simple steps to re-enable the mouse device:

STEP 1- Press the Windows key & look for Mouse. Click on the very first option that appears in the results. 

Re-Enable Mouse Device

STEP 2- From the Mouse Settings window, you need to hit the Tab button multiple times until you are able to select the additional Mouse options under Related Settings header.

STEP 3- Head towards the Buttons tab by hitting the Tab key again & again. 

STEP 4- Using the arrow keys, navigate to the Device Settings. If you find the mouse option is disabled. Hit the tab key to choose the Enable button. Hit Enter to enable the Mouse device! 

Using the arrow keys

Hopefully, this successfully enables the mouse device, and you can see the missing mouse cursor again on your desktop screen.

Did this troubleshooting guide help you? Were you able to get your missing mouse cursor back? Let us know your experience in the comments section below! Do not forget to ‘Upvote’ this article if you found it useful. It keeps us motivated!

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