{FIXED} Function Keys Not Working On Windows 10 (2023)

The Fn (Function Keys) are designed to perform specific actions on Windows, such as controlling screen brightness, alter sound volume, managing Wi-Fi on/off settings & more using the combination of Fn keys ( F1-F12). These special keys play an important role for users who love using shortcuts on their keyboards to increase productivity and ease regular tasks. 

But lately, several users have reported ‘Fn Keys Not Working’ properly on Windows 10. This issue is more common in laptops like Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Acer, etc. For most of the users, the problem arises after upgrading the systems with the recent Windows update. Hence, incompatible, corrupted, or faulty drivers could cause the issue. Try out the following workarounds to fix the Function Keys Not Responding issue. 


function keys not working Windows 10

PART 1- Ultimate Fix: Function (F1-F12 Keys) Not Working On Windows 10 PC/Laptop

One of the most common reasons why your Function Keys may start to malfunction or stop responding completely is when the Keyboard Drivers get old, damaged, missing, corrupted, or incompatible. Fortunately, manually updating your device drivers through Device Manager or using Smart Driver Care can quickly resolve the problem. 

Since the latter method is easy to implement and is trustworthy when installing the latest and correct drivers, we are showing you the step by step procedure to update drivers automatically. 

How To Use Smart Driver Care To Update Keyboard Drivers?

Follow the step by step process to install and replace your current drivers with the latest versions:

STEP 1- Install Smart Driver Care & launch the driver updater utility on your Windows 10 device. 

STEP 2- On the registered version, click on Start Scan Now button to let the driver updater tool find all the faulty drivers. 


Smart Driver Care


(With the Free Smart Driver Care version, you can only find and update two drivers each day.) 

STEP 3- Once all the faulty & corrupted drivers are listed. You can either update the Keyboard Drivers manually by finding the entry from the list and clicking on Update Driver button. However, the recommended solution is to click on the Update All button to fix all the bad drivers in one-click. 


Outdated Driver - Smart Driver Care


STEP 4- Smart Driver Care would take a few moments to replace all the current device drivers with the latest and most compatible versions, downloaded from official and trustworthy sources. 

Once your computer/laptop is running new Keyboard Drivers, hopefully, the problem “Function Keys Not Working on Windows 10” gets resolved. To read more about Smart Driver Care, check out the complete review here

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PART 2- Best Workarounds To Resolve Fn Keys Not Responding Issue

Don’t worry if updating the drivers didn’t solve your issue; there are plenty of workarounds that you can apply to eliminate.” the ‘Fn keys not working’ problem. 

Best Solutions To Resolve Fn Keys Not Responding Issue On Windows 10
METHOD 1- Check if the Function Keys are Locked  There can be chances that you have unknowingly pressed the F lock key, resulting in Fn keys not responding. Learn how to unlock it?
METHOD 2- Change Settings in Mobility Center (For Dell Users)  Mobility Center is a built-in setting that comes with Dell devices. Try making certain alterations and seeing if it makes the Function keys work as usual. 
METHOD 3- Run Hardware Troubleshooter Running the built-in hardware troubleshooter helps find and repair common PC issues & bugs that hamper performance and other Windows 10. Learn how to run it?
METHOD 4- Disable Filter Keys Filters keys are designed to deactivate repeated keystrokes. Though, it rarely happens that it blocks the Fn keys too. But you can try temporarily disabling the feature & check if it resolves your issue. 

 Resolve: Function Keys Not Responding On Windows 10 {2023}

Here are the steps you need to implement to resolve this annoying Windows 10 issue: 

METHOD 1- Check if the Function Keys are Locked

STEP 1- Look for the F Lock or F mode key on your keyboard. If you find it, press it again to unlock the Function keys on Windows 10. 


FN key not working


Now check your Function keys. Hopefully, it should start working now! 

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METHOD 2- Change Settings in Mobility Center (For Dell Users)

STEP 1- Hit Windows key & S altogether. From the Search menu, look for the Windows Mobility Center. 

STEP 2- From the next window, find an option that says Function Key Row. 

STEP 3- You need to select Function Key from the Drop-down arrow’s list of options. 


function keys not working Windows 10


STEP 4- Hit the Apply button to implement the changes successfully. 

Did it help you to make your Function keys normally work like before? If you are still struggling, try the next workaround! 

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METHOD 3- Run Hardware Troubleshooter

STEP 1- Press Windows Key & I altogether to launch system Settings. 

STEP 2- Locate & Open Update and Security module. 


Windows 10


STEP 3- Choose the Troubleshoot menu from the left panel and navigate to Hardware and Devices. 

STEP 4- Now click on – Run troubleshooter automatically, then notify me. 


FN key not working


Keep patience and see if it works to make Functions keys work again properly on Windows 10. 

METHOD 4- Disable Filter Keys

STEP 1- Go to the search menu & look for the Control Panel. 


Control Panel Windows 10


STEP 2- Navigate to Ease of Access Center. 


Ease of Access Center


STEP 3- Scroll down & find and click on the option “Make the keyboard easier to use”. 


Windows 10


STEP 4- From the next window, find the Filter Keys option and ensure it is not activated. 


Turn on Filter Keys


If it is checked, make sure you turn off the option and click on the OK button, followed by the Apply button to implement the changes. Now try pressing the Function keys; it should work smoothly now! 

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  • comment_avtar
    Paridhi Dhamani
    I don’t know why is my function key is not working. thank you for these solutions… I will try these to fix it

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mansi Vijay
      Hey Paridhi, There are several reasons why your Function Key stops responding. Try updating your drivers for starters, hopefully, it fixes the issues as soon as possible!

      3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Paul Sherman
    Thanks, but this didn’t really address my issue. The Function keys aren’t working when booting, so I can’t get into the modes to solve another problem.

    3 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Krishan Vijay
      Hello, Thank you for responding and sorry to hear that. If your function keys are not working, you can try and connect another keyboard and find out if it’s system or device issue

      3 years ago

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