How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android Device?

With mobile phones becoming smarter and some of them enlarging themselves to tablet size, it has become more convenient to carry out most of our tasks on them. This has reduced the burden of switching between your Android tablet and laptop between tasks. However, the only issue most of us face on a smartphone or tablet is that we are not able to type as fast as we can on a physical keyboard. To resolve this issue up to some extent we can always connect a physical keyboard to the phone and type as we would on a computer.

There are three ways to connect a physical keyboard to phone. Here are quick steps with detailed steps following them:

Via Bluetooth: Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Tap on Bluetooth settings on your mobile and search for the Bluetooth keyboard, and tap to connect.

Via OTG: Attach one end of the OTG adapter to your phone and the keyboard’s USB port to the other end. Enable OTG settings, if required.

VIA Wi-Fi: Install WiFi keyboard app from Play Store and enable it in the settings. Navigate to the web address generated by your Android phone, and it will connect instantly, provided both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android Device ?

In the world of wireless, the best option to connect a keyboard to a phone is through Bluetooth. The procedure is quick and simple can be done in a few steps:

Step 1. Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard to make it discoverable. This should put the devices in pairing mode unless there is a special button or step specified in the instruction manual.

Step 2. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap to turn it on. Locate “Pair new device” and tap on it to allow the phone to search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 3. Now search for the devices listed as the Bluetooth adapter scans for the nearby compatible devices.

Step 4. Select the corresponding keyboard name, and tap on it to connect.

Step 5. If you are asked for a pin code to connect, then type zero four times or 0000. This is the default pin code for most devices unless specified otherwise on the instructional manual.

Step 6. The keyboard will connect instantly, and you can start typing.

Note: If your Bluetooth keyboard is connected to another device, then you will have to unpair it first to make it discoverable.

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How to Connect USB keyboard with Android Device via OTG?

To connect a Physical keyboard to a phone, you would require an OTG adapter and a keyboard with a USB port. An OTG is a small adapter, also known as On-The-Go, assists in connecting USB devices to your smartphone. It is generally used to connect a USB flash drive with your Android device to facilitate a quick transfer of data. However other devices like USB keyboard can also be connected to your phone provided it is supported.

otg cable

Steps to connect Keyboard with Android device.

One of the easiest ways to connect a keyboard to a phone is via an OTG adapter. Follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1. Connect the Keyboard’s USB port to the USB port of the OTG adapter.

Note: The USB port of the keyboard is universal and will be the same across the globe.

Step 2. Now connect the Micro USB port of the OTG adapter to your Android’s charging port.

Note: Your Android phone’s charging port might be a micro USB type A or Type C. Confirm your phone’s charging port type, before purchasing the OTG adapter.

Step 3. Once the physical connection is established between the android device and keyboard, you are all done. You can now open any app that supports typing and start using your keyboard and type with ease.

Note: Some Android devices do not support connecting Keyboard to phone until the OTG setting has been turned on.  To turn OTG adapter in your Android device, follow these steps:

Step 4: Navigate to the settings on your Android phone, and tap on the System page.

Step 5. Locate OTG Storage and toggle the button to turn it on. This will enable any device connected to your phone via OTG.

otg storage

Note: You can always tap on Settings in your Android device, and type OTG storage on the search box located on the very top of the settings menu.

easy otg checker

The OTG for Android works for all the phones that are a couple of years old and for some that are older than that. If you have an older phone and want to check if your phone is OTG compatible, then you can always install Easy OTG Checker from Google Play Store. This app will check if your phone is compatible with an OTG adapter and has required software API.

Download Easy OTG Checker on your Android Phone

easy otg connectivity process

How to Connect A PC Keyboard with Android Device via Wi-Fi?

There is yet another way to connect a keyboard to phone for those who do not have a Bluetooth keyboard or an OTG adapter. For this method, you must have a PC connected to a Wi-Fi network. Connect your Android Mobile to the same Wi-Fi network, and follow these steps:

Step 1. Install WiFi Keyboard app developed by Ivan Volosyuk on your Android device, and launch the app.

wifi keyboard

Download From Here

Step 2. Next, launch Settings, and tap on Language & Input.

Step 3. Tap on Virtual Keyboard and then tap on Manage Keyboards.

Step 4. Add WiFi Keyboard by using the toggle switch next to the app.

manager keyboard

Step 5.  Once the WiFi Keyboard is enabled, pull down the notifications on your phone, and you will see a web address.

wifi keyboard option

Step 6. Open the default browser on your computer, and type the web address obtained in step 5 on the address bar and hit Enter.

wifi keybard mode

Step 7. Now, open any app that you can type on and choose the input type as Wi-Fi Keyboard.

Step 8. Tap on the text typing area, and you will see that the virtual keyboard will not turn up.

Step 9. Try typing on your computer’s keyboard, and you will see that the letters are typed in your phone instead of the computer.

Note: Although the webpage that you open displays a text preview to view the text that you typed on your Android phone, but it did not work in two test cases I conducted.  You will have to look down on your phone to know what you have typed.

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Your Thoughts on How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android Device

Now that you know, you can enhance your Android device by connecting a keyboard to phone or tablet. It is up to you which method you want to choose as every method has its own benefits and limitations.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard with Android Device

Benefit: The best experience of using a keyboard on any device.

Limitation: Bluetooth keyboards are expensive.

Connect Physical Keyboard to Phone via OTG.

Benefit:  Connection process is simple and quick.

Limitation: Wired connection.

Connect PC Keyboard to Phone via Wi-Fi.

Benefit: No additional expense.

Limitation: Does not work without Wi-Fi connection.

Also, remember to disconnect your keyboard after use, as all methods have a common limitation of draining the Android device faster than usual.

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