How To Increase Download Speed on Steam-Windows?

Whether looking for the first-person shooter, adventure RPG, simulation, MMORPG, or AAA games, with a library of 30,000+ games, Steam has it all. It is one of the largest platforms to offer PC games. But when you want to download a new game and it takes ages no one likes it.

With that said, if you are looking for a way to increase download speed on Steam, you are at the right place. In this post, we will discuss how to boost download speed on Steam.

Best Ways To Improve Steam Download Speed

Before getting into details and understanding how to do that, a small tip.

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Now, let’s learn how to increase download speed on Steam.

5 Top Ways to Increase Download Speed on Steam

Way 1 – Restrict unwanted data usage

Firstly, close all the running web browsers as it is the quickest way to increase download speed.

Fact Check – Google Chrome consumes almost 50% of bandwidth. To reduce this consumption, launch Chrome > click the three dots on the right side > Settings > Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage.

After exiting the browser, follow these steps to check if other apps are taking up data.

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and open Task Manager.

2. Under the Network tab, look for the apps that are consuming bandwidth.

Task Manager

3. Select them one by one and click End task.

This should help improve the Steam download speed.

Way 2 – Give Priority to Steam Software

The second method on the list of best ways to boost Steam download speed is giving priority to Steam downloads. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Steam

2. Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and open Task Manager

3. Under the Processes tab, look for Steam.exe

Task Manager

4. Right-click > Go to details

Task Manager

5. In the subsequent window that opens click Details tab > look for Steam.

6. Right-click > Set priority > High

Task Manager

7. Doing so will pass on the message to the system that Steam needs priority over other programs.

Now try to download the new game, and you will see a slight difference in download speed. If not, no problem we have other steps.

Way 3 – Change Steam Settings

Note:- Steam downloads are not centered, they are regional. Due to this when the location is intercepted incorrectly, you face a challenge with download speed.

To fix this and boost Steam download speed, follow the steps below:

1. Launch Steam

2. Click Steam > Settings

increase download speed on Steam

3. Thereafter, look for the Downloads option present in the left pane.

download speed on Steam

4. Next, look for Download Region in the right pane and click the down arrow.

increase download speed on Steam

5. If the location is incorrectly detected, set it to the closest server available based on your location.

Note: Picking the closet server is a good idea, but if you live in an area where the download rates and traffic is high, the connection might be clogged. In such cases relocating the server and finding the right is the best solution. To do so, visit Steam’s download stats and cross-check the average download rate and traffic percentage.

6. Also, click the arrow under Limit bandwidth, and set it to No limit.

Now try to download the game, you will see a boost in Steam download speed.

Way 4 – Switch to Ethernet

Steam understands the importance of optimal speeds. Hence, the company tries its best to offer a glitch-free user experience. But this alone cannot help, as download speed depends on the speed of the internet connection. Therefore, to avoid facing download speed issues, our recommendation is to download games using an Ethernet connection.

This also means you will have to update LAN drivers. For this, you can try using Smart Driver Care – an automatic and trusted way to download and update all the drivers.

To know more about this tool, read the complete review.

tipsAdditional Tip

Tip:- To download the driver manually, you will need information about the motherboard’s make and model. To get these details, press Windows + R and open Run windows. Here type cmd > Ok. Type: wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer > Enter.

You will get all the details.

Way 5 – Temporarily disable Antivirus and Firewall

Undeniably antivirus and firewall programs add a layer of security. But sometimes, they interfere with other apps too. To ensure this is not the case here, try temporarily disabling them. If doing so shows a drastic improvement in Steam download speed, you know the culprit.

To disable Windows Defender, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + I to open Windows settings

2. Click Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection


Virus & threat protection

3. Click Manage settings

increase download speed on Steam

4. Toggle off the slider under Real-time protection

Windows Settings

Note: Doing so will remove the protective shield. Therefore, once you have downloaded the game remember to enable it.

5. Thereafter, scroll down and look for Exclusions > add or remove the exclusion.

Windows Settings

6. Click Add an exclusion > select the File option.

increase download speed on Steam

7. Browse to the location where Steam.exe is saved and add it.

This way you can add Steam to the exclusion list and save yourself from disabling Windows Firewall every now and then.

Next, disable Firewall press Windows + R > control > Windows Defender Firewall < select Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left pane.

Windows Firewall Settings

This way you can disable it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I make steam download faster?

To speed up Steam download ensure you meet the following:

  1. Priority of Steam app is set to High
  2. Antivirus or firewall is temporarily disabled
  3. Unwanted apps consuming data are disconnected or closed
  4. Switch from a Wi-Fi to an Ethernet connection.

Q2. Can I increase my download speed?

Yes, to increase my download speed try the following tricks:

  • Upgrade internet speed
  • Disable other apps consuming data unnecessarily
  • Reboot router and system
  • Change router’s location
  • Scan the system for virus
  • Clear system and browser’s cache
  • Flush DNS

Q3. How do I increase Steam download speed 2021?

To boost Steam download speed do the following:

  • Restrict unwanted data usage.
  • Give Priority to Steam Software
  • Change Steam Settings
  • Switch to Ethernet
  • Temporarily Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Fix – How To Boost Download Speed On Steam

In this digital area, there can be nothing heartbreaking other than slow download speeds. Understanding this, we have listed the best ways to fix download speed issues with Steam. Hope you have learned how to increase download speed on Steam.

If you like the post and are happy with the solutions, please share it with others. In case you have any feedback or questions do leave them in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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