How To Set & Reduce Data Usage On Windows 10

Windows 10 came with a complete set of new & handy features, one of them is the ability to set data usage limits. It’s a rich functionality for users who are on a limited data plan. Despite all Windows 10’s automatic updates, the major part of data consumption happens due to Apps & Software you use.

To avoid such a situation, Microsoft added a handy feature ‘Set Data Usage Limit’ through which users can set data limits on a monthly or one-time quota basis. Further, they can browse the web without being concerned about exceeding the data limit.

How To Set & Reduce Data Usage On Windows 10

How Do I Check Network Usage On Windows 10?

If a question like this, often pops-up in your mind, then turn on your Windows 10 system > go to the Settings app > Network and Internet. You’ll be directed to a page dedicated to monitoring Internet usage on your PC.

To see which apps are using the data the most, click on View Usage Per App to see the usage details. You can see the apps that eat your Internet in descending order. Moreover, to view the data usage numbers for a particular WiFi network, just click on the Show usage from the drop-down menu & choose the desired network.

How Do I Check Network Usage On Windows 10

How To Set Data Limit On Windows 10?

In earlier versions of Windows 10, users were only allowed to set data usage limits for mobile networks. But now users can manage their Ethernet, WiFi & Mobile networks with data limits & restrictions for background running.

STEP 1- Go to Settings (Press Windows + I On Your Keyboard).

STEP 2- Head towards Network & Internet > click on Data Usage from the left panel.

STEP 3- From the drop-down Show Settings for, your current connected network will be displayed.

STEP 4- From the Data Limit section > hit the Set Limit button. A pop-up appears with options like Limit Type, Reset Date, Data Limit & Unit (for MB or GB).

Limit Type:

Monthly – Allow your PC to monitor data usage monthly &  statistics resets every month or the day of your choosing.

One Time – Allow your Windows 10 PC, to monitor data usage during one period.

Unlimited – Allows your system to monitor data usage constantly without limitations &  statistics resets every month or the day of your choosing.

Reset Date: Whatever your bandwidth ending date is.

Data Limit: Set data limit in number. For example: If you have less than 1 GB, then enter a number between 1-1024 MB.

Unit: Choose the data limit in MB or GB.

STEP 5- You can certainly set the Reset Date according to your monthly billing cycle. Once you are done configuring all the options mentioned above, hit Save button.

How To Set Data Limit On Windows 10

From now on, you can monitor the total amount of data consumption, remaining data left, days left for the next reset cycle. In case you wish to have a glance at these details, without following the whole path to settings, you can right-click on the Data Usage tab & pin it to your Start menu.

Another Way To Set Data Limit Usage On Windows 10: Using Third-Party Tools

If you want more features than what is offered by default ‘Set Data Limits’ by Microsoft, then you can look at the following Data Usage Limit Software.

1. NetWorx

A useful tool to track your Internet usage & restrict data. To use the software, all you have to do is set the maximum allotted data limit to Download, Upload, Total limit in MB for a given duration. The time period can vary from day, week, month, or a year.

2. Timeout

Timeout is a free software to limit & restrict data usage on Windows 10 PC. You can set the session’s length, daily time limit, block websites/programs & track web usage. Using Timeout data limit software, you will never witness a ‘Data usage warning’ on your device ever again.

3. FocalFilter

Using FocalFilter, you can track, manage & restrict data usage on your Windows 10 easily. The software allows you to create a list of websites that you wish to monitor or block for tracking data usage. Just set data limits for specific websites & manage Internet usage without any hassles.

How To Optimize Data Usage Limit In Windows 10?

Check out the following ways to optimize data consumption on your Windows 10.

1. Turn Off Background Apps

Windows software installed on your computer might be contributing to the depletion of your data plan, so consider turning them off to ensure they consume a significant amount of data.

Click on Start button > Settings > Privacy > Background Apps > Toggle Off Apps

2. Disable OneDrive

OneDrive offers an ideal way to store, sync & share your files with other devices via the Internet, so eventually, it would consume a lot of data in the background, Make sure you disable it, by following the steps below:

Click on CTRL + SHIFT + ESC altogether on your keyboard to open Task Manager > From Startup tab > disable Microsoft OneDrive

3. Turn Off PC Syncing

Well, you don’t need this feature every time. Disable it for the time being & when you need to sync, enable it.

Go to Start button > Settings > Accounts > Sync your Settings > Turn off the feature

4. Turn Off Notifications

Turning off the Action Centre Notifications on your Windows 10 can help you save a lot of data. To do so, follow the steps below:

Right-click on the Action Centre icon from the system tray > Turn on Quiet hours

5. Turn Off Windows 10 Live Tiles

You might not realize, but Live tiles such as News, travel on your windows do consume data on your system. If you really don’t need those live tiles, simply remove them.

Start menu > right-click on these feed-based apps > choose option Turn Live Tile Off

That Was All!

So, these were some tips & ways to help you set, monitor & reduce data usage limits on your Windows 10 machine. If you have anything to add in this list, do share your suggestions in the comment section below!

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