Steam Tips and Tricks Every Gaming Junkie Needs to Know

Wake up. Eat. Head on to the couch. Watch a couple of movies/play games. Sleep. Repeat. 

Yes, almost all of our lives are revolving around this cycle. To survive these difficult times caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, it has become essential to spend time inside our houses. So, what all one can do for killing time while being isolated at home? Well, some would prefer watching movies and TV shows, some would prefer video calling their friends. And, then there’s a whole different lot who love playing games 24×7, aka gaming junkies.

If you call yourself a gaming fanatic, then we’re sure you must’ve heard of Steam, right? Steam is the ultimate destination for all gamers where you can enjoy playing games on one-on-one mode, multiplayer, create your games, and do probably everything else that revolves around the word “gaming”.

Steam Tips and Tricks
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Steam Tips and Tricks For Gamers

What is Steam?

So, what exactly is Steam all about? Steam is an online virtual space, more like a standalone software client that allows you to play tons of games uploaded by third-party publishers. Not just this, Steam also offers automatic updates for every game and in addition to this it also provides you with a platform where you can interact with other gamers in the community. 

Steam Tips and Tricks For Gamers
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Launched back in 2003, Steam is a widely popular PC gaming service featuring more than 34 thousand games played by 95 million active gamers (on average) across the world. Just like you have an app market store on your smartphone for downloading apps and games, in the same way, Steam is a platform that allows you to play games on your device. 

So, are you all set to explore Steam tips and tricks to make the most of this gaming service? Here are a bunch of cool features that will help you in getting started and to use this PC gaming client to its full potential. 

Let’s dive in.

Manage Game Folders

Manage Game Folders
Exhausted all your disk space while downloading games? With the help of the “Steam Mover” service, you can easily manage your game folders and customize the settings where each game is stored on your device. Rather than installing and downloading all your games in one folder, you can use alternative folders or portable hard drive for loading your favorite games. This will not only keep your entire gaming collection organized but will also enable you to load games faster for a more seamless gaming experience.

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 Download Games Remotely

Download Games Remotely
Image source: Steam Support

Installing and Downloading games takes forever, especially if you’re stuck up with low Internet speed. Yes, we all hate waiting, especially gamers. Well, Steam offers you an alternative way of downloading and playing games. So, what you can do is, download the Steam mobile app on your Android or iPhone, and then download the game on your device. Once the game is successfully downloaded on your device, you can access it remotely from your Steam account and start playing games without waiting much. 

Manage Family Library Sharing

Manage Family Library Sharing
Image source: Auslogics

Steam also offers a Family sharing option, where you can share your gaming library with up to 10 different authorized computers. To use Family Library Sharing on Steam, head on to Steam’s official web page or Steam portal, tap on Your Store> Preferences option from the top menu bar. Select the “Account Details” tab from the left menu pane and then, scroll down to the “Family Settings” section. Tap on “Manage Family Library Sharing” option, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re then good to go.

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Hide Games from Steam Library

Hide Games from Steam Library
Image source: PC World

Is your Steam gaming library cluttered with tons of gaming titles, which you don’t even play frequently? Well, Steam offers you an option where you can hide a few games from your library to keep it well-organized. To do so, right-click on any game, select “Hide this Game in my Library” option. 

When you’re hiding a particular game, it won’t be deleted and will still be in your account. So, in case, if in future you change your mind and feel like playing that game again, you can navigate to Library> Search> Games Button > Hidden Folder. 

There were a couple of Steam tips and tricks that will help you in making the most of your gaming sessions. Already had your Steam dose? Looking for something new? Check out these 10 best Steam alternatives ideal for PC gaming. 

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