How to Remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11

In this 21st century, advertising is the greatest act of persuasion. Whether we are browsing through our social media feed, reading emails, watching videos, or listening to our favorite tracks online, ads are everywhere–quite literally. As the online presence of products and services has increased, marketers are now using their creative skills to develop digital advertisements that follow us everywhere. (Hauntingly)


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Third-party website trackers and marketers hit us with targeted ads based on our recent browsing history, interests, and patterns. The moment you make a quick Google search about any query, the next thing you know, your browser will be crawling with related advertisements and annoying pop-ups.

Well, not just the web browser or applications, ads can be injected into the operating system as well. Yes, you heard that right. Is your Windows 11 PC constantly popping up ads and alerts while ruining your productivity? We’ve got you covered.

Wondering how you can remove annoying ads on Windows 11? In this post, we have listed a bunch of simple solutions that you can use to remove annoying ads from Windows 11.

Here you go!

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How to Remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11

Disable Bloatware Ads


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Seeing ads right above your Windows 11’s Taskbar? Well, it is possibly due to bloatware that comes preinstalled along with the OS. Bloatware is a special type of software that comes embedded in the device itself by the manufacturer. To disable bloatware ads on your Windows 11 PC, follow these quick steps.

Open the Windows Settings app and head on to System > Notifications.

Scroll down through the list and look for Partner Promo, Dropbox Promotion, My Dell, and so on. If you find any such items in the list, toggle off the notifications.


After disabling the notifications, scroll further and uncheck the “Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device” and “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows” options.


Remove Ads from File Explorer

Yes, even the Windows File Explorer is capable of haunting you with ads. Wondering how to remove annoying ads thrown by the File Explorer app? Here’s what you need to do:

Launch the File Explorer app on your Windows 11 device. Tap on the three-dot icon placed on the top menu bar, select “Options”.


In the Folder Options window, uncheck the “Show sync provider notifications” option.

Hit on the OK and APPLY buttons to save the recent changes.

Disable Personalized Ads

Microsoft has a unique advertising scheme that displays personalized ads on Windows 11 by using your advertising ID. To disallow personalized ads, follow these quick steps.

Launch the Windows Settings app. Navigate to Privacy and Security> General.

Toggle OFF the “Let apps show me personalized ads by using my advertising ID” option.


Once you disable this option, Windows 11 will no longer display personalized ads on your system.

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Disable Lock Screen Ads

Annoyed with the ads, tips, fun facts crawling on your Windows 11’s lock screen? Well, you can easily disable the lock screen ads on Windows by making a few quick changes in the settings.

Open the Settings app, head on to Personalziation> Lock Screen.


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Uncheck the “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen” option.

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Disable Suggested Content in Settings

Well, yes, even the Settings app can be a victim of advertising. Hence, to make sure that the settings app doesn’t start showing suggested ads and pop-ups, here’s something you can try.

Navigate to Settings> Privacy and Security> General.


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Toggle OFF the “Show me suggested content in Settings” option.

Don’t Send Diagnostic Data to Microsoft

Based on your user profile, current activities, Microsoft analyzes your diagnostic data and traffic. So, to remove annoying ads on Windows 11, you can stop sharing your data with Microsoft. To alter this setting on Windows, follow these quick steps:

Navigate to Settings> Privacy and Security> Diagnostics and Feedback.


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Now, toggle OFF the “Let Microsoft use your diagnostic data..” option.

Use an AdBlocker Extension

To make your browsing experience more pleasant and to remove annoying ads from crawling over the window, you can use an adblocker extension or third-party software to get rid of advertisements.


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Also, make a habit of browsing in the Private or Incognito mood so that the website trackers and marketers won’t be able to trace your browsing activities.


Here were a few simple tips to remove annoying ads from Windows 11. By making a few quick changes in the settings, you can disable ads from popping on the desktop, File Explorer, Settings app, browser, and other places.

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