How To Use Chrome Components Updates To Enhance Browsing Experience?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and used by over a billion users across the globe. One of the best features is the automatic updates that happen in the background on its own. However, users check for the update status or initiate the process by going to About Google Chrome page from the Hamburger menu. But if you have a slower or intermittent internet connection, then I suggest that visit the Chrome Components Page for manually updating each component, which would update the Chrome browser as a whole.

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What Are Chrome Components?

You all probably know about the various Chrome Flags and Chrome Settings that lets the user enable or disable certain features on the browser. Unlike them, Chrome Components are like the hidden organs inside Chrome that are responsible for everything that Chrome can do, including features and settings. Did you know that the Flash Player, which will no longer be supported after December 2020 is not just a feature but a Chrome Component that can be checked for updates alone if you find issues in displaying some of the websites?

Chrome components update address bar

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How to Access Chrome Components?

It is effortless to access the Chrome Components page. Just like other features, the components have an URL of their own. Type the following in the address bar of the Chrome browser:


Every Chrome Component has an update button beneath it which can be used to check for the Chrome Component updates. This way, you don’t have to update the entire browser but update a single Chrome component. Let’s discuss what each component is and what it does.

List of Chrome Components and what they do?

There are a total of 13 components that make up the entire Chrome browser

Chrome components update overview

1. MEI Preload

This is the Media engagement bundle that plays the media files on the browser. Another function of this component is to load the media content in advance so that the users do not face a lag or buffer while browsing. If you feel that your browser is responding slowly and taking time to load things up, then you could first check your internet connection and then initiate MEI Preload Chrome Component Update.

2. Intervention Policy Database

This Chrome component contains the policies related to the settings customized in the user’s device. If this database fails, then the Chrome browser will not respond and probably crash. Before you consider a reinstall of the browser, a simple Chrome Component update might fix the issue.

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3. Legacy TLS Deprecation Configuration

The Transport Layer Security Protocol is responsible for internet connectivity on your Chrome browser. The Chrome browser, unlike other browsers, still supports the old TLS versions like 1.0 and 1.1 which are outdated. While visiting these websites, you will get a “Not Secure” warning informing the users that this website is using legacy protocols. The latest version currently used across the globe is version 1.3.

4. Subresource Filter Rules

One of the most useful of the Chrome Components is the Subresource Filter Rules, which blocks websites that display malicious and phishing behaviour. One of the most famous ad-blocking extensions, AD Blocker Plus, uses these rules to differentiate between normal and harmful tracking ads displayed on the website. It is important to have this Chrome Component updated regularly.

5. Crowd Deny

If you are wondering about how Chrome deals with the permissions of every individual website, then it is this component that is responsible for them. All the permissions like storing of the cookies, sound, notifications and much other authorisation are reviewed by this component based on the reputation data on an individual website. It then decides which permission to enable and disable for a particular site and might revoke all of them if required.

6. File Type Policies

Not much is known about this Chrome Component except the fact that it deals with Chrome’s file handling policies.

7. Origin Trials

Similar to the Google’s Portable Native Client or PNaCl, which allows users to test in a sandboxed environment, Origin Trials is another component on the same term that will enable developers to experiment their websites without harming the browser.

Chrome components update Flas Player

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8. Adobe Flash Player

After the development of HTML 5, Adobe Flash Player is now slowly exiting the IT industry with December 2020 as the due date. It is probably because the Flash layer was vulnerable to malicious attacks, but there are still some websites that use the Adobe Flash Player. It any of these websites do not load up properly, then you probably know by now, which Chrome Component to update.

9. Certificate Error Assistant

This Chrome component assists the user to generate Secure Socket Layer certificates in cases of error while accessing any website. The SSL certificates can be issued from Chrome’s self-signed certificate authority by the user.

10. CRLSet

The Certificate Revocation List Chrome Component checks all the certificates of the websites visited by the user and segregates those websites which have a terrible reputation. It then makes a list of all these websites and shares this information with the central server. This list is being regularly updated with the details of expired and untrusted security certificates,  and are provided to the users’ computer via updates. This method helps us to block malicious websites on our computer, making it an essential reason for this Chrome Component Update as a top priority.

11. Safety Tips

Whenever you visit a site and see a Go Back sign alerting you that the website you intent to visiting is not trusted and safe, this means the Safety Tips Chrome component is in action. This Chrome Component update is a must to ensure protection and security while surfing on the internet.

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12. OnDeviceHeadSuggest

One of the newest Chrome Components, this component generates suggestions from the user queries asked in the past and provides the results in the Omnibox API suggestion box.

13. cros-termina

This again is a new component for Chrome OS users only and will not work on Windows or macOS. This component allows Chromebook users to connect with Linux terminal using Chrome OS’s native command line.

The Final Word on Chrome Components Update

Now that you have understood what components are included in the Chrome Browser and their functions. It is essential to initiate the Chrome Components Update every once in a while to enjoy a secure and flawless browsing experience.

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