How To Hide Sensitive Info Preview From iPhone’s Lock Screen

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Every individual has their own set of privacy norms. But when it comes down to text messages most of us detest that snoopy pair of eyes on our phone’s screen invading our privacy, right? Often when we go out to hang around with friends, a simple text message could get you into a lot of trouble (Not to forget about the endless teasing). Everybody has their own personal life and sometimes a single text may suddenly expose your personal life to a bunch of people.

So, to save yourself from embarrassing situations and if you don’t want anybody else to read your text messages or notifications, iPhone gives you a special privilege. You can simply hide the preview text from being displayed on the screen so that, even if your friend or anybody else happens to sneak around, they won’t get anywhere near it. Your iPhone won’t display any sensitive information on the screen instead it’ll just say “Notification”.

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Let’s see how can we hide sensitive information from being displayed on iPhone.

How To Hide Sensitive Information Preview For All Apps

If you don’t wish to share any sort of sensitive information on your iPhone’s lock screen here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to Settings> Notifications.
  2. Tap on Show Preview option.
  3. Here you can pick from 3 options viz Always, When Unlocked and Never.
    iPhone notifications
  4. You can pick either “When Unlocked” or “Never” as per your preference

How To Hide Notification Preview Of Individual Apps

If you wish to hide notification preview of certain apps like Mail or WhatsApp you can do that too.

  1. Head on to Settings>Notifications.
  2. Now scroll through the list and tap on any specific app you need to customize.
  3. Here you can manage the individual app settings whether you want the preview to be displayed on the lock screen or not.
    Hide Notification Preview Of Individual Apps

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How To Hide All Notifications From The Lock Screen

If you don’t want to give that benefit of doubt to anyone, this happens to be the best option. To complete hide notifications from lock screen here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head on to Settings>Notifications.
  2. Now scroll down on the application’s notification settings screen.
  3. Toggle the “Show on Lock Screen” slider to off.Hide All Notifications From The Lock Screen
  4. In this way notifications won’t appear on your iPhone’s lock screen when your phone is unlocked.

As soon as you’ll unlock your device all your notifications will appear on the screen where you can easily access them.

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So folks, here was a quick guide on making your iPhone more secure from prying eyes. If privacy is a major concern for you then this simple tweak can make your life easier!

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