How To Record Meeting In Google Meet? (2023)

The ability to Record Google Meet Video Calls has several perks. For instance, a recorded meeting can be useful for sharing it later with other colleagues, or for training purposes. Alternatively, the Google Meet recording can be useful for rehashing the details of a project or jotting down notes on what was discussed. 

If you are also curious to learn How to Record Google Meet Call, this blog is beneficial for you. Read the step-by-step method to get started: 

Ways To Record Meeting On Google Meet

Here’s How To Record Meeting On Google Meet Platform Manually?

Though for a limited duration of 60 Minutes, anyone who is a G-Suite customer should be able to record a meeting or video call via Google Meet, video platform. 

STEP 1- To get started, Start, or Join a Meeting. 

STEP 2- Click on the ‘Three-Dots’ icon, located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. As soon as the pop-up box appears on the screen, click on the Record Meeting option.

record Hangout meeting, Google meet recording

Note: If you are not seeing the Record Meeting option, it probably means that you can’t record that meeting or call on Google Meet.  

STEP 3- Hit the ‘Accept’ button, if asked for consent. As soon as you agree, the recording will begin automatically.

TweakShot Screen Capture

STEP 4- Once you are done recording, you need to click on the ‘three dots’ icon again and hit the option ‘Stop Recording’. 

record meeting in Google Meet

Depending on the duration or so, Google Meet may take about ten minutes or more to generate the recording file. Once it is done, the recorded Google Meet Video will be saved on the Drive in a folder labeled as “Meet Recordings”. 


  • As a best practice, it’s always good to inform the other participants before you start recording the call in Google Meeting. 
  • If you are recording the meeting as a Teacher, ensure all the students have their Mics on mute for the best experience. 
  • Ensure your Microphone & Camera are turned on for a great recording. 
  • While sharing the screen using Google Meet, make sure no private information or sensitive data is visible on your device’s screen. 

As we have already mentioned, the Google Meet platform only allows users to record video calls for 60 minutes, it can be a problematic situation if you want to record a long session or seminar. For such scenarios, you need to use third-party screen capturing and video recording software. We recommend using an amazing solution for the purpose, TweakShot. The tool brings tons of features and flexible settings to record meetings and video calls in excellent quality for an unlimited duration. Let’s learn how to record Google Meet Video Call using TweakShot?

Introducing TweakShot Screen Capture Tool For Recording Meetings On Google Meet

Be it recording online seminars, Skype calls, Zoom meetings, gameplays, YouTube live streaming, or webinars, TweakShot offers excellent capabilities to record almost anything on your device and save it on your PC in popular file formats. 

Windows’ Requirements For TweakShot Screen Capturing Tool
Supported Device:  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 
Storage: 4 GB RAM & Above 
Hard Disk Space:  Min. 2 GB of Free Space 
Display For Adequate Performance:  1280*768 & more 
Processor:  Intel Core i3 or Above 
Price:  $29.95

Highlights: TweakShot Screen Capture Tool For Recording Meetings On Google Meet & More

Here’s why you should use TweakShot screen capturing and video recording software on your Windows PC. 

  • A suitable choice for capturing high-quality screenshots & screen recording
  • Multiple capturing modes: Full Screen, Scrolling Window, Specific Region & Single Window. 
  • Built-in Photo Editing Tools to refine captured screenshots. 
  • Capability to add annotations (useful for making demos, tutorials & teaching purpose). 
  • Use hotkeys to quickly take screenshots and record screens.  
  • Save & Share screenshots and captured videos on Cloud Sharing platform: Google Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive. 
  • Get free lifetime access to photo editing software – PhotoStudio. 

how to record google meet video call

If you are satisfied with the applications and highlights of the screen recording tool, let’s learn how to use TweakShot. 

Here’s How To Record Meeting On Google Meet Using Third-Party Screen Capturing Tool?

Recording meetings and video calls during Google Meet is a straightforward process when it comes to using TweakShot. 

STEP 1- Install and launch the TweakShot Screen Capture tool on your Windows system. 

TweakShot Screen Capture

STEP 2- You’ll be displayed with a flexible console that helps to capture screenshots and recording in multiple modes. Double-click on the Big Eye icon to access the same. 

TweakShot Screen Capture

STEP 3- For recording video calls or meetings in Google Meet, you’ll be using the Capture Video option. See the screenshot below for reference. 


STEP 4- Start the Google Meeting and click on the Capture Video option when you are all set. You can record Single Window, Rectangular Region, Full Desktop Without Taskbar, or Full Desktop using TweakShot. Select the desired option and hit the Record button. 

Make sure you check the Record Audio option & keep your Microphone connected while your PC is recording screen. 

TweakShot Screen Capture

STEP 5- Your Google meeting will be recorded without any hassles. 

record Google meet

STEP 6- Once, you are done, you need to click the product icon again and choose the option Stop.

TweakShot Screen Capture

Your recording will be saved automatically, you can check out the recorded Google Meeting later and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. 

FAQ – Google Meet Recording

Have some queries in mind? Read below! 

Q1. Why can’t I record Google meet?

You certainly can’t record if you join only to present. The admin should turn on recording for Meet from the Google Admin Console for successful capturing. For troubleshooting the purpose, you can check out the guide here

Q2. How can I record Google meets for free?

Follow the steps to record meetings in Google Meet with the computer version: 

  • Open Google Meet. 
  • Start or Join the Meeting. 
  • Go to the More section. 
  • Hit the Record Meeting option. 

Q3. Can we record meetings in Google meet?

Yes, Google Meet comes with a built-in feature to record meetings in Google Meet. If you want to capture the video screen for more duration, you can use a Screen Capturing Tool like TweakShot. 

Q4. How do I enable record meetings in Google Meet?

If you are using the supported editions: Business Standard & Plus, Enterprise, Education Fundamentals, and so on, you can enjoy the recording feature in Google Meet. Being a Google Meet Administrator, you can allow organizers and other participants to record video calls on Meet. Learn the step-by-step procedure here! 

Q5. Where is the record button in Google meet?

Once you start or join the meeting, click on the three-dots icon or More section to find the very first option – Start Recording. 

Q6. How To Record a Hangout Meeting?

The process is straightforward, all you have to do is: 

  • Navigate to and start the meeting by pressing the Video Call button. 
  • Start adding people to create a guest list for the meeting. (if you are starting a new meetup using Google Hangouts)
  • Once you are ready, start the meeting. 
  • Go to the three vertical dots menu and choose the option Start Recording. 
  • A red rectangle with the letters REC will be displayed to you, indicating your video capturing has started
  • Click on the same icon to choose the Stop Recording option. 

This is how you can easily use Google Hangouts to record video calls!

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