How To Fix AMD Driver Crashing on Windows 10

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A graphics card is such an important component of a modern-day computer or laptop. Be it heavy-duty games that have high-resolution graphics or powerful software that are power-packed with larger-than-life interfaces and features; all need a good graphics card to function well. When it comes to graphics cards, AMD is a force to reckon with, hands down! But like many users, what if you find that AMD drivers keep crashing in Windows 10?

Jitter no! Here are some workarounds that could help you resolve the issue.

Ways To Fix AMD Driver Crashing on Windows 10

Step No. 1 – Install and Update Latest AMD Drivers

An outdated or corrupt driver can be one of the first and foremost causes of why your AMD driver is crashing on your Windows 10 computer. To fix that, first, we’ll uninstall the current AMD driver using the Device Manager –

install AMD Driver on Windows 10

  1. Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + X and then select Device Manager
  2. Click on the Display Drivers dropdown
  3. Right-click on it and click on the Uninstall device button

Now, you can try and install the driver from the manufacturer’s official website. However, installing and updating drivers is not a simple task. And, if you want to save yourself from accidentally installing a wrong driver, you can instead use a driver updater software like Smart Driver Care that will help you get your hands on the right AMD driver and can prevent AMD drivers from crashing on your Windows 10.

“Smart Driver Care – Features At A Glance”

  • Easy to use interface
  • Large database of drivers
  • One-click driver update
  • Option to backup and restore existing drivers
  • Customizable settings

Smart Driver Care – A Comprehensive Review

Here’s how you can scan and update outdated or corrupt drivers using Smart Driver Care –

1. Install and Run Smart Driver Care

2. Click on Scan Drivers

Scan Drivers with smart driver care

3. You can either select all drivers and then click on Update All or select individual drivers and then click on the Update Driver button placed against each driver.

Update Driver button placed against each driver
Step No. 2 – Modify TdrDelay Value In Registry Editor

Update Driver button placed against each driver
To resolve the AMD driver crashing in Windows 10, you can try changing the Registry Editor’s TdrDelay value. Since making changes to the registries may lead to system issues, we recommend taking a backup of registries beforehand. Here are the steps to change TdrDelay values in Registry Editor –

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R
  2. Type regedit in the dialog box
  3. Navigate to the following path –


  1. On the right-hand side, right-click anywhere and choose New
  2. Then choose DWORD (32-bit) or QWORD (64-bit)
  3. Rename it as TdrDelay and double-click on it and set the Value data to 8 and base to hexadecimal
  4. Click OK to save changes
  5. Restart your PC.

Step No. 3 – Uninstall Your Browser

Uninstall Your Browser

Many users have reported that quite strangely, their browser has led to malfunctioning of the graphics card. Browsers such as Chrome or Firefox might cause AMD drivers to crash in Windows 10. You should remove your browser for a while till you have resolved the issue. You can instead use some of the other best browsers for your PC.

Step No. 4 – Fix Corrupt System Files

Fix Corrupt System Files

Sometimes a missing file system or a corrupt file can be the reason why your AMD driver is crashing on a Windows 10 laptop or computer. This can be resolved with the help of SFC /scannow in Command Prompt. Here is how you can repair system files using this function –

  1. Type CMD in the Windows search bar
  2. From the right-hand pane, choose Run as administrator
  3. When the Command Prompt window opens, type SFC /scannow and press enter. Wait for a while as this process may take a few minutes
  4. Restart your computer

With this step, all the corrupted files will be replaced, and the issue shall be resolved.

Step No. 5 – Clean Your Graphics Card

Even if, after using all the above workarounds, your AMD driver is crashing on Windows 10, you can try cleaning your Graphics card. It could be that excess dust or dirt might be causing the graphics card to malfunction. To comprehensively clean the graphics card, you would have to open the computer case and clean the surrounding fan and graphics card itself. However, we recommend that you take professional assistance for the same.

Step. No. 6 – Disable Automatic Driver Updates

Disable Automatic Driver Updates

One way you can fix the “AMD driver crashing in Windows 10” is by disabling automatic driver updates. Here, you can stop Windows from automatically updating drivers. Here are the steps to disable automatic updates for drivers in Windows 10 –

  1. Go to the File Explorer and click on this PC and right-click on it
  2. Then, click on Properties
  3. Click on Change settings under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings
  4. Click on the Hardware tab and then on Device Installation Settings
  5. Choose No and then Save Changes
  6. Click on Apply and then OK

Now, restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved.

Step No. 7 – Update Windows

updates windows, amd drivers crashing windows 10

Quite like many other issues, if your AMD driver freezes or crashes in Windows 10 and you update your computer’s operating system, you can resolve the issue. This is because the update would patch any bugs causing problems, for instance, it can resolve any compatibility issues with the driver.

  1. Press Windows key + I and open Settings
  2. Click on Update & Security
  3. Click on Windows Update and then Check for updates

If there are any updates, make sure you install them. Once, you have installed the updates, restart your computer or laptop and check if the issue has been resolved or not.


Be it corrupt system files, corrupt browser extensions, making tweaks in the registry, or anything else, we have taken all the scenarios into purview that can help you fix a crashing AMD driver. Though we recommend, you start with updating your driver using software like Smart Driver Care. Because it is quite a possibility that a corrupt or outdated driver might be the cause why the Graphics card is crashing again. With these workarounds, you should be able to resolve AMD drivers crashing in Windows 10.

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